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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2022
Since 2005, has become the fastest growing foreclosure property data provider. Find over 2 million listings with pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, bank-owned, government (HUD), short sale, tax defaulted, rent to own, or even owner-finance listings on one site. Realty Store adds data quality to their listings, helping to narrow search results even more. Read through detailed information on discounted homes across the nation. This site does a lot of work to ensure that all information is listed clearly with each listing. Realty Store is a foreclosure web search engine. They have well over 1 million listings that cover properties in all 50 states. The website has good major coverage in cities like LA, San Francisco, New York, and other major metropolitan areas. It also provides in-depth listings for smaller cities and rural areas throughout the United States. The company has been in business since 2005 and the key corporate officers are Jerome Ang (Customer Service Manager) and Ryan Fell (President). The website lets you search by city. After entering your search city, you can then view properties via a list, table view, or a map feature. The site provides information about pricing, financial information on the home, building details, home type, and many different photos. When it comes to searching for a new property, you can't do a deep address-level search with Realty Store. This is a subscription-based service. You can try the website for thirty days with a $1 trial subscription. After your trial period expires, you are charged $49.60 per month to use the website. You can cancel the subscription at any time and billing will cease immediately (however, you are not refunded the remaining subscription if you cancel in the middle of the month). The homes listed on Realty Store are primarily foreclosures from the following categories:
  • Bank Foreclosures and Repossessions
  • Government Foreclosures and HUD Homes
  • Short Sales and Pre-Foreclosures
  • Rent-to-Own and For-Sale-By-Owner Listings
The website features many different levels of customer support. There is an email form on the website for new customers, an extensive live chat support feature, phone, and mailing address provided. Lastly, there are encrypted security and verify protocols for when you purchase a subscription to the website, granting peace of mind for your credit card billing.

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The Good

  • Trial period
  • Search filtering
  • Listing information
One of the things that we liked about the website was the $1, 30-day subscription. While we felt that the monthly subscription price was extremely high, the 30-day trial period gives the home seeker the option of canceling the subscription without incurring the high price of the regular subscription. For $1, a home seeker and easily search for a home and possibly find one. We liked the fact that Realty Store focuses on home foreclosures. We compared the number of listings available (1 million) on Realty Store to the number of homes that were listed on Zillow. While Zillow has over 2,000,000 homes to search from, Zillow only lists about 577,000 foreclosures as of August 2016. Reality Store offers many more foreclosures for customers who are searching for a home starting from around $10,000 or higher. While the search functionality of Realty Store is somewhat limited, it is very easy to filter the search results. There are multiple sorting options available for customers who use the website. Homes can be organized into lists with the following options:
  • City
  • Photos
  • Price
  • Sq. Feet
  • Most Recent
  • Type of Sale
  • Property Type
  • Status
We really liked the photos that were provided with each listing. In order to see all of the photos, you must subscribe to the website. However, we saw as many as 40 pictures for some of the homes that were included in the foreclosure listings on the website. Some of these photos included multiple viewings of the exterior of the home and rooms inside the home. Even though Zillow provides the aerial view of a home, we really liked the in-depth view we got of a home with Realty Store. One of the things that really peaked our interest with Realty Store was the accuracy of the listings (for the most part). While we found twenty-year-old bank data on occasion with Zillow, Realty Store provides up to date information on a home that includes the following:
  • Detailed Pricing Information
  • Financial information on the Outstanding Loan and Default for a foreclosed home.
  • Building Structure Details
  • Multiple photos.
Ultimately, we felt that paying for a subscription with Realty Store got us much more information than with Zillow.

The Bad

  • No mobile app
  • High monthly subscription price
  • Customer support
There were some cons with going with Realty Store. One of the biggest concerns we had was with the lack of a mobile app. We found that Zillow and other similar websites had support for every type of smart device, including tablets. more customers could benefit from using Realty Store if the company developed a mobile app for searching its listings. We also were somewhat taken back by the high price of a monthly subscription. Even though the $1 30-day trial is a great deal, we felt that the $49.60 was too high for the consumer. We found that the high subscription price might be more appropriate for a real estate broker who was in the business of buying foreclosed homes and selling them at a higher value. For the general consumer, we feel that Realty Store costs way too much. There should be a free search functionality that lets the site user see more basic information about a home. Our customer support experience was also somewhat lacking. There is a live chat feature, but this does not pop up until you are a few levels deep into the website. As well, there was a lag time before we were connected with an online support representative. Realty Store mostly responds to customer issues via its email form on the website.

The Bottom Line

Even though Realty Store has some of the most comprehensive listings in the industry for foreclosed homes, we hesitate to recommend them for the prospective homeowner. Here is what concerned us about Realty Store:
  • The high monthly subscription price to a search site that lacked detailed search criteria (you can't search by property type, street address, etc).
  • There is not a lot of information about a home price that is influenced by major renovations, similar homes in the area, and other listings.
  • The site only lists foreclosures (primarily). We found a few rent-to-own properties, however.
We did like the following about Realty Store, which might make them a great search listings tool for someone looking to purchase a foreclosed home:
  • Homes starting at $10k.
  • More than 1,000,000 listings.
  • As many as 38 photos were provided on some listings, as well as detailed information about the financial status of the home and the building structure.
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Lina Orlando, FL

Scam , they charged my card for $49,60 membership that I’ve already canceled and didn’t use it ,called them to get my money back, they refuse to pay me back. Update: they give me my money back!

7 months ago

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Hayk Davtyan Marlborough, MA

Site posts fake contact information on listings, often the same number on multiple listings. I called to cancel my membership immediately after I realized the site is a scam. After being on hold for 27 minutes, I ended up explaining my problem to the representative and they canceled my membership, however my card was charged again this month. I called them just now and explained my situation again, the rep literally hung up on me without saying anything. Customer service is absolute garbage. Please stay away from this site and do your research elsewhere.

7 months ago

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Marsha Mitchell Canfield, OH

Absolutely a horrible company to deal with!! I cancelled 10 days past my date because of my family having Covid and never, ever used this company and they will not credit my money back(won’t even prorate it). Not very upstanding!! All they want is your money.

8 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jason Seguro Lake Geneva, WI

This company has billed my credit card without my authorization. I signed up with in June of 2020 and cancelled the service withing 3 days and received a confirmation email. Approximately 7 weeks later i got a credit charge from When i called them to remove the unauthorized charge they told me that i never cancelled my subscription and would not give a refund. I explained that i never subscribed to but rather only and i have cancellation receipts for that service. Be aware that this site is getting billing information from 3rd parties and billing unsuspecting individuals illegally or deceptively.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Marc Burstein Arlington, TX

15 absolutely worthless leads! To cancel our program 2 weeks short of the end of the 30 days free trial period tells it all. The lead forms have spots for answers for "area the customer is interested in, the price range, the time frame, the property type, the best time to contacted, and additional comments". None of those entries was filled in so the call you make is in the blind. 8 of the leads did not call or email me back, 4 of the calls did not remember being asked to be contacted, and 3 hung up on me.

2 years ago

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Gay Guilott Bandera, TX

Do not signup for I cancelled the same day I signed up as I read several bad reviews and that it is hard to cancel. Their cancel chat link doesn't work, cant get ahold of anyone. I sent them a message to customer service stating that I wanted to cancel the service. They never replied and their website chat doesn't show a date/time stamp so can't use as proof with credit card company. Been fighting with them for 3 months. Not only that but in the 3 months that I was paying I never once received any of their services!! Not a reputable company. Gay Guilott from Guilott Realty

4 years ago

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You probably never used realty store, I think they are scammers. Most of the properties I found were not existing, its not one property lots of them. I complained about it, and thy said they will report the properties I mentioned, so that they take them off, which they did they removed them. But I told him, I am not working for you, you should be checking this stuff before putting on, it is misleading information, and I think its criminal what they are doing, basically they are charging money, for items that do not exist or expired years ago !!!

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jennifer Collins Monroe, MI

I did the 30 day trial about 3 hours ago and I will call and cancel right now. The information isn't accurate ie: price, bedrooms, and some even had pics of a house but when I googled the address it was just an empty lot! It even said how many bedrooms and square footage but empty lot. Plus, most were already sold... in 2015! And, the prices weren't even right. Don't recommend at all.

6 years ago

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Candelaria Brown Riverview, FL

This company charges credit cards even after a cancellation was done. They offer "free time" to use the site. This however is the hook. When you call to cancel, there still charged credit cards. Please if you need a Realty Store on line do your homework. They have had received poor reviews and fraudulence complaints from customers, which you can read on line. Be wise and d not fall for the free time. I would not recommend this store to no one.

6 years ago

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Joy Shela Rio Rancho, NM


5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mengs Oakland, CA

Data is not accurate, pricing, bedrooms and bath, sq.ft and

7 years ago