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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Point 2 Homes has created an online market for customers to come to find their new home. They provide listings on any type of property, from homes to townhomes to commercial properties, as well as for rent homes. Their all-encompassing listings help them to serve any type of customer. The Point 2 Homes are also working to expand and make their services the most helpful for people searching for a new home by giving as much information on the properties as possible.  

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The Good

  • Neighborhood descriptions
One way that Point 2 Homes is working to provide their customers a complete listings out of all of the real estate searching companies is through their neighborhood descriptions. This is an area where the team has gathered a lot of valuable information about a certain area and each listing is linked to one of these neighborhoods. This obviously helps the customer get an idea for the area they are thinking about moving into, which is important for them to understand if their desired lifestyle will fit into the home they are looking at. Once a customer finds a home they are interested in learning more about, they can look at the neighborhood description and see an overview of the area. This neighborhood overview includes a map where the customer can highlight specific parks, roadways or other interesting areas. If the customer wants to know more in-depth information on the neighborhood, they can look more into the demographics offered. In this section the customer can learn:
  • Total population
  • Population breakdowns by gender
  • Median age of population
  • Employment breakdowns
  • Number of households
  • Type of household breakdowns
  • Educational statistics
  • Marital statuses
  • Household incomes
  • Typical weather patterns
There is even more specific information in each of these areas offered to the customers to learn about the area. Another very helpful piece of information that is in this section is the crime rates in the neighborhood. These statistics are broken down by type of crime and then shown how far above or under the national average they are. This type of information is not very common among Point 2 Homes competitors but can be very important for the customer. Moving to a new area can be an overwhelming thing for someone, so knowing if there is a lot or a little crime can help the customer feel more comfortable about their decision either way.

The Bad

  • Property details
Point 2 Homes provides their customers with the basic information for each of their listings, including:
  • Size
  • Number of beds and baths
  • Year built
  • Property type
  • And more
This basic information gives the customer enough to know if they want to know more about the property or not. From each listing, the customer can also find links to the description page for the neighborhoods as well as the schools. These pages have a ton of really valuable information for the customer to get to know more about the property. But outside of the basics, neighborhood, school information, and a map, there is no more information for the customer. In order to see more of the details about the property, the customer must make an account with Point 2 Homes. This is a downside for the customers because if they don't want to create an account. There are some details that are actually pretty important for the customer to know that they would benefit from being able to see, regardless of if they have an account or not, like what appliances are in the house, what type of flooring, or other in-depth details. If a customer will want to know more about many properties they will need to buy the Property Data package. With this package, the customer will have access to more information about the history of the property, like its ownership history and price history. Since many of their competitors provide all of this information for free to any visitor, this is a major downside for Point 2 Homes.

The Bottom Line

The customers who are willing to pay for this data package will have access to a complete property listing. These full listings will help the customer make the best decision they can and be confident in this decision because they have learned so much about the property. For those customers that are not willing to pay for the package, they can still have access to a good amount of information. This information is mainly focused on the neighborhood and all of the demographics of the area. Overall, the customer can get all of the information they need if they are willing to pay the price.
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