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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Move is one member of a large real estate company family that covers many different aspects of the real estate industry. Their database of listings with properties for sale is viewed by their wide range of customers (that includes 40 million people). Their variety of services gives their customers what they need to help their customers find a new home with a lot of additional information that helps them stand out among competitors. Move is able to provide so many different property listings because they offer real estate professionals a variety of options and services to best advertise their homes. This relationship ultimately is a great benefit to the customer.  

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The Good

  • Price information
  • Property types
Since a home is such a big purchase in the customer's life, it is important for the customer to have all the information possible about the home and its history to be sure they are getting a good deal. Move does their best to give their customer all of the information they can about a piece of property. One thing that their team does is give the price history of the home as far back as available. This section has the current list price, the last sale price, and any changes in price that were made, all of which give the customer an idea of how much it is worth. Another way they can get an idea of the actual value of the home is through the list of homes that are for sale nearby. This list has the price/value of the home, specific size information, the address, and whether or not the home is for sale. Without all of this information, it could be easy for the customer to over-pay for their new home. The property listings through Move cover most types of properties that a customer could be interested in. These are separated into different categories, which include rentals, new homes for sale, existing homes for sale, and senior living centers. Each of these categories has more than the property's listings in them. Each category has areas that contain advice about obtaining that type of property and living in it. For example, in the "buying" section there are articles including tips on buying and selling homes. These articles have a wide range of topics and can help the customer through that process. Each section also has articles that are specific to the area that the customer is searching for a new place to live in. These specific articles are very helpful for the customer to get to know the area even better.

The Bad

  • Separate websites
  • Neighborhood information
The Move team does offer their customers all different sorts of listing types from rentals to properties for sale. This variation in listing type is a big benefit for someone looking for a new place to live because there is anything they could be looking for. There is also a slight downside to the way all of these listings are offered to the customer. Each different type of listing, (rental, existing home, new home, and senior living) is shown on a completely separate website. This could be a problem if the customer is not sure what type of property they are looking to move into. Some customers are just looking for a new place to live but don't necessarily know if they want to rent or buy or if they want a new or already existing home. If this is the case for the customer, they will have to browse through listings on three different sites in order to see all of their options in order to make a decision. While the listings through Move do have a lot of background information about the value and price of the home, as well as the homes in the surrounding area, they do not offer a lot of information about the general neighborhood. In the description of the property, there is a list of the schools in the area, but that is the extent of the information given on the area. Many of their competitors provide their customers with a lot of detailed information of the area. This often includes what businesses are close to the property; this might include restaurants, banks, grocery stores or churches. The customer would also benefit from knowing the lifestyle that works in the neighborhood; like which types of transportation work in the area, how much crime is in the area, and what the economy is like. All of this information would make the decision a lot more informed for the customer.

The Bottom Line

The listings that are posted through Move are not the most detailed descriptions of the properties that are available. Compared to their competitors' listings, there is a lot of information missing, especially about the surrounding neighborhood. But they offer listings for all kinds of properties, rental or for sale. The properties are also separated which can either make it difficult for the customer who doesn't know what type they are looking for, or it can make it even easier for the customers who know exactly what they do want. Move is definitely better for those customers who know more specifics about what they want in their new home.
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