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LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2024

As one of the first real estate searching sites out there, House Hunt has developed a very efficient system for bringing their customers quality property listings. They work closely with real estate agents in each community to gather legitimate, useful information for these listings. And the House Hunt team does not work with just any agent; they pick specific agents based on their positive track records. House Hunt is continually evolving and improving their services to make sure that they are keeping up with the industry. 

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The Good

  • Search options
Finding the right new home can be a very daunting task for customers since it is such a big decision. Many do not even know where to begin in their search and can struggle a lot to find the right place for them. House Hunt provides their customers with many different options to help them get started in their search for a new home. One service the offer that is unique to their company is a radius search. This feature allows customers to put in the city and then add a mile distance they are willing to live away from the city, which will help the customer to see what neighborhoods are in that area. After their radius search, the customer will have a better understanding of their options and can look closer at some of the communities that came up and seem interesting. This is especially beneficial for those customers who are moving to a completely new city and do not know where exactly they want to live. The customer also has the option to narrow down the type of listings they are looking for to keep the responses of the search narrow and specific. Some of the types of properties they can specifically browse through are luxury homes or new homes. This type of specified search saves the customer time by doing the weeding out of non-relevant listings for them. House Hunt also lists popular areas and places around the country for customers to browse through, this is helpful for those customers who just want a change but do not have specifics in mind. Through this, they can see where other people love to live and find out if those places will fit their lifestyle as well. The customer also has the option to set very specific filters when they are searching for properties to help them find exactly what they are looking for in their new home. All of these search opportunities help the customer to quickly and efficiently find what they need.

The Bad

  • Listing process
  • Separate pages
The process of which properties are listed through House Hunt is very different than any of their real estate searching competitors. Since their team wants to provide the highest quality information about the properties and communities available, House Hunt works closely with actual real estate agents in each of the areas where they have listings. These agents live and work in the communities and so they have a realistic understanding of the area and can really help the customers get an idea of the lifestyle there. This is an added bonus for these customers since they are getting real information that can be trusted. But it also leads to a few issues for some customers who want to search for their new home through House Hunt. Each city or community has their own separate web page that contains all of the information for that area, (the property listings, typical market values, and other community specific information). These pages are helpful because they weed out unnecessary information that does not pertain to what the customer is actually looking for (i.e. information about other area markets). But there is a major issue for some customers with these separate pages because they cannot view all listings across the House Hunt board. There are certain markets where listings are not available for customer viewing without an account. These accounts are free but some customers do not want to go through the hassle of creating the account and putting in their personal information. There does not seem to be a set formula for which listings customers without an account can see and which listings they cannot. It seems to be based on the area and so must be the preference of the agent working with House Hunt in that specific community. This can be frustrating for customers who want to look all around the country and are not limited in their search to a specific city.

The Bottom Line

The relationship between actual real estate agents and the House Hunt team is very beneficial to the customers. They can rely on the information given about the communities they are searching in because the people giving it actually live there and have experienced it. House Hunt gives their customers a lot of room to understand the areas and find the best area that will work for their lifestyle. All of their services will benefit the customer if they are willing to make an account with them to have full access to all their services.
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