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LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2024

For the last five years, Home Seekers has provided quality real estate listings for customers looking in the southern California region. Their customer service and the way they help customers find their new homes has earned them a 90% approval rating from those who use their services. Customers have the ability to search for a new home in different cities or communities in southern California, which makes their efforts more efficient and less time-consuming. A California dream home is just a few clicks away with Home Seekers.  

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The Good

  • Information
  • Employment opportunities
With such a limited market, Home Seekers can really dive into the areas that they do cover and provide a lot of valuable information. A lot of the information that they give in their listings is not common in their competitors' listings, which makes them very valuable for the right customer. One thing that the Home Seeker team does that is different than many other sites is their market statistics page. This page shows customers information on some of the market averages for that region (in graphs so it is easy to understand). Here the customer can learn things like how many places have sold in the different months and what the average sale price for those homes was. This information is broken down into single-family home and townhouses/condos to help customers really understand the market they are looking at. If a customer knows which city within the region they would like to move to, they can look at that city's page which has a lot of additional information. This page contains the average sale price for that specific city, as well as how many homes are on the market there. They can also learn about:
  • City's history
  • Schools
  • Demographics
  • Typical weather
  • Transportation options
  • Attractions and amenities
  • Breakdown of housing types
  • Average home price
  • Average rent price
There is even more information on this page that will help the customer discover the area and learn if it will fit their lifestyle or not. One last piece of information that is worth mentioning from this page is the employment opportunities for that city. Each city has a breakdown of the cooperations that operate in that area, the employment rate, the average income, among a few other pieces. This part of the city page is huge for customers who are looking to find a new job or better their situation. They can study the opportunities available to them before making a decision about moving or purchasing a new home.

The Bad

  • Limited listings
The major problem with using Home Seekers to find a new home is that the listings are very limited. Their services are only available for the southern California area. This means that customers who want to live in any other part of the country will not be able to find a listing that will fit their needs. This is even true for those customers who are looking to move to a new home in northern California. Customers can search listings in:
  • Anaheim
  • Carlsbad
  • Compton
  • Oceanside
  • Pasadena
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Riverside
  • Los Angeles
There are several other cities that are included on Home Seekers that are not a part of this list. But even with this extensive list of available cities, Home Seeker listings are extremely limiting for customers on the locations they can search in. There are other real estate search sites out there that limit where they show listings for, but not many are as restrictive as Home Seekers. Many customers would benefit from the extensive knowledge of the community that Home Seekers provides, but that information is just not available for their area.

The Bottom Line

If a customer is looking for a home specifically in southern California, their very specific listings give them an advantage over the competition. Their limited scope of available listings is really their only downside. The information Home Seekers provides for their customers is so complete that it would be really easy for the customer to get an accurate idea of the neighborhood they are moving into. The amount of background on the specific city, community and neighborhood is so much more than their competitors. When the customer fits into the geographic area of Home Seekers listings, they will definitely be able to find out all they would want to know about the home prior to making a decision.
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Arooj Naeem

Home Seekers provides an efficient and user-friendly real estate search experience. Their platform's intuitive design made finding my dream home a seamless process, and I appreciate the comprehensive property listings.

1 month ago


Review Source

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Audrey Macfarlane Dallas, TX

As someone who is constantly on different real estate sites, I'm picky. I always end up returning to Home Seekers because of how user-friendly their site is and because all their information is always up to date. Five Stars!

2 years ago


Review Source

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Pedro Vasquez Holdings LLC Bloomfield, CT

Great database that’s comprehensive and updated regularly!

1 year ago

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