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LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2024

With more than 1.8 million listings, is one of the largest providers for distressed property listings. As their name suggests, they specialize in listings properties that are foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, and tax linen listings. This specialization has led them to be the nation’s leading expert in the status of this portion of the real estate industry. The team at has worked to create a place where customers can come to find a property that will work for their needs and then also be walked through the rest of the buying process step-by-step until completion. supports an easy-to-use interface that any customer will be able to use.  

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The Good

  • Listing database
  • Concierge services
Foreclosures can be a great choice for those customers who are looking to invest in a property. They are often sold at a much lower price than their value in order to move them quickly and so many customers can afford these prices much more easily than regular property sales. There are many great opportunities for the customers to invest in properties and make some money or find the property of their dreams for a fraction of the cost. The team at can also help the customer go through the process of purchasing the foreclosure property because they have this specialty and have experience with this process. This experience is put to use for the customers in their market trends reports. They help keep their listing database as up to date as possible by understanding the status of different markets across the industry. The data base is continually updated with little known foreclosure properties to help the customer have as many opportunities to find what they are looking for as possible. The team also gives their experience and expertise to the customer through their concierge services. This is where the customer can be linked up with an actual team member who will give them advice and help the customer navigate the process of purchasing a foreclosure property. These concierges will help the customers find an agent in the area to go through the sale, or can also help the customer put in offers on the homes without an agent. They are a full service operation that will help the customer to find and purchase the best foreclosure property to fit their needs.

The Bad

  • Property types
  • Full details
A certain specialization in the type of listing provided can be a positive thing for the customer. This often means that the team putting these databases together has extensive knowledge about what the customer will want and need to know about that specific type of property. The team at will have had a lot of experience assisting customers in the purchase of a foreclosed home and can therefore help them navigate the unique process. But that specific of a listing database can also limit the customer. Since there are many other types of properties on the market, the customer who only uses will miss out on the other types of properties like new builds or resale homes. If the customer wants to see all of the options on the market they will have to use a different company completely or search through two different companies. Another downside of the services provided by is that the full details of listings are not available to any customer. In order to have access to all of the details of a property listing the customer must make an account. There is an available 7-day free trial that customers can take advantage of in order to see if they want or need the full set of services available. After that 7-day period, the customer can choose to pay $9.95 per week to continue using the full list of services and features. The customer is under no time obligation to continue paying and can cancel their subscription at any time. For those customers who do not want to make an account or pay for their searching capabilities, they will have to try to find what they are looking for solely using the limited property listings.

The Bottom Line

For those customers who are looking to buy a non-traditional property like a foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, bank owned or tax linen property, has many resources to help them. Their concierge team gives the customers advice from all of their specialized experiences on everything from finding a property to purchasing the property. This one on one service is unique and very beneficial for the customer. In order to have access to all of the information and services through, the customer must make an account and pay a small fee per month to have access to everything available.
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Arooj Naeem proved invaluable in my search for a unique property. The extensive listings and detailed foreclosure information gave me a different perspective on the market. If you're open to exploring potential opportunities, is a must-try.

2 months ago