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LAST UPDATED: September 8th, 2021
For Rent focuses their efforts on making the new property search as simple as possible for their customers. Their specific listings (limited to rental properties) allow them to focus on perfecting a part of the real estate market. Customers can easily search for features they want in their future apartment, townhome or condo. Each listing provides the customers with some relevant information that they’ll need to make a decision about their new home. For Rent customers will find a variety of services that will help them learn more about the real estate industry and find their new dream home.  

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The Good

  • Resources
  • Relocation Tools

For Rent offers helpful property listings so customers can find the information they need to help them make the best home-buying decision. While these listings are their team's highest priority, they help their customers in a variety of other ways as well. One of these ways is through the page titled Tips, which is a database of articles that are published with all kinds of different advice for the customers. These articles are organized into different categories based on their topics, some of these categories are:

  • Apartment basics
  • Moving into an apartment
  • Pet tips for renters
  • City guides
  • Financial tips for apartment hunters
  • Going green
  • Apartment hunting

The organization of these articles helps customers browse what they are interested in or what they need advice with. There are a lot of different aspects to apartment hunting and apartment living, so these articles could be a really big asset to those customers who are new to this type of process. Another service that the For Rent team offers is their relocation tools. Included in this service is a place for the customer to get a quote for using a moving company. There are also tools for the customers to check their credit, storage options, and information about renters insurance. All of these tools are great for the customer to have in once place so they can check everything off of their to-do list before making the decision to move to their new apartment. The For Rent team also publishes an online magazine for their customers. These magazines are published for different cities and have pertinent information for those specific areas. These magazines highlight different property management companies and their complexes. They offer descriptions of different types of housing in particular cities. The online magazines are a great resource for the customers to get to know the area they are moving to better and to find the help they need.


The Bad

  • Property Types
  • Information

One of the major downsides of using For Rent is that they are limited to rental properties only. In a way, the rental limitation can be a positive thing because the For Rent team has figured out how best to serve customers looking for a rental. They have studied this part of the industry and know how best to serve this type of customer. But, on the other hand, this limitation excludes many customers who might be looking for more than just a rental property. There are many properties that will not be available on For Rent because they are for sale instead of for rent. The listings that are provided through For Rent provide adequate information about the apartments that are for rent. But compared to some of their competitors, they are missing some of the information that customers might want to know before they make the decision to move. There is little information about the surrounding area and neighborhood that the complex is in. Apartment living is often a different type of lifestyle that is more focused on the surrounding area and so it is important for the customer to understand that area. For Rent's listings only share the very basic information of the nearby schools, meaning they just give the names of the schools. Some more information that would be helpful for these customers would be if there are any restaurants close, as well as other types of businesses (like banks, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc). The customer would definitely benefit from an overview of the type of transportation that is available in the area if the neighborhood is conducive to walking or driving a car. All of this additional information helps the customer to understand the type of lifestyle they might be able to expect when moving into an apartment, which will ultimately help them to make their decision.


The Bottom Line

Overall, For Rent is a helpful place for customers to search for their new apartment. They offer a good base of information to give the customer an idea of the property they could possibly move into. But they are very limited in the number of customers they can serve because they only list properties that are for rent, instead of those that are for sale as well. Despite this, they offer their specific type of customer a lot of help beyond the searching process as well. They provide a simple way for their customers to find a new place to live.
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Anne Sainsbury Salt Lake City, UT

This past years we have been trying to decide if we were going to continue renting or if we were going to purchase a home. I spent a lot of time on with my husband looking for rentals near us and it was super helpful! One of my favorite features on this site is the ability that you have to scroll through photos of properties from the initial view without having to click on the property. This makes viewing much quicker and helps you to filter out properties that you are not interested in.

3 months ago

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Morgan Tennant Shelley, ID is very easy to use. It's made simple by filtering out your preferences for rental properties and showing you what you want. It makes searching for housing easy!

2 months ago

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Yolanda Queer Shelley, ID has so many property types on their website. That's good to have so many options.

2 months ago

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Gabe Burton Riverton, UT

A lot of the listings aren't accurate anymore - which you find a lot of times nowadays, but the interface is easy

1 month ago


Review Source

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Jessica Stottern Logan, UT

The site was easy to use. They showed the places for rent and all the information about the homes. They showed pictures and had ways to directly chat with someone about the place.

11 months ago


Review Source

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Joanna Hester Gilbert, AZ

We own a rental property. The last time we were trying to rent it, we relied on to get a good idea of what other properties in the area were going for and to see the competition in our area. The website always had up to date information which we knew we could rely on.

3 years ago

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Bob West Chester, PA does not allow reviews from tenants unless they actually used What if a person actually rented but didn't use and wants to let others know their thoughts? How can their reviews and insights be heard on They can't! And what if a reviewer wants to amend their review in a few months? I am not sure's screening process is the best approach to ensure accuracy. Readers need to understand that reviews are modified and also need to understand that does have affiliations with rental companies, and therefore have vested interest in how the reviews are written!

5 years ago


Review Source

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Brittany Wilkinson Herriman, UT

I have liked It has been very helpful for us with our rental property. It helps us to know competitive rent in the area and find new renters for the property. It also provides helpful tips/useful information.

1 year ago

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Gail Salt Lake City, UT

This is one of the top sites I use when looking for a new place. This is an easy to use site that is good for people looking to rent.

9 months ago

star star star star star

Amy McCarlie Orem, UT

A great resource to find rentals in your area! Easy to use! Would for sure recommend to people!

9 months ago


Review Source

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Danielle LeCheminant Lehi, UT

We found one of our old rentals from using The website works well and has several listings.

1 year ago

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