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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2022

Started in 2020, Hedonova is a hedge fund focused on alternative investments with offices all over the world. Alternative investments describe investments that do not fall in conventional categories like stocks and bonds. Hedonova’s portfolio diversifies with startups, real estate, fine art, wine, cryptocurrencies, and other assets. Hedonova’s single fund structure provides a way for shareholders to invest without needing to manage the day-to-day distribution of its investment. 


The Good

  • All Investors Welcome
  • Easy Start Up and Management
  • Attentive Customer Support

All Investors Welcome

Hedonova is accessible to all investors and is no longer reserved for accredited investors only, as it was when it started. Investors can invest with an entry minimum of $5,000. This is steep compared to other funds. Hedonova is unique as investors get to diversify with one fund but that may or may not be worth a minimum investment so much higher than other options. 

Investors should be aware that a fund with alternative investment classification is not regulated by the SEC, has higher risk, as well as more complicated taxes. 

Easy Start Up and Management

Hedonova has a simple application process customers need to complete in order for approval to invest in its fund. A simple website and app help clients manage investments at any time. Unique to Hedonova’s fund, investors have no lock in period and no exit fee if they choose to pull their shares. In this regard, Hedonova’s fund acts more like a mutual fund with those perks.

 Investors can choose to invest with 401K or IRA monies. The company's fees are comparable to other hedge funds. Hedonova charges 1 percent of the total investment as an annual flat fee, plus investors need to pay a performance fee of 10 percent on increase in shareholder dividends. These fees are tax deductible. If Hedonova’s fund performs as it claims, the fees are not excessive compared to the investment growth. 

Attentive Customer Support

Many reviewers claim Hedonova investor relation representatives are the cream of the crop when it comes to customer service. Current and past investors claim quick response time to inquiries, helpful and courteous interactions, and knowledgeable guidance on investments. Attentive customer support is valuable and crucial to investors feeling comfortable with trusting a hedge fund in general.


The Bad

  • Pricey Buy-In
  • Limited Track Record

Pricey Buy-In

The minimum entry amount is $5,000. If investors do not feel comfortable with that amount, there are plenty other investment funds that have a much lower entry amount. 

Limited Track Record

Hedonova is a young fund. As with any financial investment, past returns will not guarantee future return performance. Those investors who err on the side of caution will want to look for investment opportunities with a more established fund option. 


The Bottom Line

Hedonova may be a good fund choice for someone who wants a simple way to diversify their portfolio. It has great customer service, many positive reviews, a short but good track record, and does not charge an arm and a leg to take your money out when you want.

Anyone looking to invest should do their own research on this fund and decide for themselves. We think this fund is a suitable option for those that are interested in alternative assets and feel comfortable with this amount of financial risk. 
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Hedonova Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hedonova do?

Hedonova enables you to invest in global alternative investments like art, wine, P2P lending, and more, with just $5,000. Before the company came along, investing in these assets was possible only for HNIs and institutional investors.

Who can invest, and what am I investing in?

Hedonova accepts investments from global individual and institutional investors. The company's Delaware LLC structure is tax-friendly to international investors. You are investing in alternative assets like art, wine, equipment financing, and others. Alternative assets have outperformed traditional assets like equity and bonds in the past. The company uses its expertise to help you invest in the best alternative assets out there.

What is the minimum investment, and how do I invest?

The minimum initial investment is $5,000. There is no threshold for follow-on investments. Post KYC checks, you can invest using any major payment gateway or wire transfer. Hedonova charges a 1 percent annual management fee (1 percent of your portfolio value) and a 10 percent performance fee (a tenth of your profits).

Who makes investment decisions, and how often are assets bought and sold?

Investment decisions are made by the investment team at Hedonova. The company occasionally works with domain experts to understand a prospective investment better. How often assets are bought and sold depends on the particular asset. Most assets like startups, art and real estate require a long investment horizon. So buying and selling in these assets are not frequent.

Are dividends reinvested, and does the company short sell?

All dividends and cash flows from the assets are reinvested. The value of your holdings is adjusted accordingly every time this happens. The fund takes short positions in currency derivatives to hedge the risk of forex fluctuations on investments made outside the United States.

How is currency risk managed, and what is the correlation to stock markets?

Currency risk is hedged in the country using derivative instruments prevalent in local exchanges where capital is allocated. The correlation to the S&P 500 is just 0.13. The fund tracks global macroeconomic trends but concurrence to equity markets remains restrained given low public market exposure and a very diversified portfolio.

Does currency risk exist, and does the fund use leverage?

The company accepts investments in dollars but allocates capital globally in local currencies. This leaves Hedonova exposed to currency risk, which is hedged. The fund does not use leverage. However, lines of credit are used to acquire assets at lower prices from time to time. Equivalent cash balances are set aside in these exceptional cases.

Does the fund use derivatives?

Yes, but not the usual way. Currency derivatives are used to hedge forex risk. Some investments are structured as derivatives instead of equity for tax efficiency. And some investments are structured as derivatives such as synthetic calls or put options to protect against downside risk. The company does not employ derivatives for speculative purposes. Any inherent leverage earned while using derivatives is offset by holding cash balances.

What are Blocks and what is the NAV?

Investors are allocated blocks of Hedonova. Blocks represent a fractional ownership interest in the fund. They are similar to units in mutual funds or stocks of companies. Net Asset Value is the price of each block. The value of your portfolio is calculated by multiplying NAV by the number of blocks held. NAV is updated every day, including weekends at 6:00 a.m. GMT.

How can I track my portfolio, and how do I exit investment?

Investors can track their portfolio via email updates that the company sends every two weeks or by logging into their web dashboard. You can request a redemption via email or through the web dashboard. The length of time required to exit can vary depending on the liquidity of assets invested and a full withdrawal of funds can take up to 30 days.
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Hedonova is a global fund investing in modern asset classes like equipment finance, litigation finance, art, real estate, music royalties, and more. We manage $312 million in assets of institutional and accredited investors from 23 countries.

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Nelson Segers Kortrijk, VWV

Ever since I discovered the world of investing a few years back, I started searching for ways to play like they do in the big leagues. I made quiet a few mistakes in the beginning which led to me losing a big part of my capital. Instead of getting upset, I kept looking for other ways to grow my money. I came across Hedonova about a year ago and reached out to them to book a call. Aryan (Head of Investor Relations) kept it very professional and answered all my questions. Based only on the transparancy and amount of financial knowledge and expertise he showed me, I felt as if they were a platform I could trust with my capital. One year later and the gains on my portfolio already cover almost all of the losses I made when starting out, which is simply incredibly. Here are some other things I really like about Hedonova: Like I said before, they pay really close attention to the communication with their costumers. I get an email once a week that summarizes the performance of my portfolio from that week. It comes in handy, because that way you don’t have to remind yourself to check up on your investments once in a while. Also, the communication with Aryan is splendid. In the beginning it felt like a really professionel relationship, but now it shifted to a point where I can just ask him for advise for my investing ideas. He even checks in on me from time to time. He’s grown to be more than a personal account manager, so to say. The website has a blog that provides lots of information regarding alternative assets and other aspects of investing. I frequently visit the website to read some of the articles they post to become a better and wiser investor myself. They launched an IOS and Android app a couple months ago. It has a super clean looking interface with and is easy to use. I can withdraw and invest money with the push of a button. Their 1% managament fee and 10% performance fee is more than reasonable. This has been one of the best investment I’ve done without a doubt. I can’t wait to receive the investor’s update, which I expect to be around Christmas.

2 weeks ago

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Martin Mihajlovski

I don’t have the time or knowledge to pick individual assets. So, I was really looking for an investment that is easy to understand, safe to use, and beginner friendly. Thankfully, I discovered Hedonova. Hedonova's best asset for me is its investor relations team. They have answered my questions in a way that is easy to understand. They have taken away all the confusion and burden for me as an investor by placing their money in the most rewarding and stable assets. They have also made investing even more enjoyable and simple through the app they created. It also saves me time. I can just grow my money while I am on the go. I highly recommend that you try it yourself!!!

3 weeks ago

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Shantam Mohata Jaipur, RJ

The GOOD Investor relations team The best thing about Hedonova is their investor relations team. They are very quick in providing all services and answering all questions. Consistent returns and no hassle in investment The consistency in returns is too good. Investing is also a very simple process (even for Indian investors). Hedonova takes away all the confusion of its investors by placing their money in the most rewarding and stable assets by themselves. The investor doesn't need to put any thought and this saves a lot of time and research before investing. The Credit Line Product The credit line by Hedonova is a very good offering for its investors. The investor relations team made the process very smooth and it has been really fruitful. IMPROVEMENTS App User Experience The app experience has a lot of improvement potential. Eg - The NAV can be made trackable when hovering over the trending line just like in the website. Otherwise it is a simple to use app. Information about the best assets A quarterly article about the assets performance will help understand the product offering i.e. alternative investments in a better way. What worked and what not will help in building confidence for the investors.

1 month ago

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S Serano Seattle, WA

I've been investing with them for a few months now. Starting is easy, adding new investments too and they get very quickly allocated. Returns so far are way above expectations. Of course, there may be ups and downs, but so far it seems to be an "underpromise and overdeliver" scenario. They reach out to check, and are very easy to respond to any queries, much faster and more personalized than your more conventional big fund manager. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is that they seem a little behind on the user interface aspect... app is still in the making, so are some of the more direct ways to invest - they all appear to be in beta, better this than launching and having issues, I guess. Overall, I am very happy with a hassle-free investment that is different from my more conventional and provides way above average returns.

1 month ago

Hedonova Logo

Reply from Hedonova

Thank you, Serano! Your feedback motivates us and we're glad we could serve you.

Oct. 26th, 2022

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Twinks Khuman Mumbai, MH

Queries were well solved by the customer support and very responsive whenever I faced any problem. Discussions with the staff was very insightful to help me clear my doubts. Hedonova has not only helped me in terms of returns but also becoming better as an investor in understanding businesses and markets. I have been really pleased with their support and staff that helped me every time.

1 month ago

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Camilla Hernandez Manila, 00

I don’t have the time or knowledge to pick individual assets. So, I was really looking for an investment that is easy to understand, safe to use, and beginner friendly. Hedonova did all the work for me and I couldn't be thankful enough. I was able to reach out to someone from their team during odd hours. They helped me through the process, and I'm so grateful for their support.

1 month ago

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Kash Roy Singhania Mumbai, MH

10 out of 10! A top-notch investment platform ever! It would be ideal if you gave it a shot. Through the app they built, Hedonova made investing enjoyable and simple. They aid in the diversification of my portfolio. I was able to contact their customer service right away. In the communication channels they employ, they are quite responsive. And they offer excellent service!

1 month ago

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Paula T. Craig Belgrade, 00

I have been investing with Hedonova for the past six months. I have been very pleased with their service and recommendations. The entire process was incredibly simple to understand and convincing. Finally, my return on investment has appeared daily and the quarterly jumps are very satisfying. I am quite pleased with Hedonova's assistance and recommendations. What a great team!

1 month ago

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Michael Gregory Bengaluru, KA

I had initially invested a $5000 for which i made great returns. Since the past three months i have started an monthly SIP. The fund is definitely one of a kind for i do not have to worry about my alternative investments part of my portfolio. The funds co-relation with the US stock market is low too and definitely a plus! Improvements could be - the UI can get better for the dashboard and real time alerts to set the target and Stop loss would be a great addition as well.

1 month ago

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Gautam D'souza Tirupur, TN

My experience with Hedonova has been very positive. It was nice to see my investment grow, and the return on my initial purchase was impressive. I am looking forward to making additional investments. When I had questions or needed more information, customer service was quick to respond. I'm glad that Hedonova has been so helpful.

1 month ago

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Rain Lao Manila, 00

I was looking for a way to invest in a way that was accessible and simple. Hedonova fit the bill perfectly. I had my first investment within 5 minutes of signing up! My Investor Relations Manager is attentive to my concerns and questions. The weekly portfolio emails keep me up to date on how my investments are doing, which has been incredibly helpful. It's also easier now to make additional investments using the app. I highly recommend Hedonova if you're looking for an alternative investment platform with phenomenal returns and smooth onboarding!

1 month ago