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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

OfficeTime is a software available for download on Mac, PC, and other mobile devices. Once downloaded, users can track financial situations and make billing for work completed easier and more reliable than ever. Users can increase their billable with essentially no extra effort. After purchasing the software, OfficeTime users can own and operate the service without having to pay monthly fees. 

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The Good

  • Unique services
  • Great features
  • Compatible with many devices
OfficeTime is an easy time tracking software that makes keeping time and expenses straight forward and easy. They offer a number of unique services that help keep all finances in order and minimizing mistakes. There are a number of features/services that are quite unique to the OfficeTime platform. Since it is not set up like a "traditional" personal finance manager, there are services those managing their own work will likely find useful. Specific functions OfficeTime users can take advantage of include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Expense tracking - track time and expenses that are reported and organized immediately and can be invoiced or submitted for reimbursement
  • Summary Graphs - instantly see what kind of money was brought in last week, which projects are under budget, and what is under performing.
  • Invoicing - invoice all time worked since the last bill and show clients a summary or full details. The ability to customize an easy template is also available.
  • Quick Access - change timings without leaving an existing software
  • iCal Sync - view the day's activities and automatically grab iCal meetings and pull directly into a project
  • No Pausing - OfficeTime knows when work has not been done recently so users can put the time in another project or just drop it
The OfficeTime functionality itself boasts of a number of simple and straight-forward processes. Since it is designed to make a contractor or small-business owner's life easier, the interface is easy to use. These beneficial software features include the following:
  • Guarantee - there is a 100% happiness guarantee which pays for itself on the same day
  • Team feature - quickly see which project is over budget and specifically what members of the staff are not reaching their goals
  • No monthly fee - only pay for the software once instead of continuing to pay each and every month. Users can also work offline.
  • Billable Hours - increase billable hours with no extra effort just by tracking time more accurately
OfficeTime is compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad devices. Users can also try out the software for free. If a bug is ever experienced by a user, they can immediately submit feedback and will correct any errors.

The Bad

  • Not traditional
  • Limited features and services
  • No investing tools
OfficeTime is not a traditional personal finance management software. It is designed more for those who do contractual type work and need to bill those they do business with. The unique service they offer, managing billing, is not typically considered to be a part of the personal finance management software industry. Since OfficeTime is not the normal personal finance management software, there are services or features that are not included. If traditional features are what a prospective customer is looking for in a software, maybe OfficeTime is not the best option. These types of services include the following:
  • Alerts - notices of when balance or budget limits have been reached
  • Saas compatibility - software as a service is not part of the package
Additionally, OfficeTime does not offer investing resources or tools. Users will not be able to track their investing efforts or manage their portfolio through the OfficeTime software. Most personal finance management software platforms offer at least some sort of investing resource, but at this time, OfficeTime does not.

The Bottom Line

OfficeTime is a software specifically designed to benefit individuals or business owners looking to organize and manage their finances and billing all from one platform. While there are some basic features missing from the software, there are a few unique services provided. Those that use OfficeTime as their personal finance management software can expect the following from the service:
  1. Ideal for those that do contractual work
  2. Manage work completed and applicable billing
  3. Compatible with most computers and mobile devices
  4. One time fee for software
  5. Missing typical software features
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