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SkyPrep is a cloud-based employee training module that is uniquely flexible for companies in any type of transition period. They offer a variety of payment plans to cover groups of active users, each plan with its own roster of useful features. The interface of the platform is especially user-friendly on both yours and your employees' end.

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The Good

  • Pricing structure
  • Course building
  • Features

The pricing structure offered by SkyPrep is very accommodating for businesses of different sizes - including businesses currently growing to a new, bigger size. Through SkyPrep you only pay for the active users you have on your plan every month. You can also choose to add users mid-month, though you'll have to pay an additional $5 per user (or 50 cents for premium users). This only adds to the flexibility, however, and you can downgrade or upgrade plans at any time.

SkyPrep also makes course building extremely easy. All actions are simplified and use terms that stray away from the normal jargon of the industry. They also provide plenty of support for your active users. If they have trouble figuring out how to navigate the interface of your courses, SkyPrep will provide them with tutorials to guide them through it and support channels to assist them through the sticky spots. It's rare to find this level of support from other LMS's.

Along with these perks, SkyPrep also provides a healthy serving of features for its customers. These features include analytics, customized certificates and emails, white-labeling, and more (all of which you can test via their free trial download). Some features only come with the higher packages and you'll have to pay extra to access them; however, you can get the majority of your general desirable features through SkyPrep's most basic package.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • PayPay only
  • Time in business

Those that want all of the features that SkyPrep has to offer can expect to pay a pretty penny for them. Prices rise dramatically from a reasonable $80 per month to a much steeper $600, while the accompanying features don't exactly scale up. For example, in order to use the feature that ensures SCORM compliance, you must have the largest and most expensive package. This is considered a basic feature that generally comes at no extra cost with other modules.

Though SkyPrep does allow eCommerce transactions, its only store option is through PayPal. You can set up your own system through the backend if you wish, but this option isn't extremely useful unless you have the kind of coding know-how it takes to install that. The less technical will be stuck using PayPal whether they'd like to or not.

SkyPrep is a new company with not much clout in the industry just yet. They serve no large Fortune 500 clients and, though they're growing rapidly, have not yet built much of a name for themselves.

The Bottom Line

SkyPrep is one of the more ideal LMS options for companies undergoing a transition period. Fluctuating employee counts may easily be accounted for with their forgiving pricing system, and the platform itself can sustain up to thousands of active users. If your company is on the smaller side, however, pay close attention to the features offered in your target package - it might be lacking key features you need in your training operations.

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