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LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2020

Pluralsight is a Utah-based company that offers a variety of online course products for both personal and business use. 
The company, which was founded in 2004, strives to provide a customized technology skills learning experience to people around the world. Pluralsight provides customers with thousands of expert courses, skill assessments, projects, unique analytics, and more. 

In terms of plan options, customers can choose from the following three personal subscription plans and two team-based subscription plans: 

  • Monthly plan 
  • Annual plan
  • Premium plan
  • Professional plan
  • Enterprise plan

Additionally, with each plan, customers can choose to sign up for a free trial before they start paying for the subscription. Customers can also choose to cancel their subscription at any time. 

Read on to learn more about what Pluralsight has to offer in terms of plan options and resources.

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The Good

  • Free Plan Trial
  • Multiple Plan Options
  • Available Resources
  • Discount Opportunities

Free Plan Trial

As previously mentioned, Pluralsight provides potential customers with the option to do a free trial. This free trial lasts for 10 days or 200 minutes, whichever comes first. 

According to the company’s website, with the individual free trial, customers can access all video courses, complete skill assessments, create channels, earn certificates, and take notes. 

With the individual premium free trial, customers can access all video courses, take interactive courses as well as projects, prep for certifications with Kaplan certification practice exams, create channels, earn certifications, take assessments, and take notes. 

In order to obtain a free trial, Pluralsight requires potential customers to provide an email address along with their first and last name. Free trial users must also provide payment information to start an individual trial. 

Those interested in the company’s free trials should note that these trials will automatically switch to a paid subscription if the free trial is not canceled before 10 days or 200 minutes. 

Multiple Plan Options

Pluralsight offers a variety of different plan options for both individuals and teams. 

For individuals, Pluralsight offers the following plans: 

  • Personal Monthly — This plan costs $29 per month and is one of the most popular plans that the company offers. 
  • Personal Annual —  This plan costs $299 per year. 
  • Personal Premium — This plan costs $499 per year and includes access to certification practice exams, interactive courses, and projects. 

Each personal plan that is offered includes access to the company’s entire course library, learning paths, channels, course discussions, exercise files, mobile and TV apps, offline viewing, conferences, guides, skill IQ assessments, role IQ assessments, and course learning checks. 

For teams, Pluralsight offers the following two plans: 

  • Professional — This plan costs $579 per user per year and involves basic reporting and user analytics for teams.  
  • Enterprise — This plan costs $779 per user per year and involves advanced analytics, role customization, Q&A, and data export functions. 

Each team plan includes everything provided to the personal premium plan along with analytics for trends, usage, skills, roles, and channels. 

Available Resources

Pluralsight provides an online resource center that features helpful articles, in-depth online guides, an online help center, and more to all website visitors. These resources can be used to learn more about Pluralsight and to learn more about certain technology skills and certifications. 

Discount Opportunities

Pluralsight offers a few different student discount opportunities. According to the company’s website, Pluralsight provides “over 500 hours of free content for high school students” via the company’s partnership with 

Additionally, the company allows high school computer science teachers to access Pluralsight skills via the company’s partnership with CSTA. 

Pluralsight’s website also states that “university students may qualify for the Microsoft Azure for Student benefit.” The company offers five free courses on a weekly basis that users can take advantage of as well.


The Bad

  • Expensive Plans 
  • Short Free Trial Period

Expensive Plans 

In comparison to online courses offered by other companies in the industry, Pluralsight does appear to charge fairly steep prices. 

The company also does not provide much information regarding a money-back guarantee or refund policy. Potential customers should note that Pluralsight’s monthly plan, however, does seem fairly standard in terms of industry pricing. 

Short Free Trial Period

Although Pluralsight offers free trials, the company’s trial period — 10 days or 200 minutes — is shorter than what some other online course companies provide.  

Additionally, those who try the free trial have to go online to cancel their trial before 10 days or 200 minutes, or else they will be automatically charged for the subscription amount of the plan they tried out.


The Bottom Line

Pluralsight provides thousands of in-depth expert courses, multiple assessments, interactive projects, and more to people all around the world who want to join the technology learning space. The Utah-based company offers subscription plans for both personal and business use, and provides a variety of different plan options that customers can choose from. 

Additionally, pluralsight provides potential customers with a free 10-day or 200-minute trial and offers five free courses weekly. Pluralsight also has several student discount opportunities available and provides a variety of helpful resources on its website including in-depth guides, a resource center, and a help center page. 

Although Pluralsight skill plans can be pricey and the company’s trial period may be shorter than what some other companies offer, Pluralsight is worthy of being on your list if you’re interested in expanding your technology skills. 
We recommend that you consider signing up for a free trial, visiting the company’s website, and reading customer reviews if you are interested in Pluralsight’s services.

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