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LAST UPDATED: February 8th, 2021

Exercise Professional Education is a company that offers courses in exercise education, meant for exercise professionals in many different capacities. These capacities include athletic trainers, personal trainers, physical therapists, and more.

The company’s primary course is its Muscle System Specialist (MSS) certification course, which is offered live or online and costs $3,000 to enroll. This course details the entire thinking and scientific process behind Exercise Professional Education.

Each course offered by the company varies in availability by location and timing, so you’ll need to consult Exercise Professional Education’s website for current offerings. The courses are taught by certified practitioners and exercise professionals with multiple years of experience in their fields. Whether you are new or experienced in the world of exercise, the courses offered can help you refine and improve your thinking process, making you an even better practitioner than you were before.

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The Good

  • Philosophy
  • Courses Offered


Exercise Professional Education views exercise as a form of medicine. Rather than trying to treat symptoms of pain, as is the case with some exercise professionals, the company believes that when properly applied, exercise can be a healing process that can positively impact dysfunction and/or disease. The company also teaches you how to properly use the scientific method in your exercise practice.

The courses offered by Exercise Professional Education, which are detailed below, seek to teach this philosophy so that it can be properly implemented by exercise professionals. The courses are both informational and applicable in order to give you a holistic picture of how you can implement the company’s thinking process into your everyday work.

Courses Offered

Exercise Professional Education offers courses for personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, coaches, exercise specialists, and anyone else who uses exercise in their practice. The courses are designed to help you better market your skills and become certified as a Muscle System Specialist.

Exercise Professional Education’s website offers all of the following courses, though timing and geography may affect the availability of some courses in your area:

  • Exercise and Pain: A New Perspective ($395) — This 4-hour course is an “introduction to the philosophy, strategies, and tactics [of] assessing and improving bio-motor control quality.” 
  • Exercise and Physics: Improve the Client Experience by Understanding the How of Mechanics ($650)— This in-person course teaches you about the mechanics of exercise and how to apply those principles with each unique client. 
  • Pre- and Post-Treatment Muscle Assessment: A Novel Approach to Improving Performance ($395) — This live, 1-day course is for certified athletic trainers with more than two years of experience.
  • Muscle System Specialist Certification Course: Live or Online ($3,000) — This is Exercise Professional Education’s primary course which allows you to receive your MSS Certification upon completion of the course and accompanying assessment. If you pay in full, you can receive a $300 discount. You can also choose to make five payments of $600 each.
  • Muscle System Specialist: Advanced Course 1 – Decision Making, Session Planning, and Exercise Process ($650) — This course is for graduates of the MSS Certification Course who want to review and enhance what they learned in the primary course.
  • Muscle System Specialist: Advanced Course 2 – Observing and Understanding Individual Motricity and Its Subjectiveness in a Concrescent System ($650) — This course is also for graduates of the full MSS Course and includes a significant amount of practical application.
  • Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals: Sales Process and Interviewing ($600)​ — This course is available online through a series of content videos and workbook activities totaling around 20 hours. It includes communication strategies and tactics to make sales a better experience for you and your clients.

The Bad

  • Course Listings Hard to Organize
  • Price

Course Listings Hard to Organize

Exercise Professional Education offers a variety of courses, as was discussed above. However, some of these courses are available only in specific cities, and some require live instruction, so they might not actually be available to you online at any time. 

The company doesn’t seem to have a way to filter out courses that aren’t relevant or available to you, so you’ll have to sift through the page of course listings and read the fine print to determine if you are eligible to take the course you are interested in.


Compared to other exercise education courses, Exercise Professional Education’s offerings are a little higher in price. However, the courses do seem to be much more robust and comprehensive than we’ve seen elsewhere, so this higher price could be an indication of higher quality materials and overall educational experience.


The Bottom Line

Exercise Professional Education offers a variety of courses for new and experienced exercise professionals. While these courses are priced slightly higher than some, they are rich in content and a good option for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other professionals to refine or learn hands-on skills.
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