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LAST UPDATED: May 31st, 2023
Coursera is currently partnered with 122 colleges and universities worldwide including Stanford University, Princeton, University of Michigan, SC San Diego and many more. Coursera offers over 1,000 post-secondary courses - free of charge. Although Coursera has only been in business since 2012, it has taken big steps in making college courses both easily accessible and low-cost.

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The Good

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Mobile features
Coursera is specifically designed for students seeking a simple and straightforward way to gain course credit, earn certification, or develop specialized skills online. Students can take advanced courses at their own pace and participate in peer assessments as they take part in Coursera's blended learning platform. Course subjects range from art and humanities, to law, to computer science, to teacher development. And as Coursera has partnered with hundreds of top universities throughout the world, courses are also offered in over 30 different languages. For users on the go, Coursera has developed both an iOS and Android mobile app, and both apps have received generally positive user reviews. The company also provides a number of support options to help customers navigate their platform and troubleshoot potential problems that could arise. And for customers who are looking for a refund on paid courses, Coursera has put a 14-day refund policy in place. In some cases, they may even provide vouchers that customers can redeem on other courses in Courera's catalog.

The Bad

  • Peer-reviewed system
Peer-reviewed system is used where assignments and other objectives may not be possible for Professors to score based on such a high user frame. And despite Coursera's explicit any-plagiarism policy, this peer system makes it easy for students to plagiarize work. And while some support options, such as their online knowledge base, blog, and social media platforms, provide a healthy baseline understanding of how to use Coursera, other support features are lacking. Both finding the number and getting a response to questions is like pulling teeth. Other than that, there wasn't much about Coursera that could be deemed as a negative aspect. Additionally, while all of Coursera's courses are free, customers should be prepared to pay anywhere from $30 to over $100 for course certificates or specializations.

The Bottom Line

Coursera offers high-quality education for free - and it has made more than enough partnerships with high-ranking universities to substantiate that claim. For customers looking to advance their post-secondary education at their own pace, Coursera is an excellent choice; just remember that not every course is completely free, and unless a problem you encounter is specifically addressed on their online forums, you may be waiting longer than expected for a response.
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Kevin Ortiz

Coursera is up there right at the top of my list after Khan Academy. I would read it higher, but the age of the content in Coursera tend to be a little outdated when you start going into the specific courses being offered. I don’t know if there’s a moderation of Contant to Wedow outdated contacts, mainly in areas, such as technology, which have recent developments day after day and month after month. If you are looking for contact related to something such as music or art, which does not quickly change you are in a good place, however, if you are looking for up-to-date Content regarding up-to-date topics such as ecology, maybe Coursera is not for you .

3 days ago

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Jeremy Summa Inverness, FL

I do the year subscription for Coursera. I try to take as many classes as I can. I enjoy the IT classes but also they offer classes for hobbies and other ares of interest. Some courses offer a certificate of completion and you can get college credits for some of them.

1 week ago

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Jason Atlanta, GA

I got my Google Data Analytics certificate through Coursera and I genuinely do not believe I would've gotten the job I have now without it. The course was laid out so it was very easy to understand and complete. I would say the money I spent on the course has paid itself off 10x in just the past year. I recommend Coursera to anyone wanting to advance their career or just learn a new skill.

4 months ago

star star star star star_border

Rebeka Melber

Used a fee training guides here. It’s not overly hightech but has good content and will use it again.

3 weeks ago

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Heather H Sanford, FL

Coursera is a valuable tool to assist in learning and excelling. Coursera is reliable and provides accurate detail to help every level.

1 month ago

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Heidy Mejia

I found their advertising on Facebook and I still am satisfied with what I learned. I took 2 photography courses (approved by the MoMA) with them and my knowledge was so good that I was even able to teach at a school in my country. Very useful information. I would still take more courses from them.

3 years ago

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Sathvik Aithala Portland, OR

Selection of courses is good, and pricing when on sale is excellent. Sometimes the course includes material that is either too in-the-weeds, or not deep enough.

9 months ago

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Heather Novus Palm Bay, FL

Online learning is the way to go. And there are so many free courses available. We use this for courses at work and I have been able to get CEUs towards certifications

1 year ago

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Matthew Solari Miami, FL

There is no easy way to talk to anyone at this company. I completed 3 courses and they continued to bill me with out sending a confirmation email or anything. I lost over 300 dollars before noticing. This company is garbage and shouldn't be used from just a customer service standpoint. Moreover many of the courses are built to last way longer than they should which is what likely maximizes their ROI. Plus its absurdly obvious how recycled and automated the content is. The only thing that involves a real person are the forums. I'm not doing this crap again and will continue to trash this company to my peers until I get a refund.

5 years ago

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Len Friedland Monticello, NY

I've taken many paid courses with Coursera. Many have been outstanding. However, I recently took the Technion Specialization for Creativity and Innovation. One of the main requirements and method of learning for that specialization is interaction in the discussion groups. I had been locked out of the discussion forums due to a Coursera programming error, but was not made aware that I had been posting into thin air and that I did not see other posts until the last assignment before the Capstone Project. In that assignment, we were to read all the responses to two discussion group questions and write what we saw as the general themes in those two discussions. Each student was to link at least five responses made by others in each discussion. All I saw were my own posts. I waited until a half hour before the post deadline, and stated that nobody answered the questions except for me. After I posted, I received links to grade others! The others had provided links. There seemed to be hundreds of posts, none of which I could access from my account. I contacted Coursera, and they found that my account had been set up as isolated from the rest of the course. They called it "bizarre". They said that I shouldn't worry; I could still take the capstone even though I had not taken the courses as designed. Even though I originally could have taken the courses for free, I had paid so that I could learn the material all the way through the capstone, which I obviously did not do. In contrast, others who paid for the course did get what they had paid for. I told Coursera that I was not prepared for the capstone and they should cancel my certificates which were not earned as stated in the course ("and participate in discussion forum posting your opinion and commenting those of other participants" every week) and refund my money so I could start another specialization instead. I had wasted fifteen weeks of my time, and certainly did not get the value of a paid course over a free course. They dropped the conversation then and there, ignoring all of my emails. My third course remains incomplete (I guess nobody marked my final assignment), they did not provide services as agreed, and they seem to have no mechanism for dealing with situations where they do not meet their obligations. Besides this Technion specialization, I had taken other courses and another specialization, some concurrently with the Technion Specialization. I was very satisfied with those others, and had become a booster for Coursera. I had gotten friends and family to sign up with Coursera. I personally have spent about US$900.00 with Coursera, but their lack of honor means I plan to never take another paid course with them. Meanwhile, I have since sought other remedies to get my money back for the Technion courses. I recommend Coursera for free courses, but recommend you don't pay them anything. If you ever have a problem after payments and deadlines, you will be on your own.

6 years ago


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Erik Lewis Minneapolis, MN

For big academic topics it is really impossible to beat the product. I'm a fan and have continued my subscription even when I'm not really using the product.

1 year ago


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Richard Cunningham Sandys Parish, SA

This is okay but the courses although look initially interesting are a little dull. I quickly lost interest after a few sessions. This may be due to the course I selected which was on songwriting and then music production. It didnt engage me but I guess it was free so I cant really complain!

1 year ago

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Hamoon Azizsoltani Tucson, AZ

First of all they don't answer any phone call. Don't put your credit cart in their website. They will charge you and if you contact through the only way you can talk to them through chat, they will send you their own term and condition!

6 years ago


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Tate Huber Phoenix, AZ

Great courses and resources! I took a course on negotiation that helped lay a foundation for my career in procurement.

1 year ago

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Mellissa Clark Palm Bay, FL

Have taken a few courses on Coursera. It is a great way to learn new topics, without applying for a full degree.

4 weeks ago

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Nishita McLean, VA

Quality of courses is not very high, customer services is really bad, not platform is not ver intuitive.

4 years ago

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Marina Spring, TX

The quizzes in course I am taking are continually being graded incorrectly, and I get no response from customer service

7 years ago