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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

MyCorporation was founded in 2000 by Deborah Sweeney, who remains the owner and CEO. MyCorporation is a leading online document filing service for businesses who want to form a corporation or a limited liability company. In addition to offering document filing services, MyCorporation can also provide trademark searches and applications, copyright registrations, DBA registrations, registered agent services and other related products to help customers protect and maintain their businesses. Currently MyCorporation has 44 employees who are a team of experts that seem to genuinely care about your success and will go out of their way to help your new business develop and grow. This team is available via phone, live chat or email from Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time. These are great customer service options as many companies make it hard to find their contact details in an effort to avoid having to deal with the public and to cut down on the number of support staff required to handle a large number of customer service calls.


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The Good

  • Free consultation
  • Customer support
  • Package options
  • Variety of services
MyCorporation truly seems to have your best interest in mind as they offer a free consultation and small business startup advice.  And as you know, when starting a business, you have loads of questions that need to be answered before you can proceed.  During your consultation, MyCorporation will help you identify your goals and guide you through the steps to obtaining what you need to get started.  They are passionate about helping you with your entrepreneurial ideas and with helping you leverage your strengths so you can reach your highest potential. We like to see this because there are several online legal forms companies who lead you to their site, but once you are there you are pretty much on your own.  And this can be frustrating, especially when you are just getting started, because oftentimes you don't know what you need, let alone what to look for once you get to the website. Among the multitude of positive customer reviews this company receives, you will see it is in part due to their exceptional customer support team.  The reviews consistently state that they are extremely friendly, fast, helpful and easy to deal with.  When a company shines throughout the ranks from top to bottom, that shows a companywide commitment to their honesty and integrity as a whole.  This also solidifies the fact that you will more than likely also receive exceptional customer service and accurate information at this critical time in your newly formed business venture, without having to worry as much. MyCorporation offers four different pricing packages for incorporating your business:  Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium all with varying levels of documentation.  They also offer a small business learning resource center with additional information to help you understand your individual business needs. MyCorporation has a multitude of extremely positive customer reviews on their site and on public forums as well.  Additionally, their services have been showcased in Forbes, on CBS and Fox Business and in the Huffington Post.  That shows they have had enough positive interest to be featured via national news outlets; therefore, they must be doing something right. MyCorporation offers quite a few services for just about any legal business need you might have.  They offer popular services, such as:
  • Foreign qualification, EIN (Federal Tax ID), business license
  • Dissolution, withdrawal, reinstatement, amendments, certified copies
  • MaintainMyBiz
  • Registered agent services
  • Minutes, bylaws, resolutions, S corporation election
  • A business plan builder and more!
If you have the need for legal business forms, whether it's for a business startup, maintaining a registered agent or something else, MyCorporation might be just what you are looking for.

The Bad

  • Limited legal representation
  • No all-inclusive packages
  • No money back guarantee
MyCorporation offers document review and filing.  However, they don't have any other form of legal representation, nor do you have the "ask a lawyer" option that's available with other online legal form service sites.  Additionally, they are not associated with any law firms, that means there are no available attorneys present to review and file your documents.  MyCorporation uses their own filing experts to process your paperwork. The one thing we noticed that's a bit strange is the fact that not all of the packages, including their Premium and  most expensive package, is all inclusive of everything you will need to thoroughly and completely setup your business.  That means after paying $299 for their most expensive package, you will still have to shell out more money for any other legal documents you might need, such as the form for your employer identification number, the customized operating agreement or the S-Corp filing form.  This is something MyCorporation should consider as other similar companies in this industry frequently include these types of forms in their business packages. Another feature MyCorporation doesn't offer that other companies in this industry do is a money back guarantee or some sort of satisfaction guarantee.  If they were to offer a guarantee, they would probably attract more customers.  Especially if their prospective customers are searching the internet comparing what each company has to offer.  Most people are going to select the company that gives them the most bang for their buck, with part of that buck being the peace of mind knowing they are getting a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

MyCorporation is one of the largest online legal forms companies in the industry next to LegalZoom.  They have a great reputation and have gained a customer trust level that's beyond reproach.  They have also exhibited exceptional customer service, so much so that many of their customers feel compelled to go out of their way to post a public testimonial. However, they do not have access to in-house attorneys, nor are they associated with any law firms; therefore, they do not offer legal representation of any kind.  And you don't have access to any type of "ask an attorney" service that many of the other similar sites have.  Additionally, their "packages" many times don't include everything you might need for your legal paperwork to be complete. With that being said, due to their stellar reputation, we can still confidently recommend MyCorporation for most of your needs for online legal forms.  However, if you have a situation that is in any way complicated, you should probably opt for hiring an attorney.
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