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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

MegaDox Corporation sells and distributes electronic documents for legal purposes online. The company offers documents through its proprietary website for prices starting at the free pricing range. Its document library has over 3,500 documents that include resources for real estate issues, business issues, and other resources. The Tallagium Corporation owns MegaDox. 

MegaDox does not offer legal services, but there is an extensive directory of lawyers who are available throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, the company has discounts for customers who purchase a large volume of documents from the company's website. The company has documents available that are useful in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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The Good

  • Services
  • Vehicle Sales and Leasing Forms
  • Variety of Formats
  • Identity Protection
  • Legal Council
  • Creative Protection
  • Varying Packages
  • Form Creation
  • Online Blog 


MegaDox serves a wide variety of legal documents to those looking to navigate different legal processes. The categories serviced by MegaDox include: legal, business, financial, property, and personal purposes. Finding and downloading the appropriate document is all made possible through the MegaDox platform. Other benefits of the MegaDox service include:

Vehicle Sales and Leasing Forms

There are vehicle sales and leasing forms for many locales in the United States. Here are the different things that you can use the vehicle sales and leasing forms for:

  • You can create your own documents to buy, sell, lease, and repair vehicles, including boats.
  • There are forms for businesses with vehicles, as well as individuals who are wishing to do something with their vehicles.
  • There are rental contracts for all kinds of different vehicles.
  • If you are a business, there are forms for garages, mechanics, and vehicle auctions.
  • You can use the digital forms over and over again without having to repurchase them in the future.

Variety of Formats

The MegaDox forms come in different formats. You can choose from PDF or Word Documents. The PDF documents have different fields that you can edit. The Word Documents can also have things added and deleted so that you can use them for customizable different situations.

Identity Protection

With MegaDox, the following forms are available for identity protection:

  • Identity theft affidavits.
  • Medical form protection for HIPAA compliance.
  • Other types of documents for identification protection.

Legal Council

While MegaDox does not have this built directly into their core service, they offer incorporation services through a third-party provider. Rocket Lawyer provides incorporation services for businesses looking to get started.

Creative Protection

MegaDox even offers documents for musicians. You can get recording contracts set up, as well as contracts for singers/songwriters/composers. One of the neat things about MegaDox is that they also offer forms for doing online business.

Varying Packages

MegaDox also has some really affordable packages if you put money on your account and buy forms in bulk. Here are some of prepay rates that get you certain amounts of credit on the website:

  • If you pay $50, you get $75 in credit.
  • If you pay $100, you get $150 in credit.
  • If you pay $200, you get $300 in credit.

Form Creation

Directly on the website, there are also forms for making workplace manuals and policies. We didn't find many resources on other legal documents websites for making workplace manuals and policies.

Online Blog

MegaDox also provides users with legal insight and advice through their blogging platform. There were helpful blogs that contained information on the following topics:

  • Tips for franchising your business.
  • Protecting your business from creditors.
  • Tax preparation tips.

The Bad

  • High Rates
  • Lack of Services
  • No E-signature Option

While MegaDox may be a good starting point for some who are about to engage in a legal process, there are some limitations that prospective users may want to be aware of prior to paying for services. These drawbacks include:

High Rates

One of the limiting aspects of MegaDox is the high price for some of the different forms. There are other platforms that are much less expensive, but some of the forms with MegaDox cost as much as $27.99. For a document service, MegaDox gets pretty expensive very quickly. Also, for businesses that need help incorporating, we felt like MegaDox's business lawyer partners were a little bit more expensive.

Lack of Services

The MegaDox legal documents service is not based out of the United States. Other platforms have documents that apply to any and all U.S. states, but MegaDox has a limited service area only servicing two states. There are also missing documents found on most provider's sites. While there were identity theft documents available from MegaDox, they were more for "after the fact," such as an affidavit.

No E-Signature Option

Additionally, there is no e-signature option with MegaDox which is commonly found with other services. An e-signature option with MegaDox, especially since these forms are more expensive, only makes sense.


The Bottom Line

MegaDox is not the best option available for legal forms. While there are policy manual forms for businesses, the service is pretty "barebones." With MegaDox, there is some question about some of the forms' validity in certain states in the United States. Additionally, there is no information or forms for LLCs. The only document that could be found was a dissolution form for LLCs, as well as joint ventures for similar types of companies.

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