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LAST UPDATED: November 17th, 2023 provides online legal services with contracts and documents. The types of contracts and documents they offer handle family law, estate law, business law, and real estate law. It also has software that helps subscribers accurately fill out forms using a step-by-step process. is a great option for those seeking help with legal forms and want to avoid law firms and expensive attorney fees. Subscribers to have access to an account where they can edit and store online legal documents.

The company is secured by Entrust. is also an accredited business by BBB and a Trustwave Trusted Commerce company.

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The Good

  • Easy to Use Documents
  • Payment and Subscription Options
  • Guarantees

Easy to Use Documents’s document library makes it easy to find basic legal forms for family law, estate law, business law, and real estate law. Once you select a document,’s software walks you through the form step-by-step. 

Once you’re finished, you can download and print it or share it with other parties via email.

Payment and Subscription Options has several options for paying for its services:

  • One year Pro License
  • Buy the single document
  • One week free trial

The Pro License is $7.99 per month, but the entire year must be paid upfront. With the Pro License, subscribers can edit, download, and print as many documents as they would like. This is a great option if you will need multiple forms for your legal matters. 

When choosing to buy a single document you will only have access to the document for two weeks. You’ll need to fill it out, download and/or print it within those two weeks to maintain your records of legal obligations. This is a great option if you just need a single legal document. The cost of each document varies. 

A one-week free trial is available for those wanting to test the waters. If you choose this option, be aware that after the trial period ends you will be charged for a monthly subscription of $33. Luckily you can cancel it at any time. 

All licenses come with 24/7 editing and online or phone customer support.


All’s licenses come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a $10,000 legal guarantee under specific terms and conditions for its services. 

Its legal guarantee states the company will pay subscribers $100 for every error they find. If a subscriber incurs legal damages as a result of’s documents being incorrect, invalid, or not up-to-date, will pay up to $10,000 in damages. 

With these guarantees, customers can use’s documents with confidence knowing that provides a promise of valid contracts and legally enforceable documents.


The Bad

  • No Legal Advice

No Legal Advice

Unlike some competitors, does not offer its subscribers the opportunity to speak with an attorney for legal counsel. Its services are limited to legally binding contracts, documents, and software to help fill-out your online legal forms.


The Bottom Line has a good selection of legal documents for family law, estate law, business law, and real estate law. It has several subscription options available, which is great for small business owners. Unfortunately, the company does not offer powers of attorney or legal representation. If your legal needs are greater than simple legal documents, it's recommended to seek out a law firm.  

If you need assistance in understanding your legal obligations, clauses, or the subject matter of a certain contract before you reach an agreement with another party, it would be wise to speak with an attorney. If all you need are legal documents and are confident in your ability to understand the terms and conditions, then is a great option that helps you avoid costly attorney fees.

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ZLMoon Whittier, CA

BAD FAITH - ELDERLY CONSUMER UNFRIENDLY - You go to their web site and are immediately presented with the query to choose what type of form/contract you wish to create, once selected you are immediately taken to a ‘visual conversation’ in which you are asked for information and the contract is created for you in the background. After all of the work of gathering the information to answer the questions that you are presented with, the options for payment are presented to you: ‘Free One Week Trial’ or ‘One Year Subscription’ or ‘MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION’, if I recall correctly. IF YOU SELECT THE ‘FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL’ be very careful to read EVERYTHING about this FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL. At the end of the one week trial period IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LOG INTO LEGALCONTRACTS.COM OR CALL THEM TO CANCEL THE FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL, OTHERWISE IT WILL QUIETLY DEFAULT TO A RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and you will discover that your credit card is being charged for the $33.00 monthly fee. MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED FOR TWO SUCCESSIVE MONTHS, $66.00. When I was reviewing my Credit Card bill I discovered the charges. I had only used their services once during the beginning of the one week free trial and never again. I CALLED LEGALCONTRACTS, EXPLAINED MY SITUATION AND APPEALED TO THEM FOR A REFUND. THEY REFUSED. THEY INFORMED ME THAT THEIR SYSTEM SENDS OUT AN EMAIL AT THE END OF THE ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL THAT ASKS ME IF I WANT TO CONVERT MY FREE TRIAL TO THE MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION OR CANCEL THE ONE WEEK TRIAL. I REPEATEDLY TOLD THEM I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE IN MY EMAIL SYSTEM THAT SUCH AN EMAIL WAS EVER RECEIVED AND THEY STILL REFUSED TO WORK WITH ME IN GOOD FAITH TO REFUND MY TWO $33.00 CHARGES TOTALING $66.00. I do not recommend doing business with these people.

2 weeks ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Debbie Roland

I would have given no stars if I could have. I am furious with their customer service. Or, lack of, I should say. I cancelled my subscription before the 7 days after realizing it wasn't for me. A charge of 33.00 showed up on my credit card today. I contacted their customer service dept and got the rudest, most unfriendly woman. I did not have the email they sent so she wasn't going to refund my money. I told her that I went thru all the steps of cancelling and had absolutely no reason to lie to her. In fact, I had no emails from them. I told her if something happened on their end and it did not go thru, that was not my fault. She kept reciting "following company policy", over and over. There are no refund per company policy, etc. ..... Finely, I told her I wasn't going to argue with her any more and I'd dispute the charge. I did tell her I'd be sure to recommend them to all my friends and would warn folks about them in my eating. Be sure you want to use then to start with and if you cancel, hold onto the email if you get it. If you don't get it, like I didn't, prepare to have been charged. NOT AMAZING!!!!! I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS "AMAZING" IS BELOW. EXCEPT IT IS AMAZING WHAT A RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT THEY HAVE. AMAZING THEIR COMP PROVIDES FOR NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! BE CAREFUL !!!!

5 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Jeff B

I found when looking for a bill of sale template for the sale of a car and signed up for the free trial. The doc was easy to populate and print on short notice, so mission accomplished. Silly me, not only did I forget to cancel within the free trial period, I apparently didn't pay attention to the fact that it was $33 PER MONTH(!) to continue the auto-renewal, not $33 per year. I effectively paid $66 for the bill of sale file I downloaded and would have been better off paying the single document fee. Upon further review, their website clearly outlines the subscription options, so this is on me more than on them. That said, the cancellation process was surprisingly simple and no hassle. The docs available on the site are probably great for someone with a great or ongoing need, but I'd recommend going the route of the per doc fee option instead. $33/mo is pretty steep for the average consumer who doesn't need a continuing subscription.

4 years ago

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Cathy A Sydney, NSW

SCAM. Be careful. They will take your money. I had cancelled my subscription yet they continued to take my money. They had sent an email stating they would refund but did not. Do not sign up or you will continue to pay fees every month even after cancelling. The contract downloaded was not even useable. Poor customer service. You cant chat with anyone, everything is via their website contact form which takes so long to respond. Poor communication - no explanations given and conversations just get closed. I would give a zero rating if I could.

6 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kimberley Lee Dublin, L

Do not use this website - they will sneakily bill you monthly after you download a form. We have canceled our card to stop this scam!

2 months ago

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charles lappin Glasgow, GLG

Tenancy agreement for Northern Ireland jurisdiction. Having completed my input I paid the fee. Reading the PDF I downloaded Clause 46 refers to Scottish Order 1988. A lemon in an otherwise full blown Northern Ireland jurisdiction document. Raised the alarm (full explanation and references , also sent copy of PDF as attachment) via website to which the response was "We have received your message. We will respond within one business day" Two days later I contact their Customer Service Chat Line. The conversation went in circles "There is nothing that can be done until the document is updated!" My reply was "Perhaps I need to communicate with those that perform updates?" "As stated there is no timeframe for the document to be updated." "And where does that leave me? In the wind. I thought I was paying for a professionally produced document." "I do apologize, however, we do have to wait until the document is updated" "can you not support your customer and find a way to get some kind of commitment. I have already been let down by the website message (1 business day)" "Again, we are looking into the matter. Unfortunately, there is no timeframe" "Is there any dispute that my point (on Scottish Order 1988 being within a document geared to Northern Ireland rules) has validity?" Then came a totally evasive posture. " "We provide quality legal forms but we are unable to provide legal advice specific to your jurisdiction. By law, only a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction can assess your facts and select the best contract for you if you are uncertain. Customer support representatives are not able to provide legal advice or suggest how to complete your document." My jurisdiction is not in question. Nor am I uncertain of the difference between Northern Ireland and Scotland. I was pointing out an error in the QUALITY LEGAL FORM not asking for advice. The one star rating is grossly exaggerated, but I had to give something to allow me to place comment.

1 year ago

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Elizabeth New Braunfels, TX

I signed up for a free trial offer from so I could print a bill of sale. The free trial offer was to last 30 days and after that I could continue to use their services for $33 a month. When I was going through my bank statements to file my taxes I noticed that had continued to charge me over the entire year. I called customer service very upset that they had charged me over $300 in a year. Customer service said their system showed that I had only ever downloaded the one bill of sale during my free trail but refused to refund me anything. If I could give them zero stars I would. I was never once emailed by the company over the entire year about my free trial not being canceled and the continuing monty charge and they have absolutely no regard in trying to make it right. One bill of sale ended up costing me $330. Terrible company. Horrendous customer service.

4 years ago

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Vincent Noot St. George, UT

They make you pay with credit card or paypal for a free trial, hoping you will forget to unsubscribe, so they can charge you behind your back for months to come. I hate companies like that. We just needed to print one document, man. Now we need to figure out how to unsubscribe to get out of it.

1 year ago

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Guyton Toledo, OH

They are a dishonest group! Took my money and there is no place on the website that helps or clarify the information. They did not even offer to prorate the very high fee for the use of one document during the trial period. Please do not go to this company. During this pandemic, we are experiencing enough scams. Protect yourself.

2 years ago

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Brad Ball Ottawa, ON

I signed up for the free trial in order to try their custom contracts. I only used one and then never dealt with again. I woke up this morning to find a charge from them, but no email at all with a receipt, notification of my subscription or when I may be charged again. They could keep charging customers and they wouldn’t know

3 years ago


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Darrin Henry Pleasant Grove, UT

We used this site for the sale of some items but the subscription was quit a lot so we cancelled it.

4 years ago

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Melina L.K. London, ENG

Stopped my free trial instantly - they still charged me later! So rude.

4 months ago

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Brooklyn McDermott Columbus, OH

Terrible customer service.. would not refund my money. DO NOT GET SCAMMED AND GIVE THEM YOUR BANK INFORMATION. THEY WILL NOT STOP DRAFTING

1 year ago

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downwithbadcompanies London, ENG

Their customer service is terrible. They are not remotely customer-centric and will treat you as such if you ask for support. Very rude.

2 years ago