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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2022

FairShake is a consumer protection company that assists consumers in pursuing recourse when corporations or other organizations have wronged them through unfair fees, bad business practices, unfulfilled promises, or other breaches.

 FairShake has served more than 10,000 complaints ranging from debt recovery to legal claims to corrected refunds. The company publishes testimonials and sample cases online and provides a great deal of transparency as to the type of claim that may be suitable in winning successful outcomes. 

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The Good

  • Clear Process to Pursue
  • Real Legal Leverage 
  • Handles Diverse Range of Claims

Clear Process to Pursue

FairShake offers a clear, step-by-step process for individuals who are frustrated or disenchanted with a corporation that has wronged them in some way. The company’s website outlines clear steps consumers can take to address grievances. 

This is very important for consumers who feel that nothing can be done to remedy their situation, especially when a corporation seeks to minimize losses and avoid fair dialogue. 

Real Legal Leverage

Customers submit claims to FairShake, take legal action, and participate in a settlement or formal hearing. For corporations that use high powered lawyers to intimidate unhappy customers, the street credibility of FairShake’s history resolving more than 10,000 claims gives “the little guy” a degree of leverage otherwise unobtainable. FairShake seeks to equalize the playing field by putting real legal power back into customers' hands. 

Handles Diverse Range of Claims

The company lists previous and current claims in a transparent fashion on its website, and the list is truly impressive. Ranging from clearing up hidden fees, restoring services that have been paid for but not provided, resolving drawn-out settlement cases, and much more, FairShake seems to have seen it all. The company will hear and review customers’ claims, as well as give voice to their complaints — and if action is possible, a clear process to move forward.


The Bad

  • 20% Fee for Successful Claims Over $100
  • Not a Lawyer nor Law Firm 
  • 10% Fee for Discharged Debts

20% Fee for Successful Claims Over $100

Although claims are free to submit and the company only gets paid if customers win the case, the downside is a pretty steep 20 percent commission on claims over $100. 

For small claims, for example a $500 settlement; 20 percent is a bargain ($100 fee). However, if any major money is involved — say $25,000 or higher — the price is quite a chunk ($5,000). 

With that said, most legal resources charge upwards of $400 per hour, regardless of whether a claim is resolved or not, and many of FairShake’s customers have tried traditional routes to resolve issues and not had any outcomes for months or years. 

The important thing to remember here is that customers will walk away with 80 percent of the settlement outcome, with zero down along the way. 

Not a Lawyer nor Law Firm 

It should be noted that FairShake is not a licensed legal firm, but a company that provides services resolving claims through process of negotiation, mediation, and following up on arbitration procedures. 

For customers in serious legal trouble, already in process on court, civil, or criminal matters, this may not be the right venue for resolution. However, it’s worth submitting a claim to FairShake anyway, to allow the company to evaluate the situation and provide guidance as to whether or not they can accept the case. 

Other companies like LegalShield or RocketLawyer do actually provide verified legal counsel for paid services, so customers can consider these options as an alternative.

10% Fee for Discharged Debts

For customers seeking to dissolve disputed debts, there is another catch with FairShake — 10 percent of the discharged debt will be charged to customers for FairShake’s fees. Again as with the success fee, this only becomes problematic the higher the stakes are. 

For a $1,000 debt to be discharged, a $100 fee is completely reasonable. For individuals trying to resolve a $100,000 debt, receiving a bill from FairShake for $10,000 may not be workable, although certainly more so than paying all $100,000. Customers should make sure that the compensation structure aligns with the role FairShake would be playing in resolving matters, before accepting the terms of the services. 

Customers could try using LawDepot or RocketLawyer to draft their own legal documents if it is simply a matter of needing paperwork to move an issue toward resolution; however, if actual support and negotiation are needed, having FairShake in one’s corner is hard to beat.


The Bottom Line

For those who feel they have a valid claim against corporations but have found themselves stagnated by legalese, non-response, and frustrated bureaucratic policies, FairShake offers targeted, practical, consignment-based (“we only get paid when you get paid”) services that can transform a customer’s legal or financial matter. 

Given the wide range of claims the company has successfully handled, customers are encouraged to check out the company website and pursue filing a claim, even just for an assessment of validity. Alternative options for online legal services or referrals to licensed legal teams are available if FairShake’s packages or services are not a fit for a customer’s particular matter.

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Lory Horn Mesa, AZ

I was very skeptical of FairShake in the beginning. After reading their incredible reviews, I decided to give them a try. My issue began about 6 months ago when I began receiving lengthy automated calls from AT&T. At first I would receive 1 or 2 calls per month. Slowly these pesky calls increased to 3-4 times per week. Each automated call message was quite lengthy and subsequently would fill up my message capacity on my phone. My attempts at calling AT&T consisted of each operator apologizing with a promise to remove my number from their call list. FairShake gives clear and concise instructions on writing strong claims. Three weeks after filing a claim, I received a check for the full amount of my claim and I have not received any solicitor calls from them since filing my claim. Thank you FairShake. L Horn

8 months ago

star star star star star

Kyterria Ivory Hermitage, TN

Thank you so much for helping me! The enemy tried making me feel like FairShake would be a scam, but when the Holy Spirit leads you, you must release all fear! I want to thank Christ for FairShake and its purpose to help everyone against big-time corporations! I appreciate you all for getting the job done, and winning my case! Words cannot describe how happy I feel right now, because I am a new business owner, and I had never applied for anything on my business credit until I opened a business account with a major phone company I disputed with FairShake services! I appreciate FairShake so much and the attorneys that were on the case! I was innocent and had Christ on my side making crooked places straight! Lord, I thank you, not only are the charges for the account dismissed but so are my collections for my business account!!! Thank God! and thank you FairShake, may you guys reap a harvest in your well-doing in due season! Thank you for contributing the God's kingdom!!!

3 months ago

star star star star star

Jessica James Sprouls Fresno, CA

Fairshake ROCKS. I had an account that was not mine and was reporting on my credit. I found Fairshake and was skeptical. Not skeptical enough to NOT try though, what could I lose?. Well, I am so glad I took a chance. 3 weeks later my credit score was 50 points higher and this huge company had removed the negative report. Thank you Fairshake for also taking a chance on me. I WILL be using them again.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Kim Moore Amarillo, TX

They were quick to try and resolve my issues with Suddenlink. I'd still like to sue them for False Practices and Fraud. Haven't received my settlement yet but I'm confident it will. Thank you so much. Might want to fix your website accessibility. Confusing.

1 year ago

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Docstd Houston, TX

FairShake does exactly what they say to obtain relief from corporate power and control that leads to financial abuse of the individual client/customer. And they don’t waste time so a settlement offer is quick to arrive.

1 year ago

star star star star star

James Chandler Fayetteville, AR

Super easy to use this service. I had a horrible experience with T-Mobile home internet service and they ended up refunding my entire service charges for 6 months and the fee owed to Fairshake!!

1 year ago

star star star star star

M Green Bay City, MI

After trying to resolve this problem myself with AT&T both by phone and email with no luck Fairshake brought a quick resolution. Very happy to pay them the commision, well worth it

1 year ago

star star star star star

James Patterson

I reached out to FairShake about an issue I was having with a cell phone provider and they responded promptly. It was a seamless experience and the results were in my favor. Thank You FairShake!

1 year ago

star star star star star

Bradford Crumb Erie, PA

Suddenlink tried to charge me $165 for months service even though I had cancelled their service. Fair Shake got all my money returned. Every penny!! Very trustworthy!!

1 year ago

star star star star star

Alymira S Ford

there's nothing to dislike. They solved my problem on even better terms than I expected, and got an apology from the company involved to boot.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Reginald Guillory Sr. Houston, TX

FairShake made the process simple and efficient. I am very impressed with the way my concerns were addressed in detail.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Phillip Schuyler Abbeville, LA

Awesome help, great service! Easy and informative

1 year ago