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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Nellie and Philip Akalp founded their first incorporation service called in 1997 then sold it in 2005 to the makers of Quickbooks and Turbo Tax and at that point were able to retire. However, they soon found that they hated retirement and needed other avenues to keep them happy. Since they were entrepreneur's at heart, they started another incorporation service which is what they have today - CorpNet. Philip is actually a licensed lawyer by trade; however, he now handles the internet marketing, product development and more at CorpNet, which he prefers over his former trade. Over the years the couple has helped business owners form over 100,000 corporations and LLC's in every state of the U.S. They believe in honest, upfront pricing; therefore, all their order forms and product pages clearly display their fees and the fees that will need to be paid to state agencies as well. And they never mark up the state fees just to make a profit.


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The Good

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Variety of services
  • Awards and buzz
  • Company website
  • Customer support
CorpNet has an amazing 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not 100% happy with their services, your fees are refundable for up to 30 days.  No questions asked.  However, their refund does not include any fees paid to the state, governmental agencies or third parties. CorpNet offers a variety of legal documentation services, such as C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC's, Non-Profits, DBA's and a multitude of other related business filing services.  Their fees range from $79 - $249, plus state fees and shipping fees.  Except for their non-profit filing services, which range from $99 - $299, plus state fees and shipping fees.  In addition, you get a free trademark search, free business name search and a free business consultation with any of their services. There is plenty of buzz about CorpNet and its exceptional services.  They have been talked about on Fox Business, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Go Daddy, Staples, Mashable and FreshBooks.  Additionally, they won a Top 100 Small Business Influencer award in 2014. CorpNet has an amazing website, probably one of the best we've seen in the industry.  It's extremely user-friendly.  You can quickly and easily see how to navigate to get the information you need.  The information is then clearly displayed along with the pricing.  So you never have to guess, nor do you have to contact them just to find what you need on their website, because it's all right there.  This is huge because , with many other business websites in this industry, you will spend an unnecessary amount of time browsing through their site's pages just to find what you need if you can find it at all. However, if you do need customer support, you can contact them Monday through Friday 7:00 am through 5:00 pm pacific standard time via phone, email or live chat.  And again, the reviews they receive for their exceptional customer service is overwhelmingly positive, with no negative reviews to be found anywhere on the web.

The Bad

  • Must pay for add-ons
  • Business attorney services
With just about any company there are almost always negative aspects that need to be addressed.  However, that is not the case with CorpNet.  There are absolutely no complaints or negative issues about anything in any way, shape or form.  However, there is one area of the CorpNet business model we feel we should mention. Their package pricing is very low compared to industry standards; however, they have a multitude of extras and add-ons that you can opt for, but then, of course, you have to pay for them.  This might become a bit confusing for some people who don't really know what they actually need and what they could do without.  Additionally, if you want your document services rushed, you will have to pay extra to have your documents processed as a rush.  However, that is common within the industry and should be expected. It doesn't appear that CorpNet offers any type of business attorney services.  But notably, one of the owners was previously an attorney; however, it's not clear whether or not he performs in that capacity within the company because their About Us page states that he now handles the internet marketing and product development.  It seems that if he did perform in a legal capacity, it would be prominently displayed as part of their service offerings because having an attorney overseeing and checking for legal compliance and accuracy would be a huge comfort factor in the minds of their customers.

The Bottom Line

We can confidently give CorpNet the highest rating possible due to their off the charts overall customer satisfaction, their exceptional services, their unbelievably easy to use website and extremely reasonable rates.  Just to name a few. CorpNet does have some add-ons and extras that could be a little confusing for some; however, they offer a Free Incorporation Guide with a free service they call their Business Structure Wizard that will help educate you as to what you need and how everything works.  And, if you need additional assistance, you can pick up the phone and ask one of their exceptional customer service experts to help you understand anything that doesn't make sense. If you need a top notch online incorporation service, you really can't go wrong with CorpNet.  However, if you have a complicated situation, or you need the assistance of a licensed attorney, then you should probably opt for another company who offers those types of services.
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