What Do Consumers Want From Online Legal Services?

Kelly Davis

Last Updated: June 26th, 2019

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Online legal services are increasingly becoming more popular, as consumers are able to get professional legal advice for an affordable price.  There are several services available for personal needs and for small businesses.

These unique services are offered by a broad range of companies at all different prices, depending on what services are needed.  In an effort to find out which service features are most important to consumers, BestCompany.com experts conducted a survey to find out what subscribers actually care about.

Over 1,000 subscribers were asked what the most important feature was when choosing an online legal services company.   The results showed that over 35% felt that a user-friendly website was most important when choosing an online legal services company, followed by client resources and service options at 24.7%.

It is understandable that a user-friendly website would be of high importance since this industry is online legal services. Some companies provide customers a great user experience with an online portal and easy navigation throughout the entire website.  Phone numbers, education information, legal definitions, etc are all found easily and can be accessed 24/7 by customers, providing customers will the service they most desire.

Following client resources and service options, personal and business options (19.5%) and on-call attorneys (17.4%) also played a role in a consumer's decision.

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