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LAST UPDATED: January 20th, 2023

Tawkify offers a new option for eligible singles tired of the online dating scene. Kenneth Shaw, Co-Founder and Tawkify CEO, created Tawkify as a way for young professionals to make meaningful connections with limited time. 

Tawkify is an online matchmaking service that offers two membership options: client and member. Clients pay a premium for guaranteed matches while members are added to the general dating pool. The matchmaking service highlights several success stories on its website. 

Keep reading our Tawkify review to learn more about the pros and cons of this online matchmaking service. 

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The Good

  • Simple Signup Process
  • Membership Options 
  • Personalized Matches
  • High Success Rate
  • Personal Safety
  • Social Distanced Options 
  • Referral Bonus 

Simple Signup Process

Enter your gender and the gender you are seeking. You can choose male, female, transgender, or genderqueer for the gender you are seeking. However, there are only two options for your gender: male or female. Tawkify seeks to be an equal-opportunity match matching service for all genders and sexualities.

You will also be asked to select areas where you would like to match. You will also include your ethnicity, height, and religious identity. This information will only be available to your personal matchmaker. You can distinguish if you have a height preference for your matches.

Membership Options 

Tawkify has unique membership options for clients and members. Tawkify members do not have guaranteed matches but they could be matched with a Tawkify client. Members are added into the pool for $99 a year. This option is much cheaper than becoming a client; however, this does not guarantee that you will be matched with anyone. 

A Tawkify client pays a premium price for personalized matchmaking and guaranteed dates. The Tawkify matchmaker will set up creative dates for clients and members. Clients are guaranteed at least one date per month.

Personalized Matches

Once you have started your plan, you will be assigned a personal matchmaker. Personal matchmakers do all the work in screening, selecting, and setting-up dates for their clients. All you have to do is show up for the date and help pay the bill. Dates are planned around activities that both members have an interest in. The matchmaker will call after the date to ask for feedback on how the outing went. You can let your matchmaker know if you are interested in a second date or if you would like a different match. The process continues until you find a successful match or your plan ends.

High Success Rate

With a dating pool of over 75,000 members, Tawkify claims to have an 80 percent success rate for clients who go on at least 6 to 12 dates. The fact that Tawkify measures its success rate is unique compared to many other matchmaking services. The success rate is relatively high and a good indicator of quality service. 

You can also browse the “Love Stories” section on the website to read stories about couples who have met through Tawkify. 

Personal Safety

All potential matches are screened by a human matchmaker before the date. This helps improve the safety and success of the date. Tawkify’s commitment to high-quality dates helps women avoid common safety concerns with dating.

Socially Distanced Options 

The COVID pandemic has made traditional dating difficult with new social distancing guidelines. Tawkify has responded to the new guidelines with an option for virtual dating. The matchmaking service follows all CDC guidelines as they differ from city to city. Tawkify recommends virtual dates, but if your city has eased COVID restrictions, matchmakers can plan dates where social distancing can be upheld. Safe, in-person dates can be arranged upon request. 

Referral Bonus 

Tawkify offers a $100 referral bonus towards any package when you refer a friend or family member to become a Tawkify client. You can refer as many people as you want, there is no limit. 


The Bad

  • Expensive Dating Service
  • Limited Control Over Dates and Matches
  • Location Availability 
  • Insufficient Customer Insight

Expensive Dating Service

Matchmaking services can get rather pricey. According to Tawkify’s website, the company offers matchmaking plans that start under $1,000. However, there is no specific price range on the website. If you are in search of multiple matches, you might have to pay high above this base price. Tawkify matchmaking service has comparative prices to other matchmaking providers such as It’s Just Lunch. However, you will save a lot of money if you have the time and energy to invest in an online dating site. 

Note: The cost of the date activity is not included in the membership fee.

Limited Control Over Dates and Matches

Tawkify is essentially a glorified blind-dating service. As opposed to traditional dating services, you don’t get to preview any of your matches before going on a date. This may be difficult for individuals who want more control in their dating life. Clients with unrealistic expectations might also be disappointed if they show up for a date with someone they find physically or socially unattractive. Just like any blind date, the date may not result in a long term connection. Tawiky carefully seeks its matches through professional matchmakers, but this does not guarantee a connection. 

Location Availability 

Tawikfy is available in over 30 major cities. However, the service is limited in smaller cities and areas. If you live outside of one of these major cities, you might need to consider another matchmaking or online dating service. 

Insufficient Customer Insight

Best Company has not received enough Tawkify reviews to make a final recommendation for the company. 


The Bottom Line

Tawkify offers a unique matchmaking service that is both effortless and expensive. This service is best for singles who have had poor luck with traditional online dating services or what to find a successful match without sifting through thousands of online dating profiles. A professional matchmaker plans all the details of your date for your match to your activity. This service helps customers avoid potential dangerous situations with a matchmaker verifying all matches before a date. 

Tawkify is not for singles who want to retain control over their dating life. The process focuses on a blind date set up with no prior knowledge of your match. People living outside of major cities may also consider using a different online dating service that has a more widespread membership. Due to the limited number of reviews, we suggest trying a top-rated online dating service until this matchmaking service can be verified by real customer reviews. 

Have you tired Tawkify? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know about your experience and contribute to our Tawkify reviews.

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Paul Anderson Portland, OR

As a gay man, I was extremely hesitant about trying a matchmaker since I didn't think they would have enough matches for me where I live. However, after meeting my non-binary matchmaker, I was put at ease. I've been on 3 matches so far, each one better than the last, and I am now in a committed relationship with my partner. I still have 3 matches left in my package but I doubt I will use them. Can't say enough good things about them. Try it!

1 week ago

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R. Alford Raleigh, NC

After a simple inquiry about the company/services, I decided that Tawkify was too expensive for me at that time. Unbeknownst to me, I was kept in the Tawkify system as a potential match for paying customers. So one day someone randomly reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be set up on a date with one of their paying customers. Thats how I figured out I was in their system, no one informed me of this. I figured, why not? Im not paying for the service so I've got nothing to lose, right? Although date number one would not have been someone I would have chosen for myself, I went on two virtual dates before it seemingly fizzled out. Let me add that it was also the start of the pandemic so really no one was doing great at the time. I chalked it up to timing, and just not being the best match. However, the next matchmaking date brought things into better perspective. It became very clear during my second experience that the reason I was kept in the Tawkify system after just a small inquiry, is because they are in desperate need of people to match with their paying clients. This date and I were clearly a mismatch on ALL levels. The only thing we had in common was that we were both nice people able to get through a date. My date (the paying customer of Tawkify) informed me himself that the company seemed desperate and that they advised him NOT to pay for dates. Don't get me wrong, I understand that dates can be expensive and I by no means expect men to always pay for a date. However, let me summarize what this means for my end of this deal: 1. Tawkify chooses the date spot based on the PAYING CUSTOMERS preferences. In this case it was a fairly expensive restaurant where I paid around $45 for my own meal and service. I had no say in the matter. 2. The only persons preferences who are considered during the match making process are the paying customers. It was clear that me and this guy were not a match but there we were anyway. I can only assume that the choice was made based on his preferences or out of desperation for matches. 3. We are still in a pandemic! So to summarize, I am being set up on blind dates where my preferences for a potential match are not considered, at expensive restaurants where I have to pay and have no say in the matter, and risk COVID while I'm at it. No thanks! I sent a formal request to the "matchmaker" to take me out of the list of matches. But low and behold a few months later I get a text saying I "might be a great fit" for one of their clients. I texted back that I would only consider giving this another try if I could speak with someone first and ask some questions. I was told that I wouldn't be able to speak with anyone unless it was the matchmaker themselves and not someone within the company who could answer my questions. So I declined the offer and received a "we will update our records" LOL! They didn't inquire about what happened, or why I didn't want to be part of their service anymore. It proved that my intuition right that NO ONE CARES about my preferences, perspective, time, or money when setting me up with their "clients" because I'm not paying them. Im just a tool for them to prove to their clients that they have "matches" for them.

1 year ago