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LAST UPDATED: March 25th, 2021

Skout first started as a social networking platform. Now, Skout functions primarily as an online dating app with opportunities to build other kinds of relationships. Members join Skout seeking new friendships, long-term relationships, and/or networking groups. The Skout App has a quick sign-up process and gives members free access to enough features to make their time worthwhile. 

The location-based app makes it easy to connect with other members in close proximity. Amid COVID restrictions, Skout has released a “blind date” feature that takes off the pressure of typical video hangouts. Skout Premium removes ads and gives users additional features.

Skout members face additional obstacles such as encountering several incomplete or fake profiles during their searches. Members must be at least 13 years or older to join Skout. While the platform separates the teens from the adults, the app lacks sufficient security measures to protect against adults creating fake accounts posing as children. This may be a serious concern for teens who consider joining. 

Keep reading our Skout Review to learn more about the pros and cons of joining Skout.

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The Good

  • Quick Sign-Up Process
  • Free App Features
  • Premium Subscriptions
  • Skout Mobile App 
  • Online Teen Monitoring

Quick Sign-Up Process

Sign up for Skout by connecting your Facebook or Gmail account, or create a new account with a fresh username and password. Few of the fields are required for signing up. You will want to go through and complete your profile at some point to optimize your experience. However, you can start searching through potential matches within a few minutes of sign up. 

Free App Features

Skout provides several free app features that make a free account functional. These features include blind dates, unlimited messaging, profile search, and favorites selection. 

  • Blind dates — “Blind Date” is a free dating game for users to focus on personality over appearance. The host initially sees a blurry video of the contestant while chatting. The video becomes less blurry as the conversation continues. This was a feature released during the COVID pandemic to encourage interaction along with social distancing guidelines.
  • Unlimited messaging — All users can message using the Skout chat. Many online dating sites require that users upgrade to a premium account to chat with other users. 
  • Profile search — Users can use the grid features to view and interact with profiles in the local area. They can also search for a specific profile by name or Skout ID.
  • Favorites — Members can mark profiles as their “favorites” and go back through to carefully review their selections. 

Premium Subscriptions

Skout offers premium subscriptions available in a one-month, three-month, and 12-month package and can be purchased through the app store or website. The premium subscription gets rid of all the online advertising and gives users access to special features. The special features boost your profile to the top of the search results. Your chats will also move to a priority position in your matches’ inboxes. The price of the subscription is comparable to similar competitors. 

Skout Mobile App 

The Skout App is available on IOS and Android devices. Users can browse and interact with other profiles through their mobile devices. 

Online Teen Monitoring

Skout closely monitors posts in the teen group to limit profane or vulgar content. Teens cannot send photos via direct message on the app. They are also limited to interactions with people in a 100-mile radius. Skout Dating Site also approves all profile photos to avoid any obscene pictures. 


The Bad

  • Fake Profiles
  • Unfinished Profiles 
  • Unwanted Messages
  • Outdated User Interface
  • Young User Base
  • Insufficient Customer Insight 

Fake Profiles

Skout does require an email verification code to filter out scammers and fake profiles. Individuals could easily make a fake email account and sign up without any repercussions. Unsuspecting victims are at risk of Skout scams because the app also does not verify age. This could be dangerous for young users who may encounter fake profiles from potential predators.  

Unfinished Profiles 

Skout does not require users to finish their profile or upload a profile photo before browsing. This means that users will likely encounter many unfinished profiles without a profile picture or incomplete information. Users will spend more finding complete profiles on Skout compared to other online dating platforms. Unfinished profiles also mean a diluted user base with less viable options. 

Unwanted Messages

Skout allows free messaging for all of its users. Members can message anyone on the platform without needing to match. Users will likely receive messages from people they are not interested in. This could become an annoyance for women who are constantly contacted by online scammers. 

Outdated User Interface

Compared to other online dating sites, Skout uses an outdated interface which makes it difficult to capture the attention of younger audiences. The app was last updated in June of 2019. 

Young User Base

Skout allows members as young as 13 years old. Other social media platforms such as Facebook have similar age requirements. On Skout, once a user turns 18, this individual enters the adult category and can start interacting with other users over the age of 18. 

Users under the age of 17 cannot chat or interact with the users in the adult age group. The company divides users to provide protection to young teens. However, these rules also mean that parents cannot make an account and monitor their child’s social media activity. 

Insufficient Customer Insight 

Best Company has not received enough Skout reviews to make a final recommendation. Customers should consider choosing an online dating company with an established customer recommendation.


The Bottom Line

Skout offers a unique online platform to help people from around the world build new connections. The Skout App makes it easy to join by allowing members to create a free account with free messaging and access to select Skout games. Teens as young as 13 years old can join the platform and interact with their respective age group. The online monitoring and block personal photo messaging helps protect teens from online predators. 

The Skout Online Dating site caters to many needs and purposes. Individuals seeking a committed relationship might find more success using a platform specifically designed for online dating. Users should keep an eye out for fake profiles and cyber criminals. The website advises users to refrain from sharing personal information and sending money over the web. Using proper safety precautions, members can enjoy building new connections through the Skout App. 

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