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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2022

With over 50 million users, OkCupid is the fastest growing online dating site with an extremely accurate math-based matching system. Users begin by making an OkCupid profile and are required to answer at least seven questions to get started. That is not enough for the dating website to give you an accurate compatibility measurement with someone, but you may answer more questions whenever you'd like. 

eople can become a member of OkCupid for free either by visiting the website or downloading the mobile dating app. Members can pay a subscription to be an OkCupid A-List or premium member to receive even more features to add to their own online dating experience. OkCupid is best for young adults between the ages of 18–44 who are looking for a serious relationship but aren’t necessarily ready for commitment. 

Keep reading our OkCupid review to learn more about the pros and cons of joining OkCupid or start reading OkCupid reviews.

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The Good

  • Fun and Easy Sign-Up Process 
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusivity
  • Effective Free Version 
  • Unique Matching Algorithm 

Fun and Easy Sign-Up Process

The OkCupid signup process only takes about 5–10 minutes to complete. This is relatively quick compared to other online dating sites. OkCupid will start by asking for basic information such as birthday, email address, etc. You can skip this step by registering with Facebook. 

You will then be asked a series of questions about your preferences relating to religion, drinking, smoking, and politics. The app will ask if you are currently interested in hookups, new friends, short-term, or long-term dating. These questions will help the algorithm determine which matches will be most compatible with your background. You can also indicate your gender identity and sexual orientation to be displayed in your profile. 

The signup process also includes a series of fun questions to determine your personality. Answer “Would You Rather” questions and/or open-ended questions such as “Describe Your Perfect Day.” You get to choose which questions you want to answer and feature on your profile, so every profile is a little bit different from the next. You don’t have to answer the questions all at once. After signing up, you can always go back and answer more questions. 

The OkCupid app is available for download on IOS and Android devices. The app also has a desktop version. 

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

The site offers 13 gender identities, 22 sexual orientations, and a dedicated space on your profile for preferred pronouns. Members of the LGBTQ+ community can expect a wide range of options to accurately represent their gender identity and sexual orientation. You can also select the gender identities you want to match with. OkCupid offers many more identity options than its competitors. 

Effective Free Version

Online daters can join OkCupid for free and enjoy many standard features to connect and match their profile with other members. This dating site is aimed to be a more logical choice for online daters. Many online dating apps force you to pay the membership fee by hiding profile pictures or blocking messaging. OkCupid offers a free version that is sustainble and effective. The top free features on OkCupid are listed below. 

  • Double Take — OkCupid has a swiping feature similar to the Tinder matching method. The double take feature allows you to undo a left-swipe for free. You can give that last person another thought or go back if you made a mistake. 
  • Match Percentage — Each user that appears on your screen has an accompanying match percentage. Based on the questionnaire, OkCupid will determine the match percentage that indicates your compatibility.  
  • Unlimited Messaging — All users get access to free messaging. You can message anyone you want, but the other person will only be able to read the message if they like you back. This is a safety feature to help reduce the number of unwanted messages.
  • Tests — OkCupid members and staff create tests that are available for members to take while building their profile. These tests also show specific insights to each dater and give members better match quality overall.
  • Search Filters —  OkCupid has an extensive search bar available to all members. You can search for individuals by looks, background, availability, personality, vices, questions, and more. 
  • Track Your Likes — OkCupid allows you to view a list of all the profiles you have liked. This allows you to keep track of your favorite profiles. 

Unique Matching Algorithm 

OkCupid uses a question and answers based matching system to find possible dating matches for each of its members. As users answer questions they are matched to other users that share similar answers. This algorithm is unique to OkCupid and is designed to improve your quality of matches. 

OkCupid collects data for its algorithm by asking multiple-choice questions as well as open-ended questions. The algorithm assesses three different parts of the question: your answer, how you want a potential match to answer, and the relevance of the question. 

The relevance of the question is how important it is that potential matches answers in your preferred manner. The relevance scale has five options ranging from irrelevant to mandatory. The match percentage is based on the common questions you have both answered. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your match percentages will be.


The Bad

  • Must Pay for Best Features
  • Little Verification
  • Security Compromise
  • Complaints

Must Pay for Best Features

Although it is free to set up a profile, browse profiles, and message individuals, OkCupid offers a number of excellent features that only come with a Premium OkCupid account. Features include:

  • See everyone who views your profile
  • Store up to 5,000 messages
  • Change your username
  • Browse while invisible
  • Advance matching and search options
  • No ads
  • Filter through messages
  • See who reads your messages
  • See who likes you

Little Verification

Users can create an account on OkCupid without any real verification. While you can create an account through Facebook, you can also do so through email (which may never be verified). You can block members, but only after they message you. OkCupid encourages users to email and report problems, but there isn't a 'report' button on individual profiles. There is no information on whether or not OkCupid conducts background checks on their members. This contributes to an on-going problem within the online dating service industry of numerous fake profiles and members. 

Security Compromise

In 2020, Check Point Research discovered critical flaws in the OkCupid app. Mistakes in the coding left many accounts vulnerable to hackers. With the right knowledge, Hackers could access personal information including profiles, messages, and other details entered at the time of sign up. Hackers could also remotely control specific profiles to send messages and change profile data without the user ever noticing.
Once the researchers informed OkCupid about its vulnerabilities, the online dating site was able to make the necessary fixes. However, this incident illustrates that you can never be too careful with your information on an online dating site. Be selective with the online dating sites you choose. Try to limit the amount of personal information you include in your profile and messages. 


Many of the complaints with OkCupid were not even responded to. Many people have complained and written to consumer affairs about their profile randomly being deleted from the site without reason or warning. Some reports have told that OkCupid may have been distributing or selling user information from the site, which may be the reason for the profile to be deleted without say.  OkCupid claims that these profiles are only deleted if the user breaches their terms, although many users claim to have only just started their profile and they made known efforts not to breach the terms of service. Customer service has not resolved many of these issues even when they've been contacted.

Though the site makes claims to be completely free, there are limited features with the free version, and to actually use other features you will likely need to pay for a subscription. 


The Bottom Line

Though some of the features may not be standard, this online dating service offers many features free of charge that other online dating sites may charge you for. This allows members a chance to date other OkCupid members without having to subscribe. This service can be just as effective from the mobile app as well.

OkCupid has an easy-to-use membership with simple features that go a long way. Be cautious about what you post to your profile, ensuring that you are following the site rules as written in the terms. Otherwise, this site could be a good option for those who want to try online dating with no upfront cost.

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Matt Harvey Chicago, IL

I had identity theft occur. My credit card denied thier payment. I could not control this. I tried several times and OK cupid customer service said they would not release my email address as best blocked until they got thier money. I even tried paying it from a different account. Customer service refused to help. I did everything I could but because they did not receive thier payment on time. They have since blocked and more or less banned me from the site. All because my credit card company despite being given permission. Refused to pay them at a time when my identity was stolen and I had no control over what the banks were doing. Thanks for looking out for only your self cupid. Thanks for being there and ready to help.

6 months ago

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Pony Lee Denver, CO

I took their 50% offer and bought 1 month for $25. If you are looking to throw money away, this is one place to do it. Like most dating apps, you have to pay them if you want to see who likes you. So who liked me? Kenya. Somalia. Philippines, Thailand. Indonesia but not a single person from the US, much less from Colorado where I live. The day after I paid to subscribe, their customer pool dried up and never came back. You're lucky if 2 or 3 new ones pop up daily. This website/service is a terrible and total waste of money. Give your money to a homeless person instead. It's a rotten company and rotten service.

8 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jim Emmett ,

OKCupid has been on a long downhill slope, ever since IAC Corp acquired the company back in 2011. They got rid of some nice free features, and added lots of bad ones. OKCupid's unethical manipulation of matches appeared in the news a few years ago, and you can still find these articles, and read them. I haven't seen anything yet that would convince me that they changed their behavior, so I can assume that they did not. Needless to say, their "customer service" did not reply to any of my emails! Also, BEFORE you decide to go through OKCupid's onboarding process and give them your information and photos, you should know, that they now have a mandatory phone number verification at the END of that. Is that romantic or what?

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kay Stillwater, OK

If I could leave zero stars I would. This is not a legitimate company. I have never had a problem with any other dating site, however this site has no discernible customer service and when they randomly kick you off before you even have time to break any of their rules you have no recourse. I've had it happen twice. It wouldn't have been so annoying perhaps if I'd been given an explanation, or actually any response at all, or it had been done before I answered dozens of questions "designed" to increase my odds of finding someone compatible. I also was willing to pay for their services, but both times I either couldn't use ANY of their payment methods all of which I can use at any other site I can think of or I was kicked off before I had time to give it a trial run to see if it was worth paying for.

3 years ago

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Dexter Beverly Hills, CA

Setting up an account is free and fairly simple... That's about it for the pros. The cons are numerous. The match algorithm is usless and when changing search settings from one extreme to the other, the same profiles pop up. The site messages it's own users to become its 'Moderators'. So, depending on what time of day your picture gets flagged at (flagged for no reason really) it will either be deleted by the apparent Bible Camp members that consider a male in a swimsuit a violation, or a woman in sexy underwear as porn... or you may have your pic left alone for another day. The lunatics run the asylum. Losers with nothing better to do than flag people all day, band together and delete members photos and profiles at random, for no real reason. The "guidlines" themselves supplied by OKC are contadictory, depending on which version you find in which area of the site or app. New Moderators crazed with their new powers flag and delete everything that isn't even in the guidelines. Even IF you have a paying membership you still have to deal with this ridiculous practice. OKC is too cheap to actually HIRE trained moderators. Customer service bots may email you back, but actually getting anywhere is hopeless. But what would you expect for free? They leave the false and phoney profiles up, while deleting the real users... if you don't pay. It ends up being worth it to just pay for another service.

4 years ago

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Drake Christensen Richardson, TX

The Match % in OKCupid is reasonably accurate and consistent. Obviously, it's not an exact science. But, just comparing the info shared in the profiles and reviewing the answers other have chosen, I find that I generally agree with their ballpark estimate. I like that they present that number to the user. For years, OKCupid was very good at shutting down bogus accounts before they could bother many people. I used to rarely see scammers or spammers. They show the number of visitors per week to my profile, and I routinely saw about 7/week. (I'm an average looking male.) The last few years, the scammers have taken over the site. I have not literally counted them, but it would not surprise me if 98% of the profiles that view mine, and 99% of the messages I receive are fakes. The number of visitors reported now is over 100. I did not suddenly become much better looking in my thumbnail. I have read that Match bought OKCupid. My experience on Match five years ago was similar. Almost every message I received there was a fake. It was usually porn spam, at that time. I believe the descent of OKCupid corresponds to when it was bought by Match. I did have an interesting conversation with support the other day. I was asking to exclude transsexuals and other "self-chosen genders" from searches presented to me. The first couple of exchanges in the conversation was Politically Correct "We believe they know best how to describe themselves." I don't have any issue with them. I just have zero interest in dating them. The point of the site is to help people find someone they're interested in. To me, they're just noise in my search. I finally got a "We'll look into it." I assume they're going to prioritize that so that it never shows up for actual implementation.

6 years ago

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Amy Milwaukee, WI

Complete garbage! They take your photos, ask a ton of personal questions and once they get the info they want out of you, they suspend your account for no reason! Ridiculous. Do not trust them with your credit card info! Total scam bottom of the barrel company! Lots of old and fake profiles. NO customer service. Your personal info is NOT safe.

3 years ago

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Michael Lyman Salt Lake City, UT

Fake accounts everywhere, the biggest complaint of mine is that there are so many fake accounts that it's hard to decipher who is real and who isn't. They need to do a better job validating real accounts and removing fake accounts. I did like that the user had a good amount of options compared to the other sites, but as I said before you could just bypass all of these and move on with fake accounts.

5 years ago

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It’s not that great just like most of the dating sites. I don’t understand why we make these apps political and ask all these weird crazy governmental questions that have nothing to do with dating.I think we should just poke and ask the cute girl on Facebook

2 years ago

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Snodad920 Bagaces, G

Within the first 2 months I sent 150 personalized messages to age appropriate women and received 0 replies. I refused to pay to see the 54 "likes" that were supposed to be for me. My conclusion is that this site is just another scam and not worth anyone's time or effort.

2 years ago

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LuzyAnn Broadbeach Waters, QLD

If I could give a zero it would give it to this site. This site is full of scammers, they chat for few days then ask for email to communicate better. The mobile number they give can only be contact by WhatsApp.,

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Justin Pumilia , NJ

Barely had the app for a month it was that bad. Not very many users and the interface is less then good. Id recommend to spend your time else where.

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021


Review Source

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Vy Ha Birmingham, AL

They approve accounts that are not clearly real and a lot of scammers flood the site so it does not make for a real authentic dating service and experience

1 year ago