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LAST UPDATED: February 9th, 2020

Typical dating sites follow typical guidelines: users pay the same rates, have the same profiles, etc. In 2003, Mate1 changed the game by setting a goal to provide the easiest online dating to the largest audience possible. How did they do this? Mate1 made full membership and registration is free for all female users (which in turn attracted a large male membership) and provided simple, easy to use, site navigation so that potential matches could be found quickly. This strategy has turned Mate1 into one of the most popular dating sites, with one of the biggest and broadest user group around.

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The Good

  • Good for a Variety of Daters
  • Large Dating Pool
  • Mobile App

Good for a Variety of Daters

Mate1 is really a great source for people from all kinds of backgrounds and with whatever motivation; whether casual dating or serious dating is the goal, there is a large network of people available to connect with. Besides having a booming membership pool, Mate1 is a really good deal for female users to try online dating. The site and app are both easy to use, match quality is high, and each profile offers members the chance to express themselves and their dating preferences clearly. Mate1 has options for each profile ranging from fairly general (food tastes, background) to specific and unusual (sexual fetishes, pet peeves, etc.). This flexibility paired with an easy-to-use search feature allows users to find good (and bad) matches easily. Additionally, Match1 allows casual daters and serious relationship seekers to identify as such, so everyone can find the perfect match.

Large Dating Pool

Mate1 is attractive because of its free memberships (females) and variety of female users (males), so it's not surprising that this site boasts 31 Million registered users. For being such a populated dating site, it is important to not that they do have low traffic volume. Mate1 sees about 54k visits per day (2015). With such a small number of visitors compared to registered users, it's easy to assume that those who register do not stay active on the site.

Mobile App

Download Mate1's mobile app via the iOS App Store, or Google Play. The Google Play store has nearly 7k reviews of the Mate1 app, most of which are positive (3.6/5 stars). Common reviews include:

  • No real users on the site
  • Good experience
  • Overpriced

The iOS app only has 28 reviews, and an average rating of 2/5 stars.


The Bad

  • No Verification
  • Poor Safety Tools
  • Very Limited Free Site

No Verification

Mate1 does not provide verification services, but encourages members to practice safe online dating habits. They do, however, monitor the site and approve profiles. Unfortunately, because of the size and ease of registration, Mate1 is a hotspot for those looking to scam online daters. Mate1 has addressed this issue, and urges users to read and apply safe online dating principles. Also, while men are attracted to the amount of single women available on the site, the steep pricing for full membership is definitely a "con".

Poor Safety Tools

Because this site offers free membership, scam artists are more likely to use Match1. However, the site has anti-scam measures in place. Additionally, members have the ability to block other users, restrict access to their photos and profile information, and to narrow down potential matches to their location, thereby eliminating many potential scammers. In fact, many reviewers have complained that it's difficult to find real users on this site. Mate1 seems to be filled with bots and fake profiles. It doesn't help that there is no verification for users - not even an email verification is required.

Very Limited Free Site

The following Features on Mate1 are only available for paying members:

  • Access to mobile app
  • Live chat
  • Receive / send unlimited emails
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • All user photos

With this information, it's easy to tell that there isn't a lot you can do on Mate1 without subscribing.


The Bottom Line

Mate1 has used some savvy strategizing to turn into one of the largest dating sites around. While it may have been a great site for dating in the past, today it has fallen by the wayside with countless other online dating sites. Their 46.5 million registered members may be accurate, but not even 1/100 of those users frequent the site. Complaints about bots and scammers make Mate1 feel like a fake dating site altogether. If you are serious about dating, we recommend you try out one of our top recommended online dating sites.

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John Town Paramus, NJ

Mate1 Dating Site is simply NOTHING. 1. I have sent over 200 messages in the first 2 weeks and got NADA, not even one real response. 2. I received couple of dozens of Email messages as if someone sent me messages. 3. I click on the link and it sends you no where just to the general primitive mailbox and even if I find the person in the second page or third page, and I simply found nothing. 4. The email says for example that I got 3-4 messages from Kate. Again I click, there is no Kate in the follow up screen. I search and find Kate on the third page. And there is that laconic computer single message there. Nothing else. 5. No real messages. All messages are computer generated messages. 6. No message history. Trail of messages simply don't exist 7. Not real time Chat capability. 8. No way to dial or video with any other subscriber. 9. It is merely a website, and there is no phone app. 10. I am now doubt that if the profiles are for real. Seems like all made up profiles. 11. I called customer service several times. Start conversation and all of the sudden they call is disconnected. 12. I have added more pictures more details in my profile, tried again sent few dozens message, nothing changed 13. I sent an email to customer service with my phone number. I am still waiting for reply.

4 years ago

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Lawrence Gamm Lancaster, CA

I came to the conclusion that this site is a total scam and ripe off. I feel that I'm a decent and honest guy and I had my profile reviewed by my friends and felt that I should received many query's. I'm the type of person that reaches out to people and doing a search for local ladies I sent out messages of introduction and as a matter of fact of over 50 and not one response received back I can't believe that 50 people don't have the manners or common decency to reply by saying thank you but not interested which is something I would do. Therefore I feel that all the profiles are false and made up my Mate 1. I even wrote to them complaining of this and never received a response. I even wrote to ladies way outside my local area and again the same. I also belong to POF whereas I do receive responses to my messages . To all of you people that are thinking of joining this site save your money and time strictly a rip off. If you call them your always on hold for over 30 minutes before they finally pick up and the person that does answer must be the custodian can never get a straight all were warned stay away they do not deliver.

4 years ago

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Frank Long Beach, CA

LOTS of scammers on this site. Not sure if the whole site is a scam, but suspicious that Mate1 has a link to report abusers, yet the abusers profiles are still up and running and still attempting to scam with their bogus profiles. So, either it's a part of it or they just don't care. Either way, steer clear. Stick with a reputable site like Match or eHarmony, etc.

4 years ago

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this is the worst dateing site i have every ben on. a total waste of my hart earn money. this site has fake profile fake messageing . people picture that dont exist. when you click on them. im so anger. but what can i do. this compay has stole my money.

4 years ago