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LAST UPDATED: November 24th, 2020 is a United Kingdom-based online dating site that has spread to select cities worldwide. It includes all of the United Kingdom, as well as Sydney, Glasgow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York City among others. Its main target is urban professionals that are too busy to date. Free members have basic browsing capabilities while paying members can access additional features.

Its main focus is getting people out and dating, not over analyzing personality details of potential mates. Lovestruck will throw both casual events and scheduled activities for its members to encourage more dating interaction.

"Laissez Faire" events are free happy hour events scheduled at bars in the hosting city. Members can optionally ask for a red straw to put in their drink to send a signal to other single people that they are available. Lovestruck also schedules activities that have a charge for participating.

Lovestruck has algorithms as many dating sites do, and it touts its Behavioral Recommendation Engine to better find partners based upon the browsing behaviors of its members. The site has a matchmaker team focused on improving the user experience and matchmaking process. 

UK members can pay for premium features to improve their odds of finding a potential partner. Premium features include incognito browsing, which hides members search results from others, and the ability to get more feedback about other members' activity.

Safety features include verification systems that allow members to link to Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. This allows Lovestruck users to feel more comfortable knowing that their potential date has a verified "real person" account online. Lovestruck has a blog (LOVElife) with dating advice and dating-focused content.

Keep reading our Lovestruck review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing this dating app.

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The Good

  • Professional Users
  • Mandatory Social Identification
  • Great Features

Professional Users

Lovestruck targets itself to professionals, so if you are looking to date in that select group, you may be in luck. Premium features for customers in the United States are currently free. Besides the main website, there is also a Lovestruck app for both iOS and Android users. Lovestruck is part of the United Kingdom-based Online Dating Association, which purports to set standards for online dating sites in the United Kingdom.

Mandatory Social Identification

Lovestruck's requirement that members verify their identities using social media sites is mandatory, and this helps determine if profiles are real. LOVElife, Lovestruck's blog about dating, is surprisingly on point, not shying away from discussing difficult topics such as mutual consent as well as other topical dating content.

Great Features

Lovestruck's happy hour events are one of its best features, and gets its members out and socializing instead of sitting home at a computer poring over profiles. Here are a few other notable things about Lovestruck:

  • You can get on Lovestruck and look at date ideas from other Lovestruck users.
  • The site has Facebook integration for uploading a profile picture.
  • The dating service is free to use for American users.
  • The dating platform has advanced search functionality.

The Bad

  • Only in NYC
  • Poor App Capabilities
  • Poor Matching
  • Insufficient Customer Insight

Only in NYC

Really, it is all bad for customers in the United States. And why is that? Because at present the only U.S. city is New York City, and then there are only a few hundred members for the various gender and sexual preference combinations. Lovestruck claims 24/7 support on its New York City site, but clicking the link comes back with a 404 error. Some of the parameters for likes and dislikes are Anglocentric: for instance, members can say they like the sport cricket but not American baseball.

Poor App Capabilities

The Lovestruck mobile app has medium reviews for both iOS and Android devices. Putting aside negative user reviews about the site itself, many users seem to have connectivity problems. Lovestruck doesn't have instant message capability, only internal email, so if you are looking for real time discussions online you will have to find another dating site that offers this feature.

Poor Matching

As arbitrary as some compatibility ratings can be on other dating sites, they can narrow down potential matches and date partners. Lovestruck does not offer this feature. Lovestruck's profiles can be lean on content and not get very deep, so people looking for deeper relationships might find the format limiting. Other things that concern us about Lovestruck include the following...

  • Users find it complicated to set up profiles.
  • Users can't sign in with social media account.
  • There is very little user activity in the U.S.
  • The Lovestruck app and website have many bugs.

Insufficient Customer Insight

Best Company has not received enough Lovestruck reviews to make a final recommendation. Singles should consider choosing a different dating platform with positive customer reviews.


The Bottom Line

If you live in one of Lovestruck's supported cities, you may get lucky in love. Many of those cities offer free happy hour get-togethers, a chance to socialize with people in person. The dating website seems to focus more on casual dating and hooking up, so if you are looking for a deeper relationship you may be disappointed. Lovestruck is free for American users, but the downside is there are very few people using the site, and they all live in New York City. Lovestruck is pricey elsewhere, and singles interested in dating may want to evaluate more online dating websites to see what options are best for them.

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