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LAST UPDATED: May 30th, 2023

Just Senior Singles is a free senior dating service designed to help older singles that are over 40 years old connect with others. By emphasizing a more mature dating experience, Just Senior Singles allows users to find meaningful connections with those in their same age group through online dating. 

Many dating sites have a specialty, but Just Senior Singles focuses on one that is important — age. Instead of sifting through a variety of unrelated profiles, Just Senior Singles users can easily find men and women who are in the same stage in life and who have the maturity that those over 40 typically want in the online dating market. By indicating their preferences during signup, new users can indicate if they are looking for companionship in a new friend, compatible partner, or discreet encounter. 

Keep reading our Just Senior Singles review to learn more about the pros and cons of joining this online dating site or skip to the Just Senior Singles reviews. 

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The Good

  • Decent Safety Tools
  • Number of Users
  • Easy Registration and Support

Decent Safety Tools

Just Senior Singles offers features for users' safety:

  • Screening of all members
  • "Dating Safety Tips" offered online
  • Online Dating Protector 24/7 moderation

This offering of safety tools is much more sophisticated than other online dating sites. Just Senior Singles also verifies the identity of all users and continually monitors the site to protect from spammers. This site uses anti-scam software and is constantly improving the site to provide its members with a better online dating experience and remove scammers. Other members can report inappropriate content, and the site is entitled to search and revoke members’ profiles if the user has behaved inappropriately.

Number of Users

Just Senior Singles seems to be flourishing in the over-40 singles dating industry. The site boasts over 2 million users, which is a substantial amount for a niche online dating service, and seems to be very customer-oriented. For example, the site has reasonable security measures in place and allows users to register for a free membership.

Easy Registration and Support

Registration is simple and requires just a simple questionnaire for a dating profile. Users are required to fill our their gender, birth date, and email. All other questions and sections are optional to fill out. Once on the site, users have the choice of signing up for a 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscription, if they like what they see. 

This process allows users to evaluate the service before making a purchase. Not only are profiles easy to set up, but, those who have difficulties with technology can contact the customer support line for assistance.


The Bad

  • Limited Free Version
  • No Matching
  • No Mobile App
  • Not LGBTQ+ Friendly 
  • Not Really for Seniors Only

Limited Free Version

Registering an account on Just Senior Singles is free for everyone. However, if you want to communicate with another user, you will need to subscribe to Just Senior Singles. There are several other features that are limited to premium members:

  • Reading messages
  • Sending gifts
  • Writing in the 'daily diary'

No Matching

The matches individuals find on Just Senior Singles will naturally be better than on other general online dating sites. This is because Just Senior Singles is a dating website specifically for older singles, so users already have one major thing in common. Unfortunately, there is no matching process beyond being a single senior. Users on Just Senior Singles can only browse potential matches by the following categories:

  • Location/nearness to user
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Physical characteristics

Users will have to message and interact with other members to see if they share a similar interest.

No Mobile App

Just Senior Singles is a good site for singles over forty but leaves some conveniences to be desired. Most notably, the Just Senior Singles app is no longer available, though the site claims to offer dating via a mobile device. 

Although the company does not have a mobile dating app, the senior dating site is optimized for mobile use. This means that the platform adjusts to the mobile dimensions when a user signs in on a mobile web browser. 

Not LGBTQ+ Friendly 

The only two options when signing up for Just Senior Singles is “I am a man looking for a woman” or “I am a woman looking for a man.” The senior dating site does not provide options for seeking a compatible partner in the LGBTQ+ community. Online daters seeking this type of relationship should try a different dating site. 

Not Really for Seniors Only

Just Senior Singles boasts that its dating site is only for seniors. However, in the "Terms of Use" in the signup process, the company states that you can join if you are at least 18-years-old. This policy allows for a young audience to join the senior dating site. 


The Bottom Line

Just Single Seniors is simple to use and even has a strong customer support center. For older men and women seeking mature, long-term relationships, the Just Senior Singles online dating site can help older singles find and create meaningful relationships. Just Senior Singles has a large number of safety tools and protects its users more than other dating websites. Just Senior Singles verifies members on their site, and members can report a member of inappropriate actions or spam. For mature singles, the site offers a unique niche and a sophisticated website.

The site is based out of England, and even though Just Senior Singles has registered members in the U.S., the total U.S. membership size is lacking. We recommend that single seniors use other dating sites for seniors with a large number of potential matches. While Just Senior Singles is a great idea for a niche site, it does not have enough users in all of its locations. On top of that, users can't sign up for Just Senior Singles and browse around or message people for a while. Even the most basic features cost money.

Have you used Just Senior Singles? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know by leaving a review below. 

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Ricardo Ortiz Fredericksburg, VA

I'm a senior looking for a friend online, this is the best of the best. Confident, excellent customer service. Simply the best place to search and meet wonderful people.

2 months ago

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I have been on for 2 weeks now. Since I joined each day I get about 30 emails from Just Senior Singles and a bunch more I assume is affiliated with them in some way. I have sent about 30 messages to women my age but not one response. I'm a good guy, I just don't think those women are actually on the site anymore. I do receive messages from women anywhere from 35 to 40 years old. I'm 65. All of these women give similar responses about the age difference and on a few occasions I've had full paragraph responses from 2 different women that were word for word the same as each other. Including brackets and spelling mistakes. It's like they are choosing responses from a drop down list. I've had 6 of these young women telling me how much they love me after a few days. They say they are local but their numbers are international. They won't phone or video chat. Two of the women phoned but I couldn't hear them. They both said the microphone on their phone was broke. Two of them video chatted, for about 5 seconds. They were both just sitting their, theur mouths moving but i couldnt hear them. Their microphones weren't working either. I think they are all fake, I might even be chatting with a man somewhere who's helping run a scam. Another woman keeps texting me, she calls me her husband and needs $100 for her internet. I tell her im not sending her money but she just wont quit. Since when does an Amazon gift card provide internet services. All of these women send pictures of very beautiful model type photos. I am an average looking 65 year old man. Why do all the young beautiful women on this site want me? It just may be possible this site encourages or even compensates these women to keep me paying the fees. I paid about $165 for a 6 month membership and won't renew. I caution you on becoming a member, it's not the professional dating service it pretends to be. It's bait and switch.

7 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Patricia Delosrios Billericay, ESS

How do I get jss to stop sending posts when I haven't subscribed?????

1 week ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

MARISA BRENTS Lawrenceville, GA

Absolutely horrible. I signed up, paid money, and nothing about this site is user friendly. It says you have 48 for a refund. Then when you go through the hoops to cancel it says you have to wait 48 hours. Basically, they suckered me and my money.

6 months ago

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I haven't been able to subscribe yet to the site even though I have my profile on it. . However, when I sent a message which stated Reply For Free whereby I sent an appology for not having sent a response to a member, I got a prompt message from the team saying not to send such a message again or else I will be removed from the site. There was a list inclusion of faults that didn't match their criteria. I was made to feel embarrassed, offended and disgraced.

4 years ago

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My last words on here prior to dropping this dating site.Received message from a " woman ",she introduced herself by a different name to that in her profile.Profile reported to site.Retained this message,one week later her name had been corrected.This is a physical impossibility for anyone to achieve apart from of course those that administer the site.Next,spotted same photo but different location by 150 miles or so.One line message sent to nearer one,shut down for the day.Next morning a message from her saying her last day on the site and e.mail address offered,would really,really like to meet up ! Some very,very small degree of success for me on here,nice Ladies that do indeed exist,but not worth the effort expended in respect of the amount of time I spent writing to a computer chip that is predictive of a persons actions.Lastly had a message " blocked "by the site to a Lady as it contained my explanation that the site is one of about 17 that are linked.A profile would be placed by them on multiple sites,so there is a good chance that they are just not contactable at all. Hope my words,all 100 % true,are of assistance to many of you.A lot of this " stuff "is missed by most,but my past Profession makes it relatively simple to figure out what is the truth. Reckon the "Adult' material was the most honest thing I saw on this "dating site" !!! Jeffm

7 years ago


Review Source

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oallred Gilbert, AZ

As an elderly woman, it is very hard to meet single men who have similar interests as me. But through the dating site, I met the man of my dreams and am now happily married. Just Senior Singles changed my life!!

4 years ago

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Steve Hampton

I paid a full membership for over three months for this dating site. I did meet one lady and we dated three times but sadly we were not compatible in the end. My complaint with this site is the amount of female bots that seem to be on there. I strongly suspect that they are using a computer program to populate the site with female bots. Most of them seem to live in Cheetham Hill in Manchester. I strongly suggest that you stay clear of this dating site and any other run by the same company. Bloody awful.

6 years ago

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This site constantly sends emails saying you can send a message for free. The problem is, they read these messages and find something that does not meet their criterior and then they tell you about it in a "support message". I think it is a con, especially as they send messages from their other sites., in one day you can receive details of a person from all the related sites, usually with a flag saying REPLY FOR FREE , but whatever you say in a message to someone, they read it and find something wrong. I would not pay to join, especially after reading the reviews here

6 years ago

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Weak apology & admittance of being hacked,received by mail today.Did not assure me that customers details remained secure.Have proof positive that some profiles do not exist,messages are written by employees in many cases.Many of them obviously with a poor memory.My Bank informed of events,not a penny more of mine shall they or the other scammers receive. They, in my opinion,encourage scammers to participate in using the site.Enough said ?

7 years ago

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Had to notify site that an offer to view porn came up repeatedly on the screen.All denied,proven with screenshots,fix made behind the scenes.No apology whatsoever despite some hardcore stuff viewed by myself.Had my Daughter been with me,well this would have been made a Police matter.Just do not waste your time with this inept site not to mention your money !

7 years ago

star star star star star_border

Kate Hobbs

I want to leave the site, but it will not let me log in to do so. It says I am not joined, but I get dozens of messages every day

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

mark ingall

what a scam this site is for males, please look carefully at your contacts claiming they want to meet you, its just seniors themselves claiming someone wants to meet you, so you buy more membership to con you. fact. in fact the person has not requested to meet you at all.

7 years ago

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You can send one message but as a non-upgraded user the recipient can't read it. So, you don't know if they are interested. If you upgrade there is never any guarantee that anyone you message can reply. If you mention your grade of membership in your message it is immediately stopped by the providers. I feel it is a massive scam.

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michael Ely

I payed for one month subscription but they continue to bill me monthly, despite me deleting my account and profile, all so accessing pages like msgs is very hit and miss, recommended you stay away from this site

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border


I was charged for a membership and despite having the 14 day cool off period it has taken so far 6 e-mails to them and I still do not have my money back. These people are nothing less than vultures. Never again!

7 years ago

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Geoffrey Harrison

Says I have messages every day from different woman trouble is they have not viewed me so how plus some live no where near me

4 years ago

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Joseph ebejer

I paid for ono munth but thy took another munth of its a scam Joesph ebejer

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Peter Holles

Piai for three months and have got NO access my inbox

6 years ago