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LAST UPDATED: December 14th, 2020

As the world’s largest Catholic dating site, CatholicMatch provides an exclusive online dating experience for Catholic singles to find long-term companions. Cofounders, Jason LaFosse and Brian Baracaro, created the faith focused dating site to build a safe community for church members around the world. Since its creation in 1999, the CatholicMatch dating pool has grown to include more than one million accounts. Many faithful Catholics have found successful and long-lasting relationships through this dating platform. Senior singles and young Catholics are all invited to join the site.

New members are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire to improve their chances of matching with other singles that have similar interests and religious values. The online dating site offers unique features such as a temperament quiz, emotigram messaging, and personal interview options. Catholic singles can join the dating community for free but will need to upgrade to a paid membership if they want to experience the full benefits such as messaging and viewing profile analytics. 

CatholicMatch is one of the only dating sites to offer a guarantee policy. Qualified members can receive a free six-month membership extension if they do not find a successful match during their first six-month subscription period. Endorsed by Catholic leaders, CatholicMatch creates a niche Catholic community for single church members to offer support, learn about their faith, and interact with potential partners. 

Keep reading our CatholicMatch review to learn more about the pros and cons of signing up for this dating website.


The Good

  • Easy Signup Process
  • Unique Site Features 
  • Membership Options 
  • Niche Dating Site
  • Website Security 
  • CatholicMatch Guarantee Policy 
  • Helpful Resources for Members
  • Endorsed by Catholic Leaders

Easy Signup Process

The signup process only takes a few minutes.  You can register your account with your email address or Facebook account. As you are setting up your profile, you will be asked several multiple-choice questions about your personality, preferences, and religious devotions. You must answer each question in order to finish the signup process. The online dating site asks  questions about views on major Catholic doctrines such as sacramental marriage, Papal infallibility, and immaculate conception. You can finish setting up your profile by choosing a few photos. 

Unique Site Features

CatholicMatch uses unique site features to encourage positive interactions and compatible matching. Top features include a temperament test, emotigram messaging, and custom interview questions. 

Temperament Test

CatholicMatch partners with that offers a personality test based on a four personality system created by Hippocrates in 350 BC. The four personalities types include sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. After taking the Temperament Quiz, you will be able to see which of the four personality types best describe you. If you get a response you don’t agree with, you can retake the personality test as many times as you would like. 

Emotigram Messaging 

Instead of sending a clever introduction, you can send an emotigram to show interest in a potential match. CatholicMatch has a library of emotigrams you can choose from to send to your love interest. This is a great way to start a conversation or show interest in other members. 

Interview Questions

Curate a custom list of 20 questions to send to a potential match on CatholicMatch. The interview questions are easy-to-answer—presented in a multiple choice format. Once the other member answers your questions, you can use the question topics as possible conversation starters. 

Membership Options 

You can sign up as a free member on CatholicMatch to learn more about the platform before purchasing a subscription. Free members can participate in a variety of app features that include: 

  • Creating a personal profile
  • Browsing and searching other users’ profiles
  • Reading and responding to messages 
  • Receiving mutual like and matches notifications
  • Liking other profiles 

A paid membership gives you full access to the site features. Premium members have access to all the free features as well as exclusive benefits. Members can signup for a one-month, three-month, or six-month membership. The membership fees range from $9.99 per month to $29.99 per month depending on the subscription length. This is a fair price compared to other niche online dating services. 

The premium membership benefits are listed below:

  • Unlimited messaging (initiation and responding) 
  • Access to advanced search filter
  • Posting in group forums 
  • Exclusive renewal discounts 
  • Priority status for customer support
  • View personal profile analytics (profile likes) 
  • Unlimited profile likes 

All memberships automatically renew at the end of the plan. You will need to cancel your subscription before the renewal date to avoid any unanticipated payments. 

Niche Dating Site

Typical online dating sites such as Tinder or Bumble require a lot of personal vetting for members who have strong religious views. CatholicMatch creates a niche dating space for Catholic singles to date and finds others with similar religious views. This is particularly important in the Catholic faith since many church doctrines focus on the importance of a sacramental marriage. 

Website Security 

CatholicMatch uses a secure website connection to keep your online activity and information protected. The site uses SSL encryption to protect your online experience. CatholicMatch’s security system runs day and night to scan the platform for any suspicious activity. If an account is flagged as a potential scam, the account will be personally examined by a staff member and removed if it does not meet safety requirements. 

All new accounts are reviewed within the first 24 hours of signup to ensure legitimacy. However, if a spam account slips by the review team, the account can be reported by users if they encounter suspicious activity. 

CatholicMatch Guarantee Policy

Prospective online dating members often worry about spending money on a subscription that could result in no relationship advancement. CatholicMatch understands the frustration of putting time and effort into a good cause with no reward. That’s why the online dating site offers a 6-month Guarantee Subscription. 

Qualified members must be available to marry in the Catholic church, build a robust online profile feature at least five photos, and communicate weekly with a new CatholicMatch. If you do not find a successful match after following these guidelines for six months, CatholicMatch will give you another six-month subscription free of charge. Eligibility for the “Guarantee Subscription” is determined by the CatholicMatch team. This policy is one of the only guarantees offered in the online dating industry. 

Helpful Resources for Members

Catholicmatch creates a personalized experience for Catholic singles by offering fun site activities and helpful resource articles. Catholicmatch hosts a Catholic Trivia as a way for members to compete and test their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Members can also participate in online forums to discuss current topics and offer community support. 

CatholicMatch updates its resource page with doctrinal articles and personal narratives to provide support to Catholic singles. Some topics include how to navigate disagreements in a relationship, the church’s stance on premarital sex, what traditional catholic marriage looks like, and recognizing red flags in a future spouse. 

Endorsed by Catholic Leaders 

The CatholicMatch website states that the company is endorsed by prominent Catholic leaders. Some of these leaders have even used this online dating site to meet their own spouses. This endorsement further confirms CatholicMatch’s unique role in providing a supportive environment for Catholic singles. 

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The Bad

  • Exclusive Catholic Membership
  • Poor App Reviews

Exclusive Catholic Membership

CatholicMatch’s primary audience is Catholic singles. Recently divorced Catholic members can also join the dating site but should only form non-romantic relationships. These members must receive an annulment before being able to actively search for a new partner. If you are not a member of the Catholic church and you are not exploring the path to conversion, you should consider joining a different online dating site. 

Poor App Reviews

CatholicMatch recently released a mobile app version of its dating site. However, the app has a 2.5 star rating on Google Play and a 3.1 star rating on the Apple App Store. Some users report bugs and internal problems with the mobile app. Luckily, the CatholicMatch platform is mobile friendly so you can switch between mobile use or desktop use if you don’t want to download the app. All you have to do is sign onto the platform on your phone’s browser. This option provides a lot of flexibility for mobile and desktop users. 


The Bottom Line

CatholicMatch provides an excellent experience for Catholic singles seeking a sacramental marriage. The dating app contains features that help singles mingle, match, and marry. According to the CatholicMatch website, many Catholic singles have found success using this online dating platform. Members can enjoy the free membership version with enough features to understand the basic app functions. Upgrading to the paid version gives users the best chance of meeting and engaging with potential matches.  

Singles who do not identify as a member of the Catholic church should look for a different online dating app. The app is heavily focused on Catholic values and principles. The mobile app is relatively new and has not received the highest reviews. However, CatholicMatch offers a platform that is compatible on the mobile and desktop browser. Users do not need to use the app in order to access the dating platform on their mobile devices. 

If you are a Catholic single seeking a future spouse with similar goals and values, you should consider trying CatholicMatch. With a free version and affordable memberships, you can try out the dating platform with little to no commitment. Learn for yourself why so many Catholic singles have already fallen in love with CatholicMatch. 

Have you tried CatholicMatch? Would you recommend it to a friend? Leave a review below and let us know. 

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