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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Although based in the New York area, Pace University offers online programs which appeal to working professionals. Pace University holds the distinctions of being in the top "10" for best online bachelor's degrees and in the top 11 percent of United States colleges in providing the best return on tuition investment. Pace University is accredited by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education and holds other certifications and memberships. Its online programs are limited but appeal to those in nursing, business, and information technology industries.

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The Good

  • Job Placement Services
  • "Top" Online Program
  • Credit for Work Experience

Job Placement Services

Pace University offers many services for its students to gain employment upon completion of their education. Some of those services include Career Counselors, internship and job fairs, job search websites and tools, alumni connections, and more. Because of this, Pace University makes it easy to reap the benefits from your hard work in furthering your education. Job placement rates are relatively high with 94% of graduate students and 82% of undergraduate students, based on 2014 figures. International students also see high percentages with 91% of graduate students and 85% of students receiving job placement.

"Top" Online Program

Pace University has received many distinctions for its online programs. US News and World Report ranked Pace University in the Top 10 as an online bachelor's degree provider. Pace has received this distinction four years in a row. It is also ranked in the top 10 for the best online bachelor degree programs for veterans and in the top 11 percent of U.S. colleges who provide the best return on tuition investment. If you are looking for a ranked program, then Pace University is definitely worth looking into.

Credit for Work Experience

Another great feature of Pace University is that it recognizes its students have applicable work experience that can be applied to educational goals. If you are interested in applying for University credit for your work experience, it is recommended that you meet with an Adult and Continuing Education adviser to discuss your options. You will create a portfolio to showcase your work experience which could give you up to 36 credits. Beyond work experience, you can also apply previously completed college credit or complete a CLEP exam which allows you to earn college credit for what you already know. Receiving college credit for previous work experience or transferring college credit is not guaranteed.

The Bad

  • Limited Graduate Degrees
  • Pricey Fees
  • Degree Options

Limited Graduate Degrees

Online degree programs can appeal to working professionals who are seeking job advancement by completing a graduate degrees. A downside to Pace University is that it only offers four online graduate degree programs. They include: publishing, internet technology, enterprise analytics, and a physician assistant completion program. Eight other graduate certificate programs are available but don't hold the weight or significance of completing a degree program. If you are seeking an online graduate degree program, be aware of this limitation before proceeding further.

Pricey Fees

Pace University claims that it is a private University without the expensive tuition. However, the price per credit hour is relatively pricey. For a bachelor's degree in business studies, technology studies, or communication studies, you are looking at $555 per credit hour. This price also applies to an associate's degree in general arts and science. The fee increases for a bachelor's degree in nursing at $680 per credit hour. Some courses may also require an additional course fee. Payment options are available along with financial aid services.

Degree Options

Although Pace University has received many distinctions for its online programs, it lacks variety in its program options. Two associate degree programs are offered and five bachelor degree programs are offered. The degrees are in the fields of information technology, general arts and sciences, business studies, and communication studies. The general offerings are meant to appeal to working professionals, but Pace doesn't give you much to choose from.

The Bottom Line

If you are a working professional and are seeking to further your career through boosting your education, then Pace University should meet your needs. Pace University provides numerous career services to its students and boasts a relatively high job placement rate. It also seeks to acknowledge students' previous experience and apply it for educational credit. Keep in mind that the tuition is on the pricier side and it doesn't offer a variety of degree programs.
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