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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Everest University has over 100 campuses spanning across the country. The main campus is in Florida. Everest University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and the Florida Commission for Independent Education. Everest University boasts a strong practical educational curriculum that will prepare their students to enter the job market and succeed. They have thousands of students that are receiving instruction in many areas. Everest offers seven associate degrees, six bachelor's degrees and two master degrees in business administration and criminal justice. The degrees range from business to computer science to criminal justice and paralegal programs.

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The Good

  • Program Amenities
  • Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees

Program Amenities

Everest University provides both an on-campus and online experience for students. This allows students to utilize both options or strictly stick to the environment that works best for them. Everest does focus on their campus program, but their online platform has helped thousands of students obtain degrees that helped them qualify for employment. Other benefits of Everest's programs include:
  1. Small class size with flexible schedule for the working student
  2. Easy admission, fill out an application and have a phone interview
  3. Staff and faculty support 24/7
  4. No mandatory chat sessions to attend

Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees

Everest University allows students to obtain a number of varying degree types. Students can obtain certification in fields that do not necessarily require an advanced degree. Additionally, students can earn their associate's and bachelor degrees in specific subject manner.

The Bad

  • Limited Online Resources
  • No Life Experience Credit

Limited Online Resources

While Everest has created an online platform, they have not made a number of resources available to their students that other online students enjoy at varying universities. For instance, the subject manner a student wishes to pursue may not be available to them strictly based on the location they are currently living in. This makes it difficult for students who wish to pursue a specific course of study. Current and former students said that Everest University could improve in the following areas:
  • Limited degree options
  • No information available on cost or job placement

No Life Experience Credit

Since Everest University is designed to help students get a job, it does not necessarily make sense that they do not offer credit for life experience. That means if you are a student that has previous working experience/knowledge, you may still have to take classes as part of a requirement. That means these students will need to pay for courses when they have already learned the material.

The Bottom Line

Due to a number of restrictions and location limitations, the price differs by state and degree desired. Attending a university that does not even know how much it costs to educate a student is one that is maybe better left unattended. Students can call and consult an advisor to discuss educational and career goals, but it does make financial and educational planning quite difficult. Students who wish to learn more or apply to an Everest program will need to do the following prior to enrollment:
  1. Talk to a representative in an office or over the phone
  2. Take a campus tour (if desired)
  3. Fill out and submit an application online
  4. Take the career placement assessment to help narrow educational paths
  5. Complete the student financing process
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