ECPI University first opened its doors in Norfolk, Virginia in 1966. With a forward-thinking and market-based curriculum, ECPI University aims to prepare students for the competitive business world. The educational platform is very career-based, focused on helping students obtain easily implemented skills to their desired careers.

ECPI strives to stay ahead of the curve, especially with their online platform. As one of the first schools to provide students with classes in Computer Electronic Technology, the curriculum has continued to adjust to meet the needs of an ever changing market. Offering students online programs in a variety of subject areas, ECPI has developed a quality reputation amongst online educators and prospective employers.

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The Good

  • Competitive Degree Offerings

Competitive Degree Offerings

ECPI is constantly looking for ways to improve the education they provide. A strong belief in innovation means students can trust they are getting an education that will be beneficial in the workforce. A strong focus in specific subject manner helps students and professors maintain a high level of quality in throughout the learning experience. Program focuses include:

  • Health Science
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Technology
  • Nursing

The Bad

  • Limited Program Options
  • Potentially Expensive

Limited Program Options

ECPI has a strong reputation for providing a quality education to its students, but the education variety is rather limited. There are only fifteen online degree/program option available. For students who are seeking variety and options in their educational pursuits, ECPI does not meet that requirement. A highly career focused school also constrains a student's ability to receive a well-rounded education.

Potentially Expensive

Tuition costs are also considered to be expensive. Depending on the degree level, students can be charged thousands of dollars for just one course. Tuition costs for a three credit course range from $1,605-$2,425. Credit requirements also vary based on the program. Other costs may include:

  • Books
  • Digital/student fees
  • Course materials
  • Lab fees

The Bottom Line

ECPI offers a flexible education platform to its students along with a respectable degree in a number of fields. Being strongly connected to employers helps students enter the workforce prepared for their careers. The cost of attending is relatively high, and the number of programs is much lower than other online providers. ECPI believes in innovation and adapting to the needs of its students and the market, so students can find comfort in knowing their school is in constant pursuit of improvement.

Those interested in applying to ECPI University will need to complete the following process:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with admissions advisor
  2. Determine preparedness for college-level work
  3. Complete application online

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