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LAST UPDATED: April 9th, 2021
Nationwide has been in business for more than 85 years, and prides itself on earning consistently high ratings and ranking from major ratings agencies. In 2013, this Fortune 100 company banked $23.9 billion worth of operating revenue. 

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The Good

  • Benefits of Nationwide
  • Tools and resources
  • Features and services

Benefits of Nationwide

Nationwide is an online bank for those who appreciate hearing 'no'. No monthly fees, no ATM surcharges and no minimum balance required. Nationwide does say yes to direct deposit, online bill pay and a free Visa debit card. With over 76,000 ATMs nationwide, locating a close location to grab some cash shouldn't be too difficult.

Tools and Resources

The Nationwide site has a variety of tools and calculators. They have made an effort to make sure that you have the calculator needed for you financial situation. You can find savings calculators, general loan calculators, personal debt calculators, auto loan calculators, home equity loans and lines calculators, mortgage calculators, and credit card calculators. Other online banking basics include:
  • ATM network
  • Online bill pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Paperless option with eStatements

Features and Services

With the Nationwide Bank Visa Buxx Card, teens can learn to spend responsibly, all while parents can keep an eye on, and temporary stop, their spending. Parental controls can be set up. Other benefits that all Nationwide bank consumers can enjoy include:
  • Mobile banking: manage checking, savings, or money market accounts from phone or iPad
  • The Bank Note: the newsletter that helps consumers spend and save
  • Get lower mortgage rates: Nationwide offers low rates for fixed, adjustable, and refinance mortgage loans.
Nationwide has an active presence on social media and they advertise constantly. Their Facebook profile and Twitter feed is updated and they even have a youtube account where you can watch the latest Nationwide commercial or an informational video about finances. Overall, Nationwide has made themselves widely accessible to the public.

The Bad

  • Stipulations
  • Limited tax preparation
  • ATM issues


Nationwide does set new online banking customers up with some freebies, but not as many as other online banks. The account is only free of maintenance fees if direct deposit is set up, and if the card is used a set amount of times each month.

Limited Tax Preparation

There are overdraft fees on their checking account. The fees are not as big as their competition and they are only applied once a day for each time that you go over but it is still something you should be aware of. Also, Nationwide Bank offers tax preparation services. However, they are relatively limited. The only tools offer include:
  • Forms to expect during tax season
  • E-File vs. Paper Tax Returns

ATM Issues

You should be aware of the ATM situation that Nationwide has set up. They are part of the AllPoint network which is the same network that Simple bank uses. These ATMs are free but if you use an ATM that is not part of the nationwide network the bank that owns the ATM could charge you a fee. The first 6 ATM withdrawals in a month are free but after that Nationwide will start to charge $1.50 for each transaction.

The Bottom Line

Nationwide bank speaks volumes in stability and strength, based on its' numerous operating period and billion- dollar revenue intake. While it doesn't offer completely free online checking and savings, most customers will meet the specifications that allow access to the remaining free items. All in all, Nationwide Bank ranks high in online banking. Those that use Nationwide Bank can expect the following from the service:
  1. Competitive interest rates
  2. Quality online banking services
  3. Limited tax preparation
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Miranda Morehead Billings, MT

We had a plumber make a mistake in our sewer piping; he was great to work with and filed a claim for the decontamination of our home. His business policy was through Nationwide. Their claims department was atrocious to deal with. We were displaced from our home for 6 weeks. We are both business owners, so we did everything we could to live frugally during that time and they fought us over every single receipt. Snarky and judgemental comments via email and over the phone. We finally decided the time we were wasting validating every French Fry we ate was costing us more in lost personal labor hours than if we just “settled”. Received the check today; three months after we turned in our receipts. The companies that did the work decontaminating our house are ready to send us to collections. It’s a mess and embarrassing. If you are a business owner, do not insure your business with Nationwide. Your customers will not be taken care of.

5 years ago

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Jessica Galbreath Corydon, IA

I have had nationwide since 2016 and have had awful experience after I made my first claim and they were going to total my car got that resolved. Bought a new car and my agent didn't submit the paperwork to my lender and I was almost fined for not providing proof of insurance. Switched agents with nationwide to have them start me as a new client and raise my monthly payments and give me a higher dectubible. So I dropped them completely to have them keep half my refund. This company is awful there are much better insurance companies that charge less out there.

5 years ago