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LAST UPDATED: November 1st, 2021

Credit Human has been in the banking business for over 50 years. Previously known as San Antonio Credit Union (SACU), the bank changed its name in 2016 to better reflect the geographic growth of the business. The company has years of expertise and offers competitive services in the online banking industry. 

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The Good

  • Various Digital Banking Solutions
  • Account Types
  • Manually Lock and Unlock Accounts
  • Loan Options

Various Banking Solutions

With Credit Human, there are many ways to bank. Credit Human allows you to manage your account through online banking, mobile, banking by phone (in both English and Spanish), and GoText. GoText allows you to manage or view your account information using text codes in SMS messages.  

Other banking services include mobile deposit via GoDeposit and automatic bill pay. Even if the company or organization you are paying does not accept electronic payments, Credit Human will print and mail a check for you. 

Unlike other online banks, Credit Human does have locations you can visit in person. However, there are only brick and mortar branches of Credit Human in the greater San Antonio, Texas area. 

Account Types

Credit Human offers many different account types to customers. These include checking, savings, retirement plans, share certificates (CDs), and money market accounts.


Credit Human has two checking account options. A free checking account and a dividend checking account. Neither type of account charges monthly fees, and both require a $25 deposit. The dividend checking account has an APY of 0.10 percent--and dividends are paid monthly.


For savings accounts, there are two options that are quite different.

  • Share Savings — These accounts require a $5 deposit, and have the potential to earn 0.25 percent APY on daily balances over $100. 
  • Money Market Savings — With this type of account, there is a minimum deposit of $1,000. Again, customers can earn 0.25 percent APY, but only on balances over $10,000. Additionally, this account allows the customer to withdraw up to six times during the statement cycle. 

Retirement Plans 

Credit Human provides customers with options for four IRA retirement accounts: 

  • Traditional IRA Certificate
  • Traditional Money Fund IRA
  • Roth IRA Certificate
  • Roth Money Fund IRA

Share Certificates

Credit Human’s Share Certificates are some of the most competitive in the industry. Share Certificates pay at a high rate, but additionally allow account holders to customize how many months they want to have their money in the account. 

  • Share Certificate — The Credit Human Share Certificate is competitive because it allows customers to set the timeline terms for the account anywhere from six months to ten years. At the account’s maturity, the certificate will renew automatically. 
  • Liquid Share Certificate — This is a great option if the money placed in the account is needed sooner rather than later. The Liquid Share Certificate gives customers the flexibility to withdraw penalty-free twice before the account’s maturity date. 

Manually Lock and Unlock Accounts

One fantastic advantage to banking with Credit Human is your ability to manually lock and unlock your bank accounts. If there is suspicious activity on your account, or you lose a debit card, you can lock your account yourself. 

With this feature, there is no need to call the bank, wait on hold, and ask them to freeze the account. When things have been sorted out, you don’t have to contact the bank to reactivate the account either. You can simply do it yourself. 

Loan Options

Credit Human allows online applications for various categories of loans. In summary, the company offers loans on vehicles, home loans, and personal loans. Within these categories, customers can research the specific type of loan they need for their situation. 


The Bad

  • Limited ATM Access
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Negative Customer Reviews

Limited ATM Locations

Credit Human has strong benefits for online banking. However, unless you live in San Antonio or Houston, depositing and withdrawing cash could be a chore. Since Credit Human only has ATMs in these areas, options for cash deposits and withdrawal are limited. Credit Human account holders may use ATMs within the ATM Co-Op Shared Branch system, but Credit Human will not reimburse any ATM fees. 

For depositing checks, you can use the mobile deposit feature — but when it comes to cash, you are out of luck. 

Lower Interest Rates

In comparison to other banks in the online banking industry, Credit Human’s interest rates are relatively low. The rates are pretty average for a traditional bank, but there are other online banks that offer much higher interest rates — some over two percent APY — while Credit Human’s highest interest rate is 0.25 percent APY (on savings accounts). 

Negative Customer Reviews

Existing online customer reviews for Credit Human indicate that some customers have had negative experiences with the company. Common pain points mentioned are that customers experience long wait times on the phone and the mobile app is slow and not very user friendly.


The Bottom Line

Credit Human has diverse account offerings and services available. There are no monthly fees and Credit Human’s rates on CDs are top notch. The company claims to be able to provide service anywhere, yet customers who live near its physical bank branches have few positive things to say. If you are considering Credit Human, we recommend you shop around, read customer reviews, and compare Credit Human’s offerings to other banks. 

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