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LAST UPDATED: April 22nd, 2021

All America Bank is a commercial lending bank that has its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is a relatively small bank with 7 local branches in that state. All America started in 1927 by T. C. Huckaby, and continues today with his sons and daughters. This family owned bank should not be judged by size alone. All of the Huckabys have a strong background and years of experience in the field of finance, that has rewarded them with the long history of success they enjoy today. They serve their clientele with the traditional style from which their success has been built.


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The Good

  • Personal banking
  • Business banking
  • Online banking
The All America Bank is a community bank with all of the standard options. They offer personal and business banking, at a branch and online. It has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 45 years, who are experts in the banking industry. The Ultimate Rewards personal checking accounts are All America Bank's best product. All transactions are free, there is no minimum balance or service charge, and it only requires $50 to open.

Personal Banking

Customers can have a savings or checking account, CD, or IRA. They are able to access them at a local branch, online, from a mobile app, or text messaging (Set this feature up online, entering the phone number you want to use to receive bank information). Account holders can also pay bills, and transfer funds. They can send or receive money from any outside bank, or transfer with another All America Bank account holder. All America offers fixed and adjustable rate loans to their customers. For those who cannot get approval for a mortgage loan, financing is another option.

Business Banking

Business checking and CD's provide small business owners with deposit accounts. Just as is the case with personal loans, business loans are available at a fixed or adjustable rate. Business accounts are available at branch offices, online, and from mobile apps.

Online Banking

Both personal and business accounts come with a debit card, direct deposit, minimal overdraft fees and money wiring options. Online bankers have access to their accounts 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. They can get summaries of their accounts, pay bills and transfer funds. The Google Play and Apple mobile apps are free downloads.

The Bad

  • Limited information
  • Account summary issue
There is not enough specific information about this bank. All America does not own any ATM's and do not specify which ATM's throughout the world services them. Perhaps an account holder can inquire further at a branch location or over the phone.

Limited Information

Their website offers very limited information also. There is no mention of the number of ATM's customers can access, or the interest rates for any products except the Ultimate Rewards account. There is a reference to go to the account disclosure to find out what all of the terms and conditions for the other accounts are, but once you land on the page, the information is not there. Other common concerns include:
  • Savings Accounts: Regular savings account holders have a $5 service charge if the balance falls under $25; savings account holders with larger balances are charged if their account is less than $500. Overdraft privileges are only effective with a minimum $500 deposit within 30 days on savings accounts, and a minimum $1000 deposit within 30 days on business accounts.
  • Posted Money Issues: According to customers who have posted reviews about All America Bank, they are guilty of stealing money from some of their customers' bank accounts. One person reports that their account was emptied out by a hacker in Russia. Apparently, the entire balance was stolen and the insurance would only cover 50% of the amount. The customer remained dissatisfied that he was never compensated for the entire balance. Another customer claims he was charged $10 a month after his $5000 savings account was 1 year old. He did not authorize the charges.
  • Poor Interface: There are several complaints about the website's poor quality. This would mean that customers were unable to find pertinent information, were locked out of their account, or their online banking transactions were compromised.

Account Summary Issue

One very disturbing report explains that upon logging into his account, a customer found someone else's account summary (complete with address and social security number) on HIS page. Quite shocked about the situation, he contacted All America, who responded by saying that it was a test summary. The client googled the person's name and found that they were a real person. He contacted All America again, thinking they would be interested in knowing this. They never returned his phone call. The resolution for this complaint was that the customer immediately closed his account out of fear the same breach of privacy may happen to him. All America mobile banking merely consists of checking account summaries, transferring funds and paying bills. Most people also use this feature to deposit checks. This may be the reason that Google Play gave this app a 2.9 rating.

The Bottom Line

All America Bank offers banking that satisfies their clients' various needs and styles. They can go into a branch office, bank on their computer, or bank on the go with mobile banking. They offer a wide variety of products for personal and business bankers. These options service a wide variety of customers and addresses their preferences and banking needs. However, All America Bank has been accused of stealing money from some of their customers' accounts-an accusation that demands a response, to say the least. There has not been a response, and certainly not a resolution of ANY customer complaints on record. Stay clear of this bank until further notice. Those that use All America Bank can expect the following from the online platform:
  1. Personal and business banking
  2. Mobile banking
  3. Poor interface
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