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LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2022

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, United Nation Van Lines focuses on its three core values: affordability, reliability, and speed. 

United Nation Van Lines puts affordability first because long-distance moves can be quite costly. However, just because the company offers affordable pricing does not mean it skimps on quality or customer service. 

Check out our review of United Nation Van Lines to see if this moving company is right for you.

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The Good

  • Free Moving Quote
  • Long-Distance Moving Services
  • 50% Discount on Packing Services

Free Moving Quote

Those interested in United Nation Van Lines moving services can sign up to receive a free moving quote. Consumers need to provide their name, where they’re moving from, where they’re moving to, move date, move size (estimate), a phone number, and email address. 

Long-Distance Moving Services

While it can be tempting to DIY move, United Nation Van Lines encourages consumers to reconsider. Many consumers avoid moving companies because they believe that they’re more expensive; however, there are many costs that people often overlook, including the following:

  • Cost of renting a truck
  • On the road expenses
  • Unforeseen circumstances (popped tire, overheating, etc.)
  • Labor
  • Damage to household items

The company states that all those expenses and contingencies are covered and customers can relax knowing that they’re working with licensed and insured professionals. 

50% Discount on Packing Services

Customers can get a 50 percent discount on their packing services — if they agree to unpack after their boxes have been delivered. 


The Bad

  • Additional Services
  • No FAQ Section 
  • Undisclosed Information

Additional Services

When compared to other moving companies, United Nation Van Lines comes up a bit short — specifically in regards to the number of moving services. 

The company does offer packing and storage services, but that’s pretty much it. Other companies we researched offered additional (and optional) services such as home cleaning, trash and debris removal, auto transport, shipment tracking, and more. 

No FAQ Section

FAQ sections are an excellent resource for consumers as it allows them to quickly and easily find answers to all their questions in one place. Unfortunately, United Nation Van Lines does not have an FAQ section. While this isn’t the worst offense, it requires consumers to do a bit more legwork (which may deter some customers). Consumers will either have to scour the website or call and speak with a company representative for specific information. 

Undisclosed Information

When looking at United Nation Van Lines’ website, consumers may be frustrated with the lack of information. The company claims to be affordable but doesn’t display any pricing information. United Nation Van Lines claims that its customers won’t have to worry about anything, but doesn’t disclose what customers can expect throughout the moving process. 

The company fails to mention if customers need to have a deposit ready. While it’s likely this information is given after signing up for a quote, many consumers would prefer this information to be given upfront. 


The Bottom Line

If you’re planning a long-distance move, it might be worth it to get more information on United Nation Van Lines’ services. The company appears to be fairly reliable and trustworthy, plus getting a free quote doesn’t hurt. However, we do recommend that consumers speak with a company representative and get more information about United Nation Van Lines’ moving process, pricing structures, and if there is a movers’ deposit. 

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Marcel Nodwell Harrisburg, PA

The entire United Nation Van Lines package is built around making their customers feel like they are getting the best service and giving them exactly that. You get the best customer service from both the movers as well as admin support people. My conversations with everyone from the company was always pleasant and fruitful. Their vehicles are clean and well maintained so your boxes and furniture will survive the trip in good condition. They also put a lot of emphasis on punctuality, making sure they pick up and deliver on time. If I could make one criticism or suggestion, I would say they could reduce their prices. However, I would still pay these rates because I love the end result. 5 stars.

7 months ago

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Maria Novak Collierville, TN

We needed a good moving company to help us make our move from New York to Memphis, TN and United Nation Van Lines was suggested to us by more than one person. They have certainly proven themselves worthy of recommendation to us with their performance. We found them to be extremely professional and very trustworthy. The movers handled our things with a lot of care. I am very happy with the price they charged us, too. All the work that they did was well worth the cost. I am not very sure what other companies do because this was my first time hiring pros but I am impressed either way. Just as they were recommended to me, I am recommending them to you.

8 months ago

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Valda Alderton Mableton, GA

I have been hiring movers for many decades now, from my very first home purchase to interstate moves, international transfers, and business relocations. In all this time, there have been only a handful of companies that have really stood out for me and United Nation Van Lines is one of that select few. They made a very deep impression on me with their commitment to not just getting things done but to getting them done right. There is a common thread to all my interaction with this company’s staff – they are always interested in knowing whether the customer is not only satisfied but actually pleased. They do things with speed, accuracy and always maintain a high level of care. I recommend them.

8 months ago

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Marley Kerper Lilburn, GA

I have been using United Nation Van Lines for a few years and I would never use another moving company if they were available. In all these years, they have never managed to lose a single box or item, have never damaged all the furniture in my homes, no matter the size, and never overcharged me for their superb service. The other thing is that they are never late. Not when they arrive on moving day, not when they completed the loading on time, and never with delivery. It is always a pleasure to deal with their admin people as well. Very polite and eager to help. Their competence really puts many other moving companies to shame. 5 stars.

10 months ago

star star star star star

David Kirby Bethesda, MD

This review for United Nation Van Lines was inspired by their really impressive performance when they helped us move our 4 bedroom, two floors home in Fort Lauderdale, FL to a penthouse apartment in Baltimore, MD. The move obviously involved a heck of a lot of boxes (in the dozens). Besides that, there were large appliances which were fragile, too. Not a single thing anywhere was broken or damaged. That really made for a very pleasant move in itself. It was helped along by the fact that the moving men were friendly not to mention very adept at their jobs. The entire house was very happy with the service. We rate them 5 stars.

10 months ago

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Mallory Fryberger Dayton, OH

I decided to leave a quick review to let the world know that United Nation Van Lines is the best! The sales rep walked me through the first steps of hiring and choosing the right package to save the most money. She was very open about how they charge, too. I loved that the movers arrived early and began work instead of waiting about. They have delivered no and everything is in one piece. Just reiterating that they are very good at what they do. 5 stars all day.

8 months ago

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Dante Funerton Lake Villa, IL

This review covers the interstate home move that I hired United Nation Van Lines for recently. The job involved moving my home from Florence, SC to Waukegan, IL. My old home was a pretty tough place when it comes to moves because the rooms were small and the corridors more narrow than the norm. That meant a lot of big appliances and furniture could not be moved upright and had to be carried at an angle. The boys from United Nation Van Lines handled all this easily and did a great job. Despite the hassle, they finished on time and were able to earn this 5 star review.

9 months ago

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Janner Placid Deltona, FL

After hearing such bad things about movers in the past (but never having hired them myself), I was pretty apprehensive when I had to move from Maryland to Florida for my new job. I settled on United Nation Van Lines because my online research showed that they have made a name for themselves by doing a great job for what seems like thousands of people over many years. My experience matches most of those reviews in that I can’t find a fault with their performance or service. They are the best option for good and smooth move. I would rehire again.

9 months ago

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Malachi Berger Castle Rock, CO

Another 5 star rating from a loyal customer who has been hiring United Nation Van Lines for years. I have never seen their performance standards fall in all these hires, despite using them almost a dozen times already. They have been able to match the needs of our growing family with ease, still delivering with the same speed, nothing damaged or lost. This job involved moving our things out of a condominium in Chicago, IL to a 4-bedroom house in Castle Rock, CO.

10 months ago

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Betsy Hamilton Oak Ridge, NC

5 stars and three cheers for United Nation Van Lines! I hired them to move my mum out of her retirement home in Queens, NY to our home in Oak Ridge, NC. I think its way more convenient and safer to have her here. She, of course, did not have that much stuff since most of it was here already. Still, with older people you need a lot of delicacy in handling situations and that was what we got from United Nation Van Lines. She was very happy with the movers and called them ‘sweet’. Very happy. I recommend United Nation Van Lines.

10 months ago

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Sharri Gale Winter Garden, FL

Our 3-bedroom house was being renovated so we wanted to place some items in storage and the rest in a temporary rental home. We hired United Nation Van Lines, the same company that had moved us into that house about 6 years ago. They have clearly grown since then, which is expected considering how well they conduct themselves and the work quality. Naturally, we paid a pretty penny for the move. Well worth it! We will be rehiring for the move back in about 2 months’ time. Full marks from us.

10 months ago

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Elsie Pruitt Scotts Valley, CA

I am glad that United Nation Van Lines was suggested to me when I was looking for movers to move from Texas to California. My 2-bedroom house was getting too small for the 3 of us and I figured we would make a road trip of it with the moving company handling all the bulky items. It turned out to be the perfect plan since United Nation Van Lines is simply fantastic! I don’t think we could have done a better job of moving had we decided to do everything ourselves! A lot of care went into ensuring all our boxes were packed and secured properly. I have no problems recommending this company.

11 months ago

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Sebastian Waller Aberdeen, MD

An outstanding moving company that showed us how good movers can actually be if they cared about their customers. Out of the 5 times that I have hired professional movers, this is literally the only time that I am left completely satisfied with the results and the price. Their on the job performance was simply awesome. I would be willing to pay higher for such service if it was guaranteed in advance. I think with United Nation Van Lines, it is. They have my vote!

11 months ago

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Jean W Taylor, MI

My parents asked me to use United Nation Van Lines because they have trusted them with their own moves a number of times over the years. I took their advice and dropped my regular movers. First thing that got me was that their prices were significantly lower than what I had been paying before. Secondly, the service and attention to detail were either the same or slightly better. In light of that and considering that they were right on time for pickup and delivery, I don’t think I will be using my old movers again. A very good move.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Angie Spartanburg, SC

We settled on United Nation Van Lines when moving to South Carolina because the customer service rep was so helpful every time we spoke to her. It made us use them despite a slightly higher quoted price, which did not magically inflate after they had our stuff like it does with some other movers.

2 years ago