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LAST UPDATED: September 28th, 2022

With over 15 years experience as professional movers, Trinity Relocation Group is not only a full-service moving company, but also a licensed and bonded moving broker. It strives to provide customer satisfaction by making sure that all moving employees and sales reps interact in a professional manner with all clients. All of this is done to ensure that you have a positive moving experience. Whether you are needing assistance with a cross country move or a local move in your small community, Trinity's relocation services should fit your need.

As a moving broker, Trinity is licensed, bonded, and insured through the Department of Transportation. Due to the relationships that this company has with a number of moving companies and relocation services across the United States, competitive prices can be negotiated to help you find the right price for you. Trinity works to advocate and liaison with the moving company that you chose. Staff customer service representatives are on-hand to help with your questions before, during, and/or after your move.

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The Good

  • State-to-State Moving Services
  • Residential Moving Services
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • Do-It-Yourself Moving Options
  • Auto Transport Services
  • Moving Broker Services
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Storage Services

State-to-State Moving Services

Moving between states can be a very difficult and often complicated process. The challenge with these long distance moves is not only the distance, but the communication. Trinity moving teams will help with some of these challenges. If they are not close in proximity to your moving location, a third-party moving company will be hired to take on the move.

Residential Moving Services

If you are looking to move a short distance, Trinity can help you find the team to get the job done. This could be for students needing to move apartments, families needing to move closer to the workplace, etc.

Commercial Moving Services

For business owners looking to move their companies, a number of services are available through Trinity moving teams as well as third-party movers. Interstate, long distance, and international moves are available with options for even more customized services. Trinity offers connections to packing and unpacking services to ensure that this process moves quickly and efficiently. Once all of your business supplies, furniture, and equipment have been packed, storage is also available in case you are unable to start moving into the new facility at the time you move out of the old one.


Sometimes your company may be tasked with the delivery of a large amount of goods. If that is the case, you can hire a moving service to help make this task easier through Trinity. Deliveries can be made to warehouses, retail locations, and can be scheduled in advance. You will want to make sure that everything that you had moved is accounted for once it has arrived as sometimes items are misplaced as they are loaded and unloaded between your home, moving trucks, and storage units.

Do-It-Yourself Moving Options

Let's be real. At times things can get broken during the moving process. If it eases your mind to take care of the packing of your household goods, furniture, and personal belongings yourself, you can opt to only use local moving services for the transportation of your things. Once you have packed everything, a moving crew can come help you load, transport, and unload your things into your new living space. If you are not able to get into your new living space, you can request moving and storage services giving you a place to store your stuff until you are able to move it into your new home.

Auto Transport Services

One of the challenges presented when moving is transporting your vehicles to your new home. This is especially a challenge when you are moving a long distance. Trinity works to arrange the safe, reliable, and timely transportation of your automobile to your final destination. Rates may vary depending on availability and third-party pricing.

Moving Broker Services

As a moving broker, Trinity works to provide a number of moving service options to clients. With over 15 years of experience in the moving industry, it has been able to make connections with a number of moving and relocation services to provide each customer with a number of options. It should be noted that Trinity does not claim responsibility for any damages or changes to contract made after a third party has been hired.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Trinity, along with many of the moving services that it can connect you with, provides packing services to make your move easier. Specific packing services available include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Packing materials — This includes sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets, etc.
  • Professional packing — Trained professionals will come to your home and pack your belongings to ensure they are packed properly.
  • Customized crating — To make sure that your valuable items are not damaged during the moving process, crating services are made available. This can be a game changer for fragile items. (crystal goblets, china dining ware, antiques, grandfather clocks, etc.)

Storage Services

If you are unable to move into your new housing immediately following your move, you can use storage services. Depending on the company that you end up using for your move, storage facilities and options may be limited. You will need to contact a customer service representative for more information regarding the storage options that will be available to you.


The Bad

  • Third-Party Involvement
  • Moving Quotes
  • Exceptions

Third-Party Involvement

One of the biggest challenges that Trinity faces is the involvement of third parties. Trinity Relocation Group reviews have mentioned customer frustration when third-party movers cause damages or are delayed and Trinity does not take responsibility. Once the job has been given to a third party, the third party becomes fully responsible for any difficulties with the move. Make sure that you are aware what company you will be working with and what its insurance and damage policies are before finalizing your moving plans.

Moving Quotes

After you enter your information on the company’s website, Trinity will provide a quote. In recent Trinity Relocation Group reviews, customers have shown frustration with the initial quotes they received. The majority of these reviews mention significantly higher final costs than the initial bid. If you are worried about spending more than the initial quote you received, consider having a binding contract written out before having a mover come.


One last frustration that has been mentioned in a couple of reviews is Trinitys' refusal to transport live plants. To avoid any complications or unexpected frustrations with your move, you should communicate directly with those that will be facilitating your move to see if there are any items that they are unwilling to move for you.


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a moving company, using Trinity Relocation Group may be a good fit. Though it does not guarantee its own moving services for your move, it will connect you with recommended moving companies to address your moving needs. If you are not comfortable with having an unknown moving company come and move your personal things, you may want to look elsewhere. As you will not have control over which moving company sends a moving crew to help you with your move, hours of arrival, departure, and delivery are not guaranteed. We recommend getting a quote from Trinity Relocation Group as well as other quotes from a couple of other local movers to make sure that the cost is within your budget and you are receiving the best service for your money. Pricing may differ depending on which city you are living in and moving to, so don't be afraid to really reach out to see what is available to you. Your moving experience is in your hands, good luck!

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