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LAST UPDATED: October 14th, 2022

Summit Piano Moving was founded in 2019 in an effort to provide efficient piano and bulk item moving services to both residential and commercial clients. Summit Piano Moving has transported pianos from concert halls, studios, and traditional residential homes. The Summit Piano Moving team is well-equipped to safely handle pianos, organs, and other bulk items that many moving services will not transport. 

When Summit Piano Moving founder Joshua Buck noticed that many moving companies were unable or unwilling to move pianos and similar items, he decided to take action. Buck decided to use his knowledge and experience in the moving industry in general to provide a specialized moving service that was in high demand within the state of Utah and expanding into nearby cities. 

Interested clients can obtain a free quote for moving services directly from Summit Piano Moving. Specifics regarding moving distance will be discussed in an effort to provide an accurate quote and define expectations for services. Depending on specifics, Summit Piano Moving can transport pianos long distances when given enough time to coordinate all necessary logistics. 

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The Good

  • Exceptional Piano Protection
  • Experienced Moving Specialists
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Available
  • Positive Reputation

Exceptional Piano Protection

Summit Piano Moving's goal is the safe transport of each client’s prized instrument. The company goes above and beyond to ensure the piano's protection throughout the moving process by offering the following services:

  • Full protection with heavy duty moving blankets
  • Uncrating of piano in applicable situations
  • Fully climate controlled moving solutions

The company also takes measures to ensure that the home or building is protected as the piano is moved. Many moving companies will not move pianos at all. If they do, it is often a rushed job without the proper care and protection. By using a specialized service like Summit Piano Moving, clients can expect that their piano will be handled with the utmost care and all precautions will be taken to ensure its safe transport to the new destination. 

Experienced Moving Specialists

With over 1,000 pianos moved to date, the experienced piano moving specialists at Summit Piano Moving have encountered every narrow space and difficult staircase imaginable. The moving team will analyze each potential moving pathway, especially for pianos in difficult or tight spaces. The team will then apply their moving knowledge to come up with the safest route possible for the piano to be transported.

If necessary, the movers at Summit Piano Moving are well-equipped to offer full assembly and disassembly of the piano, bench, or other large items when no other safe moving route is viable. The intricacies of moving a piano are oftentimes deemed high-risk, so clients are left scrambling to find a way to move their piano.

By enlisting the help of Summit Piano Moving, clients can rest assured that the moving team will have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively transport the piano. 

Climate-Controlled Storage Available

Whether it is a residential home-to-home move or transporting items from a studio or concert hall to another area, moving is a complicated process. Since the timing of moves does not always match up, Summit Piano Moving offers storage services for customers who need to temporarily keep their piano in an off-site location until all necessary preparations at the new destination have been made.

Understanding the delicate nature of a piano’s construction, Summit Piano Moving will store pianos and organs in a completely climate controlled storage space to ensure quality care for the instrument itself. 

Positive Reputation

Having successfully completed thousands of piano moves, Summit Piano Moving has developed a positive reputation among former and current clients. Online reviews from several platforms boast of the professionalism, care, and affordability of the services Summit Piano Moving provides. Competitors within the space that offer piano moving solutions have not received the same glowing reviews that Summit Piano Moving has.

Since Summit Piano Moving has taken on a number of projects, it would be anticipated that some clients would be unsatisfied with the work the company did. However, that is not the case with Summit Piano Moving, and the company’s reputation in this specialized space is unmatched. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Costs

Limited Service Area

The founder of Summit Piano Moving found the service to be of great need within the state of Utah, which is why today the entire state of Utah is serviced by Summit Piano Moving. Gradually, Summit Piano Moving expanded its efforts into Las Vegas, Nevada offering piano and organ transport there.

However, Summit Piano Moving does not offer its services outside of these areas. The company's website does note that long distance transport can be arranged with time sensitive notification. Other moving services may be better suited for those needing a piano or organ moved outside of Utah and Nevada. 

Undisclosed Costs

Summit Piano Moving has opted for a customized pricing option, so no general costs are publicly available. Potential customers should reach out to Summit Piano Moving directly for an estimate. 


The Bottom Line

Summit Piano Moving provides comprehensive piano and organ moving services for residential and commercial clients. The Summit Piano Moving team takes extensive precautions to ensure the safe transport of the piano or organ, using weighted moving blankets and mapping out the best possible route out of each structure.

Having moved thousands of pianos, the Summit Piano Moving team has acquired all necessary moving capabilities meaning that no set of stairs or tight spaces will keep the team from safely moving the instrument out of and into the desired destination.

In addition to offering safe moving solutions, Summit Piano Moving also offers storage options for clients that need to temporarily store an instrument at some point during the process.

Lastly, Summit Piano Moving has developed an extremely positive reputation among former and current clients as being professional, affordable, and delivering on promises. 

While there are a number of reasons a piano or organ owner would want to reach out to Summit Piano Moving for specialized transport services, there are some things to be aware of prior to enlisting help. Currently, Summit Piano Moving solely offers services in the state of Utah and in the city of Las Vegas. Additionally, there are no standard costs provided or ballpark figures disclosed for typical piano moving services. Interested clients will need to contact Summit Piano Moving directly for associated costs and prices. 

If you need specialized moving services for your piano, organ, or other bulk item and live in the service area, we recommend considering Summit Piano Moving. 

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