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Veteran owned and based in Chicago, Safeway Moving System offers local, long-distance, and international moving services as well as storage options. The company specializes in providing moving services for large homes and condos and provides its customers with a flat rate price, or hourly rate, for their moves with a promise of no extra charges or hidden fees. Safeway Moving System is granted full operating authority by the U.S. and Canadian governments, which means that they are authorized to provide services in all states and provinces. With over 100 trucks in its network, Safeway Moving System is able to find you the best solution for an affordable price.

In addition to its traditional moving services, Safeway Moving offers monthly storage for personal and commercial valuables. The company prides itself on being an industry leader in international relocation, moving, storage, and freight forwarding services.


The Good

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Free Moving Quotes
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Storage Solutions
  • International Reach
  • Works with Condo Associations

Positive Customer Reviews

Safeway Moving System has many positive online reviews. Reviewers are often observed sharing their positive view of the company’s no hidden fee policy. Many said they were satisfied with the company’s transparent pricing and that they were charged the amount they were quoted for their move. Positive reviews also mentioned the professionalism and timeliness of the company’s movers. 

Free Moving Quotes

When moving, it is always a good idea to get pricing quotes from several moving companies to see which would be the best fit for your move. Safeway Moving System provides free quotes via email or over the phone. 

No Hidden Fees

Some moving companies provide quotes that are inaccurate, too low, or that do not mention fees or additional charges that a customer could potentially incur. Safeway Moving System promises its customers that it does not charge hidden fees or add on extra charge. The company quotes movers a flat rate price, or hourly rate, and do not charge for travel time back and forth between counties as some companies do. 

Storage Solutions

Safeway Moving System offers its customers personal and commercial storage solutions, including to those moving internationally. Items are stored in wooden storage vaults equipped with anti-theft security alarm systems. Customers can start renting storage space anytime and are charged monthly with the first month’s rent being free as an introductory special. As a benefit, Safeway Moving System promises to match or beat its competitors storage pricing, so movers looking for storage should shop around to guarantee the lowest price. 

International Reach

Because international moves can be more complicated and stressful, Safeway Moving System is committed to making the process run smoothly. The company has seventeen international licensees and relationships with more than 300 preferred global partners. While it seems Safeway specializes in moves within North America, it encourages customers to call their customer service reps for information on moves outside of the United States and Canada. 

As a bonus, Safeway Moving System’s move coordinators can help guide customers through a variety of questions that may arise during an international move. The company can provide information on the destination country, climate, schools, and shipping regulations that can affect what movers are allowed to transport into the country. 

Works with Condo Associations

Many condo associations require moving companies to verify licensing, insurance, and credentials to mitigate risk. It is common for most moving companies to carry the minimum insurance policy required by law which is $750,000. Safeway Moving System carries $1,000,000 dollar insurance policy and carries current licensing.


The Bad

  • No Pricing Information Online
  • Inconsistent Online Reviews
  • Limited Services Compared to Competitors

No Pricing Information Online

Many moving companies will offer movers a way to obtain a moving quote online. This is convenient and makes comparing several moving companies’ quotes quick and easy. Safeway Moving System does not provide any pricing information on its website, and movers must call or email the company directly for a quote.

Inconsistent Online Reviews

While many of the company’s online reviews were glowing, there did appear to be some inconsistency. Many Safeway Moving System’s reviews give the company a glowing five stars, but there are also many rock-bottom one-star reviews accusing the company of paying for positive reviews online. Negative reviewers often mention that they were charged hidden fees after they were told there wouldn’t be any. Potential customers should carefully review quotes and ask what fees could potentially be charged. 

Limited Services Compared to Competitors

Other moving services companies advertise a larger variety of services that can make a move easier and more convenient for customers such as cleaning services, move planners, and information specifically to assist with military moves. The company provides very limited information on car shipping; however, it does appear from some online reviews that customers were able to work with the company on shipping their vehicles.


The Bottom Line

Safeway Moving System has a decades-long history of providing moving services across all 50 states as well as internationally. This full service coverage can be very helpful for those moving long distances. The company’s storage service also provides customers with a convenient solution to storage needs when they arrive at their destination; no finding and arranging delivery to a separate storage facility. We are impressed by Safeway’s promise of flat rate moving quotes with no hidden fees, as well as its price match or beat guarantee for their storage services. 

Accusations of fraudulent glowing, five-star reviews give us pause, and we encourage you to research a number of local long-distance movers, full-service movers, and relocation companies near you before making a final decision to ensure that the fees, offers, and services are the best fit for you.

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Safeway Moving System

The Safeway to move: Military precision relocation Founded by a U.S. Army Vet, Safeway Moving has grown to become one of the safest solutions to long distance moving. The moving industry is confusing, and the last thing you need when preparing for a move is confusion. Safeway Moving System has helped enough people move that we know the industry inside and out. We will cut through the chaos and keep your move simple and affordable.

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Pratik King of Prussia, PA

On 2/12/2021 I signed a contract with Safeway Moving Systems LLC and paid 40% advance for my move scheduled for Florida to Pennsylvania. My stuff got picked up from Florida on 2/18/21. The first date of delivery  was 2/22. As of today, 4/12, 50 days later, I have not received my stuff (bed, mattress, cooking utensils, furniture, wardrobe items.......) and have no news of where it is. I have called the customer service regularly, emailed them regularly. The sales guys say talk to Dispatch Manager. The dispatch manager -Jeremy is either unavailable or on another call or sick. They say I will receive a call back but I never do. I have paid 82% of the total quote (40% upfront and 70% of the remaining amount on pick) so far. But, after 50 days of pickup, I still don't have my stuff or any idea of when it's going to be delivered. As I see it, this company took my items, took my money and delivered noting. I don't have any idea if all my house items are lost  or when they will get to me, I also have no assurance on reimbursement etc. As of today, the customer service today told me they have no update and I should receive a call back which, as usual, I didn't receive. Additionally, in these 50 days, they also made a wrong delivery of someone else's stuff to me which they had to then take back. Just imagine paying a handsome amount to move your stuff and then not having it for 50 days and no insight on when you will receive your stuff! I am hoping to see if there is any customer service representative or external organization who can help me escalate this to the right authorities so I can get my items back. Very disappointed and distressed by this event, basically uprooted my entire household.

1 day ago

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Sweta Sharma Austin, TX

BIG WARNING!!! Don't get fooled by SafeWay Moving Systems. Our experience with them has been a nightmare. They repeatedly change their words, they haven't delivered our belongings and it's already been a month even though they promised 14 days. We had to spend thousand of dollars in hotel in the middle of Covid when expecting a child because of how terrible SafeWay Moving System and their service is. I highly recommend people DON'T USE THEIR SERVICE.

1 day ago

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Doug Ford Miami Beach, FL

THE WORST! DO NOT USE! TOTAL SCAM! Rude staff, broken glass, stolen items, hidden fees and drunk, unsafe movers! I have never had a worst experience with any business in my entire life, then I have with Safeway Moving System. From the moment I moved, through the delivery and well after it has been nothing but problems. They overcharge for a move and then hire the cheapest third party movers. Joe W. the customer service representative completely messed up the consultation and lied. He said it would be $3,575 which is extremely high for a one bedroom move. The movers showed up on the wrong day, they were rude, unprofessional and DRUNK. Yes, drunk! One of the movers reeked of alcohol and was stumbling everywhere. It was so bad, the lead mover had to yell at him. They were screaming and cursing in my apartment hallway to the point that my neighbor called the front desk to complain. No masks were happening either! In California this is illegal and unsafe given the pandemic. I made a comment, and they sighed and grunted and said they don't have any masks. I felt so unsafe I had to vacate the apartment. The one mover wiped his sweat with my bath towels and threw it on the ground. Then they said it would cost an extra $600 cash for a glass table they were never told about. I was never told there would be an extra fee. Very suspicious. They left the place trashed and ruined. So bad, the landlord billed me $600 for marks and damages on the floor and walls they made. Then they said it would deliver in 4-6 weeks and it came in 8 weeks. I called multiple times and they had no idea where the delivery was or how long it would take to deliver. When they finally arrived they told me the day of it would be $500 to shuttle the delivery. I was told specifically by Joe W. I wouldn't need to pay any additional fees especially a shuttle fee. I live in a new open neighborhood with no neighbors. Plenty of space for the truck to park. I was quoted at $3,575 and now had to pay well over $4,300 I did not budget for or agree to. After the delivery we noticed our large $1200 restoration hardware mirror was broken. Glass everywhere! It was conveniently placed in the back behind all other furniture with their $60 moving blanket left to cover it. They purposefully tried to hide it instead of admitting they broke it. Extremely unsafe! Then we realized our $7,000 restoration hardware couch was scratched, stained and damaged. A $1,200 brand new Samsung TV was cracked and destroyed, and ANOTHER $800 photography painting had broken glass everywhere. Who knows what else is missing and destroyed in the boxes. This isn't even including the $800 glass table I paid $500 for and had to leave behind. I called their customer service number MULTIPLE TIMES trying to speak with someone and always was transferred, ignored or told to call back. I then spoke to a manager who was the RUDEST and most UNPROFESSIONAL person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. He was aggressive and confrontational on the phone. He said it's not their responsibility and all I can do is file a claim. I said this is ridiculous, half the property is destroyed, your movers exposed us to covid and injured us. There's broken glass everywhere. No apology was given, rather he hung up the phone and said "GOOD LUCK". They never even sent the claim. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE SAFEWAY MOVING SYSTEM!

1 month ago

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Erika L ,

Horrible! I do not have 1 good thing to say about them. Scams, lies, delay after delay, missing item and then they ghost you!

1 month ago

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Sarah McCoy Virginia Beach, VA

Buyer beware, poor SF, CA > Virginia This company is the pits, I wish I’d done more research because they are not transparent but then act like their service is stellar. I should have known it would be bad when they assured me repeatedly that they’d give me 48 hours notice for the pickup, of which they give you a 3-day window, only to call me at 3:30 pm Saturday - literally the DAY BEFORE picking up my stuff. So they didn’t even give me 24-hour notice. Then, you’ll see that they rushed the pickup only to let my stuff sit in San Francisco for 4 weeks! They contract the people who actually come and pick up your stuff. Those guys were fine for the pickup in San Francisco. But I’m honestly terrified after reading these reviews of what it’s going to be like for my delivery. Which btw is another awful part of their customer service (or lack thereof). You talk to a person at Safeway who goes over your list of items and briefly covers the process. They ask you a question about when the earliest day is that you could receive your delivery. But they fail to explain that whatever date you give them is actually 21 days AFTER when they will be delivering your stuff. Ok so they picked my stuff up on 1/24 and I told them I’d be in my house by the 31st thinking there’s no rush and since I’m moving across the country, I’ll give it cushion. Wrong, that only has delayed the delivery even more! So here we are and now it’s February 19th. I call to find out when my stuff will be here and it’s been FOUR WEEKS since they picked it up. My stuff hasn’t even left San Francisco! I’ve been in Virginia for 4 weeks without my belongings. Their customer service agent told me today that they have until 21 days from the time you say your earliest available time to receive your delivery is to even SCHEDULE THE DELIVERY! Can you believe this pile of turd BS? So on Monday I’m supposed to find out when I’ll get my stuff I guess? I don’t trust a word that comes out if these people’s mouths. And if they EVEN try to pull some stuff with me about living on a country road and needing to change trucks I will lose my mind on them. I will update my review following the delivery. At this point I’m not sure how my opinion could be changed and what’s even worse is I recommended them to my manager who is also moving across the country and had issues with their quote being off by a large amount. Mine also ended up being about $2k over the initial quote. Lesson learned: sell your stuff, just get rid of it - you’ll be hating everything you own and thought you couldn’t live without if your move goes like this one and if you only need keepsakes and heirlooms I still say find something solid - doubt it’s this company. Finally, pretty sure all of the 5 star reviews are fake and oddly all moves to and from NJ... or “military family” - I call BS.

1 month ago

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Tyler Beaverton, OR

Safeway Moving Systems LLC (Chicago based) Chris - point of contact, completely ghosted us after signing the contract Prime Relocation Services (Sacramento based) Movers - Dani + Frankie (could have also been contracted out) Dispatch - someone horrible don’t know her name, hung up on me day of delivery Safeway will sweet talk you and provide you a contract that seems fairly straight forward. You should not trust this as the actual cost. You will be forced to sign separate contracts. The company that Safeway decides to contract your move out to, will not honor the Safeway contract and this will be used to get additional fees out of you. We weren’t aware of a second forced contract, and I say forced because we were in a position that we had no other option. They showed up the day of the move, claimed our cubic feet was 200 feet more than the estimate. Now I understand estimates, but to be off by 200 feet is not even a close estimate in my opinion, and this was after I’d described our inventory three times to two separate people. It was the day of the move, we only had two days left on our current lease, we had no choice but to sign as there was no time to find another option and we’d already paid a hefty deposit. Another couple of examples of the fee gouging, Safeway’s contract says a flight of stairs is 12 steps, Prime Relocation Services says 7, but this was not mentioned until drop off, so we were hit with another $300 additional for stairs at delivery. We were also nickel and dimed for packing materials, $67 for cling wrap and tape, which were supposedly included according to Safeway. The truck that arrives for your things, will not be the same truck that drops them off, so your things will be moved several times. We were charged an additional fee of $350 for this changing of trucks even though we weren’t aware until after our things were already on a smaller moving truck. This, naturally, increases the chance of damage and/or lost items. Several of our furniture pieces were dented, scratched and/or broken and many of the boxes arrived torn or shredded. But you won’t be able to do anything about this either, because the people who loaded our things marked nearly every single item on our inventory as “scratched.” How convenient for them now that all of our things arrived gouged, scratched, and dented. The driver who delivered our items claims they don’t work for Safeway or Prime Relocation at all and repeatedly asked to be paid in cash stating that otherwise, “we will ask for our money over and over if you don’t pay in cash they will not give us our money.” When I called dispatch to inquire about this, I was told to “have a nice day,” and hung up on. Scams for everyone involved it seems. When I asked what company this driver works for, he said his own LLC, but refused more than once to give me the name of his company because he didn’t want to be blamed for Prime Relocation Services. In the beginning, we were looking at a $3K move, by the time we were all swindled and ghosted, we paid over $5K.

2 months ago

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Melissa D Nashville, TN

We chose this company particularly because they seemed to be more serious and professional than the others, even though they were a lot more expensive. They convinced us by telling us that with them, there are no “hidden cost”, what you pay upfront is what it is. We were extremely disappointed by their service. The communication was bad, they did not follow up with us to inform us of when our moving would be delivered. We finally got our things 14 days later, but we had a really bad experience: they asked us to pay an extra amount of money, in cash (they would not accept anything else!), on a Sunday, and when we argued that we were not aware and did not agree with such an increase in rate (about $1000), they basically told us it’s either you pay or we keep your stuff. The customer service was absolutely terrible. A salesman told us over the phone in a condescending ton that we were aware of the extra charge and that it’s either we pay or we don’t get our things! They also mentioned that we were informed over over the phone that an additional charge may apply if the truck was too big for our street and a transfer needed to be done to a smaller truck. I asked them to send us the recording, since we absolutely did not remember getting this info over the phone. They never sent the recording. The truck they left with from NYC and the truck they arrived in in Nashville were completely different, so we did not anticipate that the truck was too big for our street. The worst part is that there was a huge parking lot on our street where they could have parked to avoid us paying a fee and then moving everything from a truck to another, and they refused to use it. They told us they were not allowed. How convenient! Finally, a few items were missing from the truck, and it took us almost 1 month to get compensation of $50! We fell trapped, robbed and that it was a complete rip off. Overall, moving a 600 sq ft studio apartment from NYC to Nashville cost us over $4,000! Don’t trust this company, they will rob you!

3 months ago

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Samantha Walsh Charlotte, NC

This company is Criminal! Absolute worst experience of my life and they STILL haven't delivered my things after taking possession of them on 10/26/20. I moved from Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC and did a lot of research on a reputable moving company before making such a long distance relocation. The sales rep that handled my case and sold me on their company completely lied blew a bunch of smoke with false advertising and promises, and did not act with integrity. Not only does the company still have possession of all my things, they haven't even left Seattle after 2 MONTHS. They have insulted me, refuse to refund me any money or release my things so I can find someone else to deliver them over to Charlotte. This company refuses to return any of my calls weeks on end and even has gone to the extent to block my calls. It has been the most stressful and horribly miserable experience I could ever imagine going through on top of living for 2 months across the country without ANY of my things. Lawyers have had to get involved now as well a the Federal Dept. of Transportation. They are under investigation at this point and I pray that no one else ever has to experience what I have with this company. DO NOT USE Safeway Moving Systems LLC.

3 months ago

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Elliot Great Falls, VA

The company made an estimate on our move. We believe they intentionally misrepresented our inventory and underestimated the number of boxes so they could have a lower price than competing movers. They told us they believed the estimate was accurate and said it was binding not to exceed the price and told us we "wouldn’t pay a penny more unless [we] went out and bought five grand pianos.” We did not purchase or add any new items. A week before the move they said the estimate was done badly -- he said that things were entered wrong and they needed to add hundreds more boxes and would raise the price by more than $10,000. They said that would include full value replacement, but then sent a new contract without full value replacement. They then said they wouldn't do full value replacement unless we paid yet another $7,000. They attempted to blame us saying we should have known we would have needed more boxes despite their estimator saying that was the number of boxes we need. How were we supposed to know how many boxes we would need? We believe they were intentionally attempting to defraud us. They told us they are going to unilaterally cancel our move and keep our deposit.

3 months ago

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Dana Elizabeth Wolf Hayward, CA

We had a terrible experience with Safeway moving systems. We scheduled our move a month in advance and had a guaranteed pickup date - which (a week before the move date) they changed to a 3 day window. And then the dispatcher called and said they couldn't hit the 3 day window. We canceled our order, because they couldn't meet, not only their window, but we were not sure based on poor customer service, that they would even meet the next day. We asked for our deposit back, which they are denying, so now have to involve a lawyer. I am appalled that this company doesn't understand what good customer service is, much less, knows how to make up for it - by reimbursing us. I would absolutely never do business with them again and would suggest to their management that they clarify with customers that "guaranteed" doesn't necessarily mean that. I very rarely write reviews, but this is worth any type-A person knowing...they don't hold up to their brand promise: "Stress free, military precision relocation."

3 months ago

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Chrissy Dott Bothell, WA

The people who moved my mothers belonging broke into her cedar chest and stole family heirlooms. For a company that boasts about being for veterans... the thieves stole my late grandfathers war medals, and my late grandmothers jewelry. Precious items that were gifted to her- like the ring they gave her for her 16th birthday. I’ve been run around trying to find information. I’ll find every platform their is and broadcast this theft. That was all she had left of them. Shame on this company.

5 months ago

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