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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Pick-N-Move NYC is a local, family-owned and operated operation that helps clients with local and interstate moves. The company prides itself on being able to custom services to meet each client’s moving needs at an affordable and competitive rate. Pick-N-Move is located in Queens and specializes in New York City moves.

Each mover is professionally trained to ensure that all belongings are packaged appropriately and moved without damage. The company claims to never charge hidden fees and whatever is the quoted price is what the client can expect to pay for services. The moving specialty of Pick-N-Move NYC lies within the company’s furniture moving services. Furniture poses unique challenges when moving, especially in the city. Pick-N-Move NYC can assist in these circumstances. 

Clients interested in using Pick-N-Move NYC can obtain a free estimate for both moving services and for moving supplies, if needed. The professional movers with Pick-N-Move NYC can manage nearly every oversized item with care and caution to ensure safe transport. Clients can get quotes for multiple moving services provided by Pick-N-Move NYC all at one time.

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The Good

  • Furniture Services
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Storage Needs
  • Moving Supplies

Furniture Services

The most comprehensive moving service offered by Pick-N-Move NYC is the furniture-related services provided to clients. Those in need of help with moving furniture, particularly within the city, will benefit from what the company has to offer. Pick-N-Move NYC furniture-related services include the following:

  • In-house moves — For whatever reason, if a client needs furniture moved around within the home, Pick-N-Move professionals can maneuver a wide range of furniture types to make the scenario work. 
  • Oversized item moves — If a client has particularly large items, like a gun safe or massive piece of furniture, Pick-N-Move NYC can get these items to where they need to go even in tricky areas of the residence.
  • Disassemble and reassemble services — Moving full pieces of furniture is nearly impossible. This is where the disassemble and reassemble services come into play. Pick-N-Move NYC can take apart beds or dressers and reassemble them in the new home.
  • Piano moves — Pianos have to be treated with special care and the professional team at Pick-N-Move NYC understands this. Special care and treatment is applied when moving pianos or organs around. 

Not all moving companies will take on oversized items or pianos if in a difficult spot of a residence. The Pick-N-Move NYC movers have been trained to handle these situations and offer these unique services.

Packing and Unpacking

Pick-N-Move NYC takes the stress out of moving by offering packing and unpacking services at an affordable rate. Many moving companies will offer packing services and loading/unloading services. However, very few will take items out of boxes and offer unpacking solutions. 

Storage Needs

Pick-N-Move NYC has partnerships to offer customized storage needs to clients who need this workaround. With flexible moving and storage options, clients will find a storage solution that will get their items transported effectively and stored safely until the move needs to be completed. Not all moving companies are willing to unload into storage, then reload items for transport. Pick-N-Move NYC is more flexible in this regard, offering storage solutions to its clients. 

Moving Supplies

Not all clients have the time or bandwidth to do all moving preparations, including gathering supplies. Pick-N-Move NYC offers moving supply bundles for clients to choose from. After providing the moving assessment, the professional staff at Pick-N-Move NYC can then provide clients with an accurate picture of what supplies will be needed to make the move. Some moving companies will sell moving supplies to its clients, but not many offer catered packages with accurate estimates of what supplies will be needed. 


The Bad

  • Moving Distances
  • Undisclosed Pricing

Moving Distances

Pick-N-Move NYC offers a very local service to its clients. The company focuses on moves within NYC, but will venture out into the tri-state area. For Pick-N-Move, these interstate moves are the long distance moves. The company does not offer moves to other states or across the country like other moving services will. That means clients in need of true long distance moves will need to look elsewhere for moving services. 

Undisclosed Pricing

Despite claiming to offer affordable and competitive rates, Pick-N-Move NYC does not offer pricing estimates. The company does a good job of breaking down specifically what services are offered, but there is still no general range for what those services will cost clients.

Some moving companies can provide ballpark ranges for services like unpacking or assembling furniture. Pick-N-Move NYC has opted to provide detailed free quotes for specific moving needs instead of disclosing pricing ahead of time. 


The Bottom Line

Pick-N-Move NYC offers a number of localized moving services within NYC and the surrounding tri-state area. The company offers a number of furniture-related services which are particularly helpful for those living in the heart of the city. Clients in need of packing and unpacking help can turn to Pick-N-Move NYC.

If there is a gap in time as it pertains to the moving timeline, Pick-N-Move NYC offers storage move options that will work with each individual client’s needs. Lastly, Pick-N-Move NYC streamlines the moving process by offering supply packages instead of clients having to go out and purchase boxes and other necessities. 

While there are a number of reasons clients may want to turn to Pick-N-Move NYC, there are some limitations to the service as well. For example, Pick-N-Move NYC specializes in NYC moves and will branch out to conduct interstate moves. However, outside of the state is not a need Pick-N-Move NYC can assist with. Also, the company claims to offer affordable and competitive services, but all pricing is undisclosed. 

The Pick-N-Move NYC service is ideal for those in need of New York City moving needs. This is generally from apartment to apartment and the services Pick-N-Move NYC offers directly caters to those needs. Those in need of more long distance services will have to look elsewhere for moving help. 

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Abu Khan

Very hard working team of movers. Helped me very much. Definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you

1 year ago