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LAST UPDATED: April 22nd, 2021

The eWallet app has been helping their members manage and store their passwords and payment methods since 1997. The app is not a mobile wallet, rather a secure password management and storage solution. The company added the functionality to store credit card information as well. The app is supported for desktop, laptops, Mac and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Store), so most households can find at least one of their devices which is compatible. eWallet offers a 30 day free trial for the eWallet before purchase. For those with both an iPhone and iPad, the purchase price includes the ability to load the app on both device without incurring additional cost. Since this app only allows for one's wallet to be digitized, rather than acting as a contactless wallet, the Review Team does not recommend the eWallet app for anyone looking for contactless payment solutions.

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The Good

  • Accessible to most devices
  • Security techniques
  • Password generator

Accessible to most Devices

eWallet was created for users to keep their personal information safe and secure in a digital environment. Users may store passwords, PIN numbers, credit or debit card numbers, as well as other private information in one secure location. eWallet has worked to ensure that their app is accessible to most, with PC Desktop, MAC, Windows Store, iOS, Android and Blackberry versions of their app, which is unique to many of the competing companies in the industry. This cross-platform program allows users to sync their information so that it is available wherever they are and upon whichever device that they happen to be using. For those using an iPhone or iPad, data can also be synced with The Cloud.

Security Techniques

eWallet uses some of the latest security techniques to protect their users' information against hackers, including the use of a 256-bit AES encryption to protect the information stored. This is the strongest protection available at this time for sensitive information. eWallet does not have a history of problems with fraud and is committed to protecting their users' information from falling into the wrong hands.

Password Generator

For those who struggle to create strong and hard-to-guess passwords, eWallet also provides a built-in password generator to help its customers create strong passwords. This added security feature benefits those who need to come up with multiple strong passwords and needs to know they are being protected from being hacked. eWallet allows customers to personalize their information. They have over 30 pre-built card templates to add information to and make it really look like a virtual wallet. It is also possible to create shortcuts to certain information so it can be found even faster. eWallet gives their users a time-saving feature, Auto Pass, which stores passwords for websites and automatically entering the password when required to do so by a site.

The Bad

  • Missing features
  • Purchase for each device
  • Customer support

Missing Features

In spite of the convenience of having all sensitive information stored securely in one place, there are some considerations which the Review Team discovered when considering eWallet as a mobile wallet app. Primarily is the fact that the app is not a fully-features digital wallet with all of the features which the Review team uses to rate each company. This app, even with the ability to look like a wallet is more accurately a storage vault for sensitive information. Users cannot purchase items using the information stored unless the merchant is willing (and able) to enter the information from the user's device manually. The vast majority of day-to-day purchases at a point of sale terminal are not able to use manual entry of payment information for purchases.

Purchase for each Device

Users must purchase the app for each of their devices (excluding the iPhone/iPad iOS app discussed above), which can be costly for complete synchronization of their devices.

Customer Support

Customers are not able to directly call the company for support and must submit an email ticket.

The Bottom Line

For those looking for a digital vault for their information, eWallet is a solid choice. However, the app does not fully qualify as a mobile wallet, according to the criteria as determined by the Review Team. As such eWallet is not recommended as a mobile wallet with fully-functioning payment features.
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Anita Thompson Austell, GA

I have used eWallet for several years now across several platforms. From the Palm, to the Blackberry, and several different Android phones. True, you do pay for the pc app separately, but I didn't have to pay for a new mobile app when upgrading or changing phones. I contacted the company and they provided me with a download for the new phone I was using at the time. Also true that you submit email requests for help, but Ilium has always responded promptly. The pc version will support multiple copies which was important so I could add the app to my husband's cell phone. I did pay for the app for his phone, but not to add it to the pc. I have never tried any of the other password managers. But I'm happy with eWallet.

5 years ago

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SolarGoat LV Houston, TX

Worst company I've ever dealt with, customer service is like dealing with a pimple faced McDonalds worker, these clowns have held my money for weeks without releasing it. I have done everything their shitty compliance dept. has asked of me. I am about to take legal actions against these dumbasses. I highly recommend NOT using these people.

3 years ago