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LAST UPDATED: April 22nd, 2021

Boost Mobile offers their customers the convenience of a mobile wallet and prepaid debit card with their free mobile app, Boost Mobile Wallet. Boost Mobile Wallet is powered by Wipit and offers basic services as well as an upgraded account, called Mobile Wallet Plus, which includes a reloadable Visa prepaid debit card, Quick Check deposits and Wipit transfers.

Boost Mobile Wallet by Wipit is missing some key security components. Also, the fees for transferring money into one’s account are significant and can quickly add up. Neither Boost Wallet nor Boost Wallet Plus allow customers the freedom of a true mobile wallet app, since the app is primarily focused upon sending money to friends (who must also have the app). Boost Mobile Wallet Plus adds a prepaid Visa card, which is a nice feature, but does not allow point of service electronic payment with a mobile device, as do the leading mobile wallet providers.


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The Good

  • Free app
  • Free upgrade

Free App

Boost Mobile Wallet by Wipit is a free app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The basic service allows members to send cash to others with a Boost Mobile Wallet account. Boost Mobile Wallet Plus offers more features than simply sending funds to others, including a physical prepaid Visa card, which may be used for signature and PIN transactions anywhere that Visa is accepted. It also has additional tools to add funds to the account (free direct deposit and Quick Check).

Free Upgrade

Mobile Wallet Plus is a free upgrade available to those who would find it beneficial and requires users to verify their account and identity. With the upgrade, account holders are sent a physical prepaid debit card, which can be easily reloaded at a Boost Mobile store ($3 fee per reload applies), via free direct deposit, or by using their mobile device. Through the mobile device, users only have to snap a photo of the front and back of a paper check with Quick Check ($4 fee per deposit applies). Users report a quicker-than-expected turnaround for the transfer of funds when using Boost Mobile Wallet, compared to other services.

The Bad

  • Money transfer
  • Customer issues
  • Customer services

Money Transfer

Boost Mobile Wallet is more of a money transfer than a true mobile wallet application. Mobile Wallet Plus offers a physical prepaid Visa and additional loading options, but for those looking for a mobile wallet with opportunities to pay for purchases without using a physical card, there are many other options available with these features in place.

Customer Complaints

Customers have reported delays in receiving their referral payments from various promotions, as well as problems with the app loading on their devices. The use of the app of being only available to Boost Mobile customers is additionally limiting. The Review Team has found that there are several fees associated with the use of this app, which significantly affects the company's score. Customers are charged for reloading their accounts as well as any ATM balance inquiries and instances of the card not being accepted due to insufficient funds.

Customer Services

Customers have reported challenges in speaking with an agent about their account. Often, when another company is being contracted to manage a feature, the customer service offered to customers suffers. Boost Mobile Wallet does not give information on many of the security features which protect users' information in the event of a lost mobile device. The lack of information about the security features available is a concern to the Review Team.

The Bottom Line

At this time, the Review Team does not recommend the use of Boost Mobile Wallet. Reasons for this rating include the lack of true mobile wallet functionality, limited potential customer base, and additional fees associated with its use.
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Mc Cs Phoenix, AZ

Avoid Boost Wallet. I had an account with them that I was using to save some money. I received an email from them saying that my account was suspended. Now they are telling me that my money has magically disappeared and they cant do anything about it. I have contacted the BBB and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. If nothing happens with that, then I will have to contact a lawyer. Your money is not safe with this company!!!

8 years ago

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Nicole Douglas TX

Boost mobile wallet closed my account without notice and says my info had changed when I have changed nothing. My direct deposit to the card won't go on it now I am furious they keep saying it's my fault don't use it they don't try to appease u they keep changing the story

8 years ago Edited September 14, 2021