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LAST UPDATED: September 27th, 2022

Mutual of Omaha began in 1909 as a health and accident insurance provider. Over the years, it has grown and earned a strong reputation as a reliable insurer.

Mutual of Omaha offers Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) and Medicare supplemental (Medigap) plans to those eligible for Medicare. While Mutual of Omaha does not specialize in health insurance, it offers excellent Medicare supplement plans and life insurance.


The Good

  • High Financial Strength Ratings
  • Plan Offerings

High Financial Strength Ratings

Mutual of Omaha has received high financial strength ratings. These ratings show that Mutual of Omaha is financially stable, which is important for policyholders because high ratings are a positive indicator of Mutual of Omaha's ability to pay claims.

Plan Offerings

Mutual of Omaha offers several Medigap plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and dental insurance plans.

Medigap plans are also called Medicare supplement plans. These plans help pay the out-of-pocket expenses (coinsurance and copayments) from Original Medicare, or Medicare Part A and Part B. Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans include Plan F, a High-Deductible Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. The coverage included in each Medicare supplement plan is set by the federal government, so the coverage is consistent across companies.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement insurance plans stand out because they include discounts on Amplifon Hearing Health Care, EyeMed Vision Care, and participation in its signature Mutually Well program.

Mutually Well gives members access to discounts on fitness and other health-related expenses. The program also offers support for healthy living. While not insurance, these additional discounts can help you save money and maintain your health.

Mutual of Omaha also offers a Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D). These plans may vary by region, so it's important to work with Mutual of Omaha directly to learn more about your insurance policy options, premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Like its Prescription Drug Plans, Mutual of Omaha's dental insurance plans may vary based on your location. Dental insurance is not a Medicare program. If you're interested in supplementing your Medicare coverage with dental insurance, work with Mutual of Omaha directly to learn more about available plans and costs. 

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The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Plan Options
  • Offerings May Vary by State

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Mutual of Omaha has not received many customer reviews on Best Company. Due to the low number of reviews, a full recommendation based on the customer experience is not available.

Limited Plan Options

Mutual of Omaha offers Medicare supplemental health insurance and prescription drug coverage. While Mutual of Omaha has a nice selection of Medicare supplements, it does not offer every kind of Medigap plan available. 

Additionally, it has limited dental and prescription drug plan options. If these options work well for you, that's great. If not, you may have to look at other companies.
Medicare beneficiaries have a few options when it comes to enrolling in Medicare insurance.

You can choose Original Medicare, which is administered by the government. Or, you can choose a private option called Medicare Advantage (or Part C), which is administered by health insurers. Private insurance providers also administer Medigap and prescription drug insurance policies.

If you're looking for Medicare Advantage plans, you'll need to consider other health insurance companies. If you're interested in Original Medicare coverage, you'll want to work with Social Security on enrollment.

Offerings May Vary by State

Mutual of Omaha's offerings may vary by state. If you're interested in a Medigap policy, a prescription drug plan, or dental insurance, work with Mutual of Omaha to learn more about what's available in your area. Mutual of Omaha's website makes it easy to see what plans are available based on your zip code.


The Bottom Line

Mutual of Omaha is a financially strong life insurance company. Medicare beneficiaries looking for a Medicare Advantage plan will have to look elsewhere. If you're looking for Medigap coverage, prescription drug coverage, or dental insurance, Mutual of Omaha is worth considering.

Mutual of Omaha's Medigap coverage plans stand out because they include additional benefits and access to discounts included. Medigap plans are standardized across companies, so as long as the pricing and cost-sharing meet your needs, choosing a Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan will give you access to additional perks.

Work with Mutual of Omaha directly to learn more about plans available in your area and get insurance quotes. As you evaluate health plans, consider benefits and full costs — the monthly premium, annual deductible, and out-of-pocket max — to ensure that the plan meets your medical and financial needs.

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