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Ikea is a Swedish multinational company specializing in modular furniture. It sells a variety of products for the home, all over the world, and has been the world's largest furniture retailer since 2008. Ikea owns and operates over 400 stores in more than 50 countries. In this review, we will be focussing on mattress shopping at Ikea.

You can buy a twin, full, queen, or king size bed foundation, bed frame, slatted bed, or mattress from Ikea. The store also offers one adjustable slatted bed base; however, it is made of wood and is not mechanical. You adjust it manually. (This may or may not be what you think of when you picture modern adjustable beds.) For children, shoppers can choose from five crib mattresses and over ten crib models. You can also buy a kid or toddler size bed.

Ikea sells 15+ queen size innerspring, foam or latex mattresses, ranging in price from $179 to $899. Let's breakdown the different types of mattresses available at this retail giant:

Ikea Foam Mattresses

Ikea uses several different types of foam cores in its mattresses for different types of support. You can get any of the following foam bed options:

  • A polyurethane foam mattress
  • A memory foam mattress
  • A gel-infused memory foam mattress
  • A synthetic latex mattress
  • A natural latex foam mattress

Ikea latex and foam mattresses come with a special knitted ticking on top to boost pressure relief for your neck, shoulders, and hips while you sleep. Some mattress models combine layers of different foam materials to provide different contouring or cooling properties.

The highest priced foam mattress is one of the retailer's latex models. The Mausund (Q $899), a natural latex foam model with organic materials like wool, coconut fibers, and a cotton cover, to help control airflow and heat retention. At least 50 percent of the product is made from renewable materials, including sustainable cotton.

The lowest price option is the Minnesund mattress (Q $179). With a core of polyurethane foam and a non-woven polypropylene lining, this mattress is rather thin, at just under 4 inches.

Ikea Coil Mattresses

In addition to foam beds, Ikea also offers several coil or innerspring mattresses. The most expensive coil mattress offered is the medium firm Holmsbu (Q $799), which includes a pillowtop comfort layer of cooling gel memory foam, one layer of mini pocketed coils, and two more layers of individually wrapped pocket coils.

On the low end, you can get the Hasvag mattress (Q $199), with Bonnell springs and a layer of soft filling. Even though this bed has 375 coils, it still comes packed into a compressed roll, for easy transport home.

If you are online mattress shopping at, large item delivery starts at $39 and varies depending on your distance from the closest warehouse. If you purchase at your local retail location, delivery starts at $59.

Keep reading to learn more about Ikea mattress policies, including pros and cons, or skip ahead to read Ikea mattress reviews from real customers.

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The Good

  • Affordable Products
  • Great Return Policy
  • Available Financing
  • 25 Year Warranty

Affordable Products

You can't find products from other mattress brands at this retailer. Although Ikea doesn't sell any third party products, the exclusive line of mattresses from Ikea is very well priced. If you are looking for an affordable mattress, you could be sleeping on any of Ikea's mattresses for less than $1,000. That is unrivaled.

Options include the Myrbacka latex mattress (Q $499), the Morgedal foam mattress (Q $299), the Matrand memory foam mattress (Q $399), and the Haugesund spring mattress (Q $249).

If your biggest priority is finding a bed in your price range, you can get an affordable night's sleep with an Ikea mattress.

Great Return Policy

Ikea offers one of the most flexible mattress return policies in the industry.

You can exchange your mattress for another one within 365 days of purchase, compared to the average 100-120 day's sleep comfort trial policy that you would likely find at another mattress company. This lengthy return policy is great if it takes you a while to know if you are sleeping on the most comfortable mattress for you.

You can make a return for free at any Ikea store. Just bring the product, a photo ID, your receipt or online order confirmation, and the card that you used to purchase the item. If you need a way to transport your mattress for return, you can contact IKEA customer service at 1-888-434-4532 for pricing and to schedule a pickup. Either way, you can sleep easy knowing that you can exchange your mattress if it isn't comfortable.

Available Financing

Financing is available through the Ikea Projekt Credit Card. Promotional 0% interest is available for up to 24 months if you meet a minimum purchase. The standard purchase APR is 21.99%. This is much lower than most furniture or mattress store financing rates—most of which are 28-29.99% APR.

Through the Ikea website, you can even see if you pre-qualify, from the comfort of your own home, before doing the application. That way, you don't put a hard check on your credit report if it isn't necessary.

25 Year Warranty

Ikea mattresses come with a 25-year limited warranty. This is quite long for a non-specialized, non-luxury retailer. Whether you choose a foam mattress or one with coils, you will benefit from this lengthy warranty.

The Bad

  • Few Mattress Options
  • Low-Priced Products
  • Firm Mattresses
  • Thin Mattresses
  • Mattress Odor

Few Mattress Options

Fewer than 20 adult size Ikea beds are available. Although it sells innerspring coil, memory foam, generic foam, and latex mattress options, for such a huge worldwide retailer, the selection at Ikea is small. A larger product line would provide better spinal alignment for more types of sleepers.

Additionally, Ikea doesn't offer a true hybrid mattress, so customers will have to choose between the foam and innerspring beds available.

Low-Priced Products

Mattresses are one of the few segments where shoppers sometimes prefer to have a luxury product to sleep on. With Ikea's affordably priced options, some shoppers will seek out a luxury brand bed with advanced sleep innovations and technologies instead of shopping here.

Firm Mattresses

The only comfort level options available at Ikea are medium firm and firm. So, if you prefer sleeping on a firmer mattress, you are in luck; however, if you need a softer mattress to get a good night's sleep, you need to shop elsewhere.

Thin Mattresses

Some of Ikea's mattresses are a bit thin, including the Meistervik (Q $229) foam firm mattress at 4 3/4" thick, the foam Minnesund (Q $179) model at 3 7/8", and the Husvika spring mattress at just over 5" thick.

Meistervik and Minnesund are the store's lowest-priced foam mattress models and seem more like sleeping cushions for tent or RV camping, a mattress topper that you put on top of your mattress, or a cabin cot mattress. They may not provide the precise support that side or stomach sleepers need to sleep pain-free.

The Husvika is an innerspring mattress model that comes rolled-up and compressed for easy transportation. We haven't seen very many mattresses with coils that are under 6 inches.

Mattress Odor

Ikea notes that, depending on mattress components, some models can have a noticeable smell when first removed from the packaging. This is common when it comes to textiles and permeable products that are left in packaging for some time. The products don't contain toxic chemicals and the smell dissipates when you air it out. 

The Bottom Line

Ikea is the place to go when shopping for a cheap and convenient innerspring or foam mattress, whether you prefer to have synthetic or natural materials. Shoppers will benefit from incredible pricing and customer-centered policies including a year-long comfort satisfaction policy, low APR financing, and a 25-year warranty.

Several of our customer reviews mention that the quality of Ikea mattresses is satisfactory, for the price. Where shoppers may find a trade-off is in finding sufficient mattress options to satisfy all types of sleepers. Ikea has a lack of overall models to choose from. Most options are pretty strong on the firmness scale. Shoppers that need a softer mattress may not be able to  find a comfortable fit.

Customers should also keep an eye on the thickness of each mattress, especially when shopping online, to avoid getting a mattress that is thinner than expected or won't fit your mattress base properly.

Have you purchased a mattress from Ikea? Let us know with a quick mattress review below.

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Anne Kimball

July 26th, 2018 Salt Lake City, UT

We got an Ikea mattress for our guest bedroom and it was $70 brand new, which is just insanely cheap and we actually sometimes prefer if over our nice one! It was an incredible value for its quality!


Karen Nelson

July 14th, 2018 Alpine, UT

Our entire downstairs is filled with mattresses from IKEA. They have products that I had never seen before for such a great value. We have loved every interaction we have had with IKEA. I like everything about the company from their products to the blue bags that they give you. LOVE IKEA.


Amy Stewart

July 6th, 2018 Gilbert, AZ DETAILS arrow_drop_down
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

We love IKEA!!! I wish they had another location closer to my house. We have purchase a mattress from IKEA about 1 year ago and have really enjoyed it and they are a great quality. We have slept much better sleeping on the mattress that we bought. They last a very long time.



July 6th, 2018 Gilbert, AZ

We have midrange mattresses for all our kids beds and they have been awesome. They are affordable and comfy and durable.


Taylor Siren

June 28th, 2018 Gilbert, AZ

IKEA has the widest variety of mattresses, so it’s not a one size fits all kind of experience.


Hunter Kasprzyk

June 22nd, 2018 Gilbert, AZ

My Ikea mattress was pretty good growing up. It wasn't very good quality but for the price of it I didn't expect anything special. I eventually upgraded to a better quality one but this was good and lasted pretty long.


Chase H

April 26th, 2018 Provo, UT

My wife and I looked for a mattress at Ikea. They have a large selection, but overall we were not very impressed with the quality. We ended up purchasing from another store's clearance section.


Jacinda E

December 18th, 2017 Sandy, UT DETAILS arrow_drop_down
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

The Bed frame broke after the 3rd move. Not a fan of the furniture but we have really liked the memory foam mattress that we bought from there.


James Zuck

October 16th, 2017 Dallas, TX

Great value for the price, great warranty, easy to maintain the mattress.


Eileen Nagle

October 4th, 2017 Riverton, UT

It is hard for me to find a mattress that is affordable and doesn't hurt my back. I feel like I'm floating while I sleep on the IKEA mattress