Formerly known as CitiFinancial, OneMain Financial has been offering financial solutions since 1912 and has nearly 1,700 local branches in 44 states. Springleaf Financial acquired OneMain Financial in 2015 and the combined companies are now known as OneMain.

OneMain Financial offers personal loans from $1,500 - $20,000, with term lengths of 24, 36, 48, or 60 months available. Funds are available as early as the same day, if you apply by noon. The lender's customer base is extremely satisfied with OneMain Financial's services and highlight quality customer service, attentive staff, and a simple loan application process. Read OneMain Financial reviews below to see what else consumers are saying about the loan provider. 

The Good

  • Availability
  • Same-Day Funds
  • Fixed Rates and Fixed Payments
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Industry Pioneer
  • Minimum Loan Amount
  • Secured Loan Available
  • OneMain Financial Reviews


OneMain Financial has nearly 1,700 branches in 44 states, providing a large portion of the country with the opportunity to take advantage of its services. OneMain Financial offers three ways to apply for personal installment loans or auto loans: online, over the phone, or in person. It is one of only a few loan companies to offer three application options, as many newer providers only offer an online option. For those customers who like a personal touch, OneMain can provide it.

Same-Day Funds

After discussing your particular case with a professional, qualified loan processor, you can receive your loan offer and money as soon as the same day if you are approved by noon. OneMain loan proceeds may be disbursed by check, Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit, or a prepaid card. Receipt and availability of loan proceeds vary based on the funding option selected. Potential borrowers may contact a OneMain loan specialist for additional information about funding options and funds availability.

Fixed Rates and Fixed Payments

OneMain Financial loans have fixed rates and fixed payments, so you never have to worry about being bombarded with higher interest rates or increased monthly payments. When you receive your official loan offer, it will not change. This allows borrowers to plan ahead and be fully prepared for their personal loan payments. 

No Prepayment Penalty

Unlike many other personal loan lenders, OneMain Financial does not charge a prepayment fee if you choose to repay the loan earlier than the due date requires. This allows borrowers to save a great deal of money in interest charges if they decide to do so. 

Industry Pioneer

Originally established in 1912 under the name Commercial Credit, OneMain Financial touts itself as a pioneer in the finance industry. Just four years after its founding, the company began offering installment loans for automobiles, which was an exciting new phenomenon at the time. Since 1944, the company has been operating a credit insurance unit known as OneMain Solutions. As such, the company is an experienced player in the financial services industry.

Minimum Loan Amount

OneMain Financial allows you to borrow as little as $1,500, which is relatively low for a personal loan lender. Many financial institutions require minimum loan amounts closer to $5,000 or more. This is useful for borrowers who are looking to take out smaller personal loans.

Secured Loan Available

Many personal loan lenders only offer unsecured loans. OneMain Financial, however, offers secured loans as well as unsecured loans. This means you have the option to offer up collateral to help you qualify for a loan or simply to receive a lower annual percentage rate. Offering both types of loans caters more fully to a larger number of borrowers and gives them more loan options to work with. This is also useful for borrowers who have a less-than-excellent credit score, don't have enough credit history on their credit report, or have a higher debt-to-income ratio. A secured loan gives lenders the guarantee they need to ensure the borrower is a reliable customer. 

OneMain Financial Reviews

With hundreds of reviews, OneMain Financial has a high star-rating from consumers, demonstrating a satisfactory customer base. Positive reviews note excellent customer service, a simple loan application process, and quick payment. If you want to learn more about the customer experience with the lender, browse OneMain Financial reviews below. 

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The Bad

  • Limited Max Loan Amount
  • State Limitations

Limited Max Loan Amount

OneMain Financial loan options max out at $20,000 for personal loans, which is relatively low compared to loan amounts offered by other online lenders in the industry. However, borrowers do have the option to take out $30,000 with OneMain if the loan is for a car. OneMain Financial also has a lower minimum loan amount than most lenders, which creates more opportunity for borrowers who are looking for smaller personal loans. 

State Limitations

OneMain Financial is not available in every state. Unfortunately, if you are outside of the company's service area, you will be unable to use OneMain Financial as your lender. 

The Bottom Line

OneMain Financial allows consumers to apply for a loan online, over the phone, or in person, making the process simple and convenient for many individuals. The company, which is a pioneer in the financial industry, can provide borrowers with funds as early as the same day. The lender does not charge prepayment fees, so borrowers can pay off their OneMain Financial loan anytime they'd like, even if it's well before the due date. This allows borrowers to save money in interest charges and gives them more versatility in their loan options. With a high star rating from consumers, the lender is known for its excellent customer service, simple application process, and quick funds availability. Read OneMain Financial reviews below to learn more about the personal loan provider and its customer satisfaction. 

*Not all applicants will qualify for larger loan amounts or most favorable loan terms.  Loan approval and actual loan terms depend on your ability to meet our credit standards (including a responsible credit history, sufficient income after monthly expenses, and availability of collateral).  Larger loan amounts require a first lien on a motor vehicle no more than ten years old, that meets our value requirements, titled in your name with valid insurance. Maximum APR is 35.99%, subject to state restrictions.  APRs are generally higher on loans not secured by a vehicle. The lowest APR shown represents the 10% of loans with the most favorable APR. Active duty military, their spouse or dependents covered under the Military Lending Act may not pledge any vehicle as collateral for a loan.  OneMain loan proceeds cannot be used for postsecondary educational expenses as defined by the CFPB’s Regulation Z, such as college, university or vocational expenses; for any business or commercial purpose; to purchase securities; or for gambling or illegal purposes.

Borrowers in these states are subject to these minimum loan sizes: Alabama: $2,100. California: $3,000. Georgia: Unless you are a present customer, $3,100 minimum loan amount. Ohio: $2,000. Virginia: $2,600. 

Borrowers (other than present customers) in these states are subject to these maximum unsecured loan sizes: Florida: $8,000. Iowa: $8,500. Maine: $7,000. Mississippi: $7,500. North Carolina: $7,500. New York: $20,000. Texas: $8,000. West Virginia: $7,500. An unsecured loan is a loan which does not require you to provide collateral (such as a motor vehicle) to the lender.

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lisa parker
June 27th, 2016 Omaha, NE

Awesome customer service! I come back to Onemainfinancial when I have a need because I can depend on them to help me however they can. I like being treated with respect and to feel like I am important to them. I can't think of a thing they could have done differently to make it a even better transaction. I am a very satisfied customer.

Allan cottrell
June 27th, 2016 Paradise, CA

The woman who handled my loan was very skilled at what she does and had my loan taken care of very promptly, I would definatley refer customers family and friends

June 24th, 2016 Baltimore, MD

Ryan was exceptional! Explained everything in great detail and made me feel comfortable. Very professional and friendly.

Vern Trumbly
June 24th, 2016 Rushville, NE

I was impressed with the overall efficiency and dedication to customer satisfaction of the staff. The loan officer I dealt with was a great help with her suggestiond.

June 24th, 2016 Pomona, NY

Excellent service,professional staff ,

Gina Hershey
June 24th, 2016 Baltimore, MD

I have used OneMain 3 times. Each time, your staff has been very professional and knowledgeable. I felt as though you had my best interests at heart. If I am in need of another loan, I will use OneMain.

Sally Vandengoorbergh
June 23rd, 2016 Marysville, OH

One Main personnel have always provided me with exceptional customer service. The personnel explain in great detail my options and offer suggestions to enable me to meet my financial needs.

sheri spivock
June 23rd, 2016 Lilburn, GA

I was able to get a loan very easy. Representative very nice. My dog was very sick and I was able to save her life with this loan. I am grateful they assisted. I would recommend using to anyone.

Tammy Schrock
June 23rd, 2016 Portage, MI

I recently worked with OneMain on an unsecured loan, an awesome and painless experience at the Portage, Michigan office. I've worked with the office in the past as well, they are alwats accurate, professional and courteous to me. Very pleasant to work with, definitely continue my business with them as needed in the future.

June 23rd, 2016 Perham, MN

OneMain has helped us to better our credit scores, payoff debtors, and given us peace of mind that we are going in the right financial direction. We have already recommended OneMain to friends, and will continue to do so....everyone deserves to have financial peace!

Tim Osborne
June 22nd, 2016 Richmond, TX

our agent was ok, just wish they would ask for all info needed before the 4hour closing time.

June 22nd, 2016 Hattiesburg, MS

the people were great

Harry Fifield Sr
June 17th, 2016 Meredith, NH

The people were friendly and very helpful.. I feel things were fair just wish the interest was lower..

Victor Romeo
June 14th, 2016 Baltimore, MD

One Main has your back! They will find the means to help you the best they can! All personnel are extremely helpful and courteous!

John Ben Bancroft
June 9th, 2016 Calera, AL

My loan with CitiFinancial was secured by a vehicle. Subsequently, OneMain purchased CitiFinancial. The loan was satisfied over a year ago in 2014. I have not received my automobile title back. I received a letter dated April of 2016 from OneMain that the loan was paid and the collateral could be released, but it did not reference the VIN so it cannot be used as lien release letter. I called the provided phone number and asked that title be returned to me or to the appropriate state authorities...the OneMain agent asked for the last six digits of my SSN. I refused to give her the last six digits, but told her the last four digits, my name and my OneMain account account number should be sufficient for identification purposes. she insisted that I had to give her the last six of my SSN. I refused and told her I would review State Law to determine what is required. she said "do what you need to do, John" and she hung up. So, I'm doing what I have to do and will be obtaining the name of their agent for service of process.

Harold K. Beemer
May 26th, 2016 El Paso, TX

One Main staff provide a comfortable and cheerful loan experience. Their expertise is evident in the entire process through application to check with total efficiency. The staff made me feel like family during the process. The family experience continues as they stay in touch by mail and Email for special offers even sending me birthday wishes. I highly recommend One Main as your next lending institution.

May 19th, 2016 Houston, TX

They were awesome in helping me get approved for a loan. Would use this agency over and over again

Mary D
May 16th, 2016 Box Elder, MT

One Main helped me consolidate so I am making one payment for several bills. Within a year I was able to move into a new loan with less interest. My credit score keeps getting better and better.

May 12th, 2016 Louisville, KY

The staff here at our local One Main is great. They have always been friendly, courteous, and very helpful. They have given me advice as to how to set up my loan and tips on how to pay it off quicker. They are a good bunch of people and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you! ! ! !

Angela Sistad
May 12th, 2016

I am very satisfied with my loan through One Main Financial, this is my third loan with them. The employees are very friendly, efficient, and quick! I was able to consolidate my credit card debt to a lower monthly payment, and still have an end in site for paying the loan off! Plus, I can always pay more down to get it paid off sooner with just a simple phone call!

May 6th, 2016 Cincinnati, OH

The staff is always helpful They explain all the papers I am signing . I always feel like they will be there if I have any questions.

May 6th, 2016 Chester, VA

Don't get a loan from OneMaine. The worst! You'll never get out of it. The interest is INSANE! Highway robbery. Just best to Get a credit card that will help with your credit score and get a loan from a bank. I will never make the same mistake of getting a loan from OneMaine. I have never missed a payment and I'm still paying on the loan from a year ago. Do yourself a favore, and DON'T DO IT!

john ames
May 6th, 2016 Waxahachie, TX

Its great doing business with this company I have been with them for some time now and thay are great

April 26th, 2016 Endicott, NY

They were very helpful and spent time to get the loan to go threw.

Noelani R.Y. Miram
April 26th, 2016 Mililani, HI

I recently applied and received a loan. I was told at the time that I was able to get an addition if needed. Since I didn't take the full amount at the time. I was told just call ANYTIME if you decide you need more. Well 2 weeks later I did just that. As I had encountered a vehicle maintenance emergency. I called and it took a few days for the assistant to get back to me to say I was approved and that I could go in to pick up the check. So I call 3 days later (because it was the weekend and they were closed, and my work schedule didn't sync with there office hours) and they tell me that One Main policy has changed and I was now NOT approved. Now after 2 weeks all of a sudden the policy has changed. If your associates are trained why would they not have known that the first time I came in, why would they announce call us ANYTIME if they knew that was not true. I am greatly appreciative for the approval of my existing loan. On the other hand definitely frustrated and upset. After being a long time customer and a recurring customer I felt a betrayed and lied to. Knowing that I was told one day that I was approved and then 3 days later I am not. Of course I am bound by contract obligations to fulfill my payments but am just so frustrated that I was relying on that to fix my transportation and mad appointment arrangements and now I am unable to because some kind of mistake on someone's part. All I got was oh sorry try again in a couple months. How does that solve my situation right now? Very frustrated and disappointed

valasi polataivao
April 26th, 2016

it help to consolidate some of my bill but its very high in rate

Brian Falline
April 26th, 2016 Kansas City, MO

They provided the finances I needed to pay off my taxes and truck and miscellaneous bills at first but have helped with paying off credit cards and get tags for newer vehicle. It has really helped us a lot.

Charles Chandler
April 26th, 2016 Washington, DC

Have use the One Main branch before. The stsff are konwledgeable, efficient and friendly.

April 26th, 2016 Lufkin, TX

One Main has helped me several times with unexpected expenses and also to consolidate bills and cut interest to be paid out. They were courteous and friendly each time and remembered who I was when i walked in even if I had not been in the office for several months. I would definitely recommend family or friends to go see them.

J R Weiner
April 26th, 2016 Macungie, PA

This company is not ethical and discriminates against people. They do not understand anything that people provide as far as documentation. They send mountains of papers for no reason either. Avoid these people they are not ethical and they will lie and waste your time.

April 26th, 2016 Lakewood, OH

I don't have the best credit score, One Main Financial helpped me obtain a loan, that best suited my qualifications with a payback amount I was able to really work with.

April 20th, 2016 Ewa Beach, HI

It helped me get a car also helped me pay off some bills. Just the rates are so high.That's why I scored it low

angela lewis
April 20th, 2016 Saint Louis, MO

It was a great experience at the Farmington, Mo office. Richard was outstanding! Just wish I could have gotten a better interest rate.

April 20th, 2016 Baltimore, MD

My bills were payed off and I'm left with some money to help in other ways

April 20th, 2016 Johnstown, PA

I had bad credit and in need of $ fast. They accepted me!! Now my credit score increased after this. Thank you onefinancial. :-)

gloria j palmer
April 20th, 2016 Greensboro, NC

This loan has helped me to do things around the house and payments were affordable.

William Krauter
April 19th, 2016 Neenah, WI

The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly with us the entire time. They were also very personable in understanding our needs and financial situation.

Irene Ennis
April 15th, 2016 Waynesville, NC

I have done business with ONEMAIN for many years and they are the most easy to deal with and the most friendly financial people I have ever dealt with. I would recommend them to all my friend and family.

pam parris
April 15th, 2016 Idaho Falls, ID

I have had a good experience with OneMain the people that has helped me has been very nice and helpful

Tina Mathewson
April 15th, 2016 Dallas, TX

With my credit, I did not qualify for a loan with my Credit Union. I was so thankful that OneMain gave me a loan and I did not have to go to a cash store. I could not believe how quick and easy it was. I recently refinanced my automobile through OneMain and I could not be happier. I have referred my friends to OneMain!

April 5th, 2016 Statesville, NC

I never thought getting a personal loan could be so quick and easy! As long as you have your most recent paycheck stubs, ID and social security card, you're able to get a personal loan the same day! I spent only a total of maybe 30-45 minutes in One Main Financial and received a check right away and they were closing in less than an hour when I walked in! I thought I wouldn't be able to get the check/funds until a few business days passed! I was so impressed with their quick service. Not just that but the interest rate isn't bad when you think about how fast you were able to get the loan. This of course, probably varies with credit reports and scores. I would recommend One Main Financial to my family members and strangers looking for funds. As long as you make your payments on time, I'm pretty sure you'll have no issues. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer if I ever have to borrower funds from a financial institution again. Way to quick and easy!

April 4th, 2016 Euless, TX

Helped me pay off bill and lower my monthly payments.

raymond knarr
April 4th, 2016

i can not believe, how easy it is to get my loan.i would recommend this anyone,who needs a loan.

March 31st, 2016 Detroit, MI

It helped me buy Christmas gifts and pay off other bills.

Sussn Case
March 29th, 2016 Murfreesboro, TN

One Main Financial is a great company. They are very efficient and professional. They were very helpful to me.

Kelly Sender
March 29th, 2016 Waynesville, NC

Wonderful people easy to apply and a great payment plan.

Pierre Martin
March 29th, 2016 Fairfield, ME

In life, there may come times when we can find ourselves constantly struggling to either get ahead, or just to keep up with our financial responsibilities. Taking on additional jobs is sometimes impossible, and reaching out to family members or friends, does not answer the issues we face. And as we all know....the longer you fend off bills and the bill collectors that can follow, the worse it all seems to get. Or it may be that you just want to consolidate all your bills, to simplify and lessen your monthly pay out. This is the situation that I was in. I was rebuilding my credit at the same time, and so my credit score was not the best. I thought it impossible that anyone would agree to approve me a $5,000 loan. I couldn't have been more wrong. I remember receiving an advertisement back some weeks before. I had not thrown it out, but kept it, while I worked up the courage to call and find out if they had the right person for this offer. Finally one friday after 3, when the week had taken it's toll, I decided to call and at least get some information. I was so happy that I made that call. Within maybe 10-15 minutes of simple conversation and the answering of a few questions, I was thrilled to hear the service representative tell me I was approved for more than I asked for. Many times when we seek a loan, we always undercut the true amount we need, in the hopes that the smaller amount will somehow get approved. With OneMain, not only did the smaller amount get approved, but the real amount I needed was covered. In conclusion, If I had one sentence to tell anyone in a financial strain what to do to get out of that predicament, I would say, Regardless of what your credit score is, call OneMain for they have answers and solutions to remedy your fear and your on hand finances.

erika kleppan
March 29th, 2016 Rochester, NY

It was great being able to consolidate everything

March 29th, 2016 Hickory, NC

Borrowing money should not be easy, it is a big deal but sometimes necessary because of past money mismanagement or unexpected emergencies. The result for us was a high rate car loan and credit card we had carried for several years. Then we went to visit with the great folks at One Main. Their expertise made it possible to pay off the high rate loans, bring down the payments and interest rate to something so much affordable. They will always be at the top of our list!.

tonya gowens
March 29th, 2016 Dallas, TX

Excellent service! Easy, no hassle, monthly payments as a option is fantastic! Will definitely be my finance company for years to come