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LAST UPDATED: June 22nd, 2021

Next Day Personal Loan is a nationwide umbrella loan company, working to pair customers with the best lender or loan provider for their individual needs. The company has many partnerships with loan companies across the United States, and because of this, offers a wide range of loan minimum/maximums and credit scores suitable for any customer. 

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The Good

  • No Late Penalty 
  • Quick Loan Request Process
  • Low Credit Score Threshold  

No Late Penalty

Next Day Personal Loan is an umbrella company managing lenders and lending partners nationwide. Because of this, the company has various options and loans structured to fit anyone regardless of credit score or minimum/maximum loan amount.

Since Next Day Personal Loan matches customers with a private lender or lending partner, it promises not to charge late fees or enforce payments, deferring that over to the individual lender or lending partner.

Quick Loan Request Process

To request a loan through Next Day Personal Loan, customers can fill out an application in less than two minutes. Customer information will be sent securely using 256-bit encryption to Next Day Personal Loan’s partners.

If customers meet the qualifications and are approved, loan companies will reach out to customers directly via email, call, or text. If the customer chooses to accept the loan, a direct deposit can be enabled and allow customers to receive the loan within one business day (as indicated in the company name).

Low Credit Score Threshold

Next Day Personal Loan encourages everyone to fill out an application, even those who have poor credit scores or even no credit score. This is extremely rare, as most personal loan companies require at least a 600 credit score.

Even then, the promise of finding a lender or lending partner to meet the customer’s needs is not secure, but it can be worth investigating. The only drawback to this would be if the lenders or lending companies potentially lower the customer’s credit score by examining it.

We encourage customers to work closely with the individual lenders or lending partners recommended by Next Day Personal Loans to ensure that this process is transparent.


The Bad

  • Not a Third-Party Lender
  • Little Partnership Information

Not a Third-Party Lender

Because Next Day Personal Loan works to pair interested customers with a private lender or lending partner, it doesn’t actually handle the loan process itself. If a problem arises, customers are encouraged not to contact Next Day Personal Loan but instead to contact their personal loan provider.

For customers wanting to see for which loans they would be eligible, Next Day Personal Loan is a great choice; however it does require an additional step for customers in order to actually receive a loan.

In the end, Next Day Personal Loan does promise speedy service (as indicated in the company name), and customers may not even notice the delay with this additional step. 

Little Partnership Information

Due to the nature of the company, providing in-depth information on each loan and lending partner would likely be overwhelming.

However, Next Day Personal Loan does not disclose any information on its partners, making it difficult for customers to access more specific comparisons on loan options.

For customers who don’t mind being contacted individually by Next Day Personal Loan’s lending partners, this is a minor detail that can be overlooked. For those who would rather do more hands-on research, other personal loan companies may be a better fit.


The Bottom Line

Next Day Personal Loan is an easy way for customers with little to no credit to receive loan options. With an extremely low minimum loan amount of only $100 and with a rather impressive maximum at $40,000, customers can be sure to find something that suits their needs.

Next Day Personal Loan’s application process is also extremely simple and speedy — in as little as two minutes customers can be contacted by various lenders or lending partners and can choose an option that they like best.

Next Day Personal Loans is not a third-party lender, meaning that customers who want more details about specific loans, eligibility criteria, and personalized loan advice should look elsewhere. However, for those looking to see a variety of options, giving Next Day Personal Loan a try is a good idea.

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