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LAST UPDATED: March 14th, 2023

As a newer lender, InstaLoan is a fast loan resource for those living in Florida and Georgia, with multiple branch locations that consumers can visit when needed. InstaLoan offers a quick loan application process for those looking to get a 1st lien loan, signature loan, or personal loan. The company advertises that customers are able to receive funds ranging from $250 to $2,000 in about 30 minutes. It is important to note that each loan option offers different minimum and maximum loan amounts.
Potential borrowers interested in doing business with InstaLoan can quickly and easily apply online and manage accounts and balance on the InstaLoan mobile app, making personal loan management simple and manageable on the go.

InstaLoan has mostly positive reviews that highlight exceptional customer service and a quick loan application process. To read more about the customer experience, check out InstaLoan reviews below and see how it compares against other lenders. 

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The Good

  • Credit Requirements
  • Funding Time
  • Mobile App
  • Locations
  • Qualifications Documents
  • InstaLoan Reviews

Credit Requirements

InstaLoan has a very liberal credit policy that allows the company to provide customers with a loan whether they have good, very poor, or no credit at all. This allows them to provide all three of its loans (1st lien loan, signature loan, and personal loan) to anyone who is in need of a loan. However, if you are looking for a low interest rate on a loan, managing your credit score is very importsnt. Generally, borrowers will receive the lowest rates and most agreeable terms if they have a good to excellent credit score. But, for those with bad credit, InstaLoan's flexible credit policy may allow them to be approved for a loan when they may not with other lenders.

Funding Time

In comparison to other lenders, being able to receive funds in 30 minutes is impressive. Therefore, if you are looking for an instant loan that will be approved quickly, InstaLoan may be a good option. For approval, InstaLoan asks for a government-issued ID, a checking account, and pay stubs or bank statement; they may also ask for a clean car title. InstaLoan offers three main loans with varying amounts:

  • 1st Lien Loan: $500 to $2,500
  • Personal Loans: $500 to $2,000
  • Signature Loans: up to $250

With three loan offerings, InstaLoan can meet various consumer needs. However, if you are looking for a larger loan amount, you will have to look elsewhere, as InstaLoan loans do not exceed $2,500.

Mobile App

For a relatively small company focused in Florida and Georgia, it is unique and noteworthy that InstaLoan offers a mobile app. With the InstaLoan app, borrowers can manage their accounts and check balances, in addition to the ability to make loan payments at any time. The loan boasts ease of usability and is available on both iOS and Android.


InstaLoan has several available locations for customers to come receive their loans in Florida and Georgia. Along with having a large number of physical locations, InstaLoan also offers online options for those who live too far from one of its locations. However, doing business with InstaLoan will likely be easier and more convenient if you live in either Florida or Georgia and have access to a branch location if needed.

Qualification Documents

Although InstaLoan has limited information on its website, the company is transparent about what documents customers need when applying for a loan. On its website, InstaLoan lists each required document for each loan option:

  • 1st Lien Loan: A car with a clear or lien-free car title, a valid government-issued ID, proof of residence, and proof of income.
  • Personal Loan: A valid government-issued ID, proof of residence, a pay stub or bank statement, and either be up-to-date on your car payments or have the car title of a paid-off car. 
  • Signature Loan: A valid government-issued ID, a checking account, proof of residence, and a pay stub or bank statement.

InstaLoan Reviews

The majority of InstaLoan's reviews are positive, giving the business a high customer rating. Complaints are limited and reviews highlight quality customer service, a quick loan application process, and satisfactory rates. Positive reviews are a good indicator that a company is trustworthy and creates beneficial customer experiences.

Many lenders, online lenders specifically, often have poor reviews for lack of quality service and competitive rates, but InstaLoan proves that this isn't the case with its business. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency
  • Only Servicing Georgia and Florida

Lack of Transparency

Even though InstaLoan has multiple great services, there are a few areas of concern. InstaLoan does not reveal the interest rates for its loans or the term length. When trying to make the best-educated decisions, term length and interest rates are important factors and could potentially turn away customers that are looking for transparency. These factors will be based upon the information that you provide the company, but it is difficult to know what to except when you apply, as these rates and terms are not outlined up front.

Only Servicing Georgia and Florida

InstaLoan is only available in two states, which causes its market to be quite small in comparison to other personal loan companies. Consumers looking to borrow loan funds that are outside of this service area will have to look into other financial options. 


The Bottom Line

InstaLoan is a quick option for those who are looking to receive a loan as soon as possible, especially if a customer has a low or no credit score. InstaLoan also has mostly positive reviews, giving peace of mind that the customer experience is typically a positive one. Based on these positive reviews, we can recommend this company, but it is always important to assess your financial needs.

However, InstaLoan's lack of transparency on annual percentage rates and term lengths is concerning for potential customers. Since there is a wide range of personal loan businesses, better options are available for those who have a little more time to shop around or have a better credit score.

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Melissa Preen Brandon, FL

They are shark loans. Do not clearly say when the full loan is due! Nor do they tell you the interest you'll pay. Basically, it is so high, that payments you make only pay the interest!! I was late one month and they will NOT work with you at all. The took my car to auction within days. STAY AWAY!! Get a loan some other way.

2 months ago

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Deceptive service’s, called ahead was told I was accepted for a loan. After I arrived and a long wait I was processed for the loan after fabricated embellished remarks from an Inexperienced agent. Furthermore I was again put through the process and denied services!! Why waste my time and invite me, just explain when I first called.

3 months ago Edited December 6, 2022

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TES Jacksonville, FL

In April my autistic son was able to get a $2600 loan on his car - his ONLY asset - from Insta Loan despite a credit freeze. He promptly gave the money to online predators and charges have been filed with the State Attorney. Meanwhile the daily interest is absurd. Each month the car has to be refinanced? This is robbery. He owes $110/ month - just on interest! I can not understand how companies like this can exist. They prey on the vulnerable and apparently exploit loopholes in our flawed system. I'm appalled at the way this system works and the lack of protection given to our poor working class. I took out the credit freezes when my son did the same thing in December 2019! I thought it would prevent this from happening again. LOOK at the details. It COST him $2949.38 to get a $2500 loan. Are you kidding me? How can this be allowed? At that time I was able to pay off the loan because the next interest payment, to refinance, which must be monthly was going to be $375! Are you kidding me? How can any company be allowed to operate this way.

2 years ago

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Alea Constantino Orlando, FL

I was a returning customer and unfortunately ran into some medical trouble and require some assistance so attempted to get my third loan with the company. First calling to clarify what information was needed because it is a 45 minute drive for me only to get there and be told that they could not help me. So again called and was told that they could and to go back so went back for the second attempt again after being a loyal customer for several years and was again told that the information I had was not good enough even though I had all the information with title in hand that was not sufficient enough for the Newport Richey office so I was made to drive up there three times waste my time my money and my gas. As a result I will not return there. They have shown me how completely incompetent they are so I highly advise everyone else to stay away if they would like to keep their money in their pockets!! No stars!!!

2 years ago

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Shelly Memnon Miami, FL

I got a loan with InstaLoan on 116 Northwest 7th avenue in July of 2019 I was told before I got the loan I asked the lady Wanda okay if I get the $2,000 loan how much would the interest be she told me it was going to be $216 and I said are you sure because I cannot pay more than that because I'm a single mother working on a single income and she said yes so on August I bring her a payment of 223 everything was okay September I bring her payment or 223 everything was okay October comes when I bring her the payment she lied and said that the payment was not 389 and I asked her how she said it was a glitch in the system she's going to ask the manager then when she said she asked the manager she said she fixed it for me to continue paying the 223 and let me remind you she was giving me receipts with my total payoff going down and all this time I never knew that she was just putting anything on the paper so I go in in November to make a payment of 223 they lied and told me that the guy in the front was the manager and he wasn't when the bachelor when a manager actually came and spoke to me instead of trying to figure out the situation and trying to diffuse the situation he was very disrespectful he was screaming at me and he was talking to me like I was a child and because of that I told them that I'm not going to pay $389 when I have proof that I've been given Wanda 223 since July and he told me that is going to be 389 so I told them that I'm going to get a lawyer and please nobody go and get along with these people these people are snakes there are thieves and they're liars and I'm going to get an attorney and I'm going to shut them down because they do not have the right to treat people how they treat people cuz you don't lie to get somebody stuck in Tahoe it's wrong it is not right

3 years ago

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J ONeill Key Largo, FL

My experience at The InstaLoan on 8100 SW 8th St in Miami, Fl has turns into a nightmare. I’ve been paying off my loan every month on time sending my payments by mail last month the InstaLoan office received my payment late when I placed it in mail on time ( it was even post marked ) the manager claimed it got to the InstaLoan office 14 days late when the office personnel called and said she found it missed placed on her desk well, I was charged $15 late fee any way. I went to the InstaLoan office to pay my next payment in person to the manager he argued with me telling me the policy of returning my car title was this: my title after being cleared of all debt will be sent to me from Tallahassee by 7-10 business days after only after title is cleared of any lean. Why did InstaLoan send my title to Tallahassee when I signed the loan the manager told me the title is held in a safe and would be handed to me when loan was paid off. Something stinks here and my lawyer now s aware.

4 years ago

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Brittany Hicks Pensacola, FL

Horrible absolute SCAM. Paid my loan put a cease tag 2 days later. They said it was a system error I understood they said it would be gone in 2 day now over a month later my tag was ceased. Stay away they lie to get you in the loan and then when you pay it completely they cease your tag.

11 months ago

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Donald Schmidt Holiday, FL

This is the worst mistake that I ever did. Anyway you think vampires suck you dry. this institutions interest- rates are through the roof. they were very disrespectful towards me also I was looking through my receipts and found that one month I gave them $160 and only $6 went towards the principal $154 went towards interest rates and fees. I will not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

3 years ago

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Christine Cape Coral, FL

Horrible business practices. Was promised to be converted to an installment loan once my credit hit a 620. It increased to a 652 and they refused to honor the agreement . They also charged an illegal credit check fee, every month, without EVER actually a check . I asked for proof, they couldn't provide it. They charge so many "fees", I'm still paying my loan 3 years later, on time, and it's more now than when I took out the loan. I'm reporting to the Florida Attorney General.

3 years ago

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Victor Motolese Miami, FL

For a person looking desperately for money my counsel is NOT use INSTALOAN option. I have paid almost two times my loan and keep paying. My next payment is $ 186 for $962 loan. So if you have bills to pay this is not a good option.I can't pay over a minimum payment option because others bills. Easy to give you money but over a high cost for your budget, please do not take this option. The only way you can use this is for instance you need $ 1000 right now and you can pay it back in one month go for it but otherwise forget about it.

4 years ago

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Angela Clark Miami, FL

Stay away I paid 500 dollars off a hundred times you will never finish paying them off it keeps going back up to 500 every time you make a payment It go down then go back up don’t mess with them borry from a friend it’s better scam

2 years ago

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Paul St. Petersburg, FL

Scam, they said they moved all loans to 13 month loans & then required you to have personal 13 month pre-paid car insurance (no insurance company offers that) . Since you can't get what they demand they charge for a self insurance policy. (huge fee). This is how they get around the limitations on interest rates.

3 years ago

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Susan Scharf Nokomis, FL

I've been paying a $1,200 loan off since January of 2018 and not getting anywhere as of August 2019 I still owe over $1,000 for this loan I pay them they put the mount right back on to the loan the next month these people are con artists and should not be dealt with

3 years ago

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Afraid of being ripped off

I have been praying my loan for three years now. Between the interest rates and the customer service, I will never ever business with them again if I can ever get this loan paid off. I would never refer anyone to them. If anything I would tell people to stay away from them. I feel as though they are a rip off.

6 years ago

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jamesv26 Tampa, FL

Horrible place. Constant lies and treated like a child. I am sure ALL the positive reviews were made by staff. Do yourself a favor and hold a sign begging for money on the street before getting ripped off by this place.!

1 year ago

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Dee Tee Parker, CO

I have paid over $1500 for a $2500 loan and still owe more than $2500. Please stay away from this company they are scamming sharks. How they are getting away with it is terrible.

2 years ago

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Ryan Baker Norcross, GA

I will never get money again from this place straight up scam 500 dollars cost me bout 800 and only had the loan a my before I paid it off

3 years ago