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LAST UPDATED: June 5th, 2023

First Financial provides consumers with the ability to obtain small personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, cash advances, credit cards, and student credit cards based on income rather than credit. Consumers also using First Financial banking services have all the features of online banking available to them, including the ability to open a debit account or savings account. First Financial is providing those consumers who do not have credit or that have poor credit with the opportunity to obtain financing through their network of lenders. 

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The Good

  • Income-Based Approval System
  • Accepts Most Credit Scores
  • No Origination or Prepayment Fees
  • Simple Application Process
  • Digital Services
  • Time in Business

Income-Based Approval System

First Financial is giving consumers the opportunity to obtain financing through its trusted lender network, regardless of bankruptcies, repossessions, liens, judgments, charge-offs, and outstanding debts. The financial institution lends based on income instead of credit score and credit history, using bank statements, government benefits letters, and payroll stubs rather than just a score—believing in the philosophy that everyone deserves a second chance. This helps borrowers get a reasonable loan offer even with lower FICO scores.

Accepts Most Credit Scores

To qualify for First Financial personal loans, such as a mortgage or auto loans, applicants must have a minimum credit score of at least 600. This would be considered a "poor" score and is lower than just about any lender from other institutions will allow. This is convenient for potential borrowers who have bad credit but are still looking to improve it and take out a personal loan. 

No Origination or Prepayment Fees

First Financial personal loans do not require a loan origination fee or prepayment fees. This means no added fees will be taken out of your personal loan funds, and you can make extra payments and repay your loan sooner than the required due date without incurring any penalties. Having no prepayment penalties allows borrowers to pay back their loans as soon as they'd like and has the potential to save them a great deal of money in interest fees. 

Simple Application Process

Customers of First Financial Bank who apply for this type of loan have an advantage because the institution already has all its personal information and financial data (review the First Financial privacy policy). All you have to do is go into a branch to apply or fill out an online application.

First Financial will then pull the credit score, and a representative will be in touch with you the same business day. First Financial reviews applications online and, upon approval, your loan amount will be added to your accounts within one business day. This quick and easy process is especially helpful when the cash is needed for immediate use and payments. In the rare instances where there are problems with application materials, the money available could be delayed a few business days.

Digital Services

To further assist with financial planning, First Financial offers an array of online banking services. Consumers can access their debit card and checking account, make person-to-person payments, and find other personal finance tools at any time from a smart device. This is especially useful in preventing non-performing loans.  

Time in Business

First Financial has been in business for 18 years, giving the lender almost two decades of experience. This can provide peace of mind to consumers that First Financial is an experienced lender and isn't new to the personal loans industry.  


The Bad

  • Potentially High APR
  • Small Max Loan Amount
  • Missing Information

Potentially High APR

At First Financial Bank, an applicant can secure a personal loan at an annual percentage rate of anything between 16 percent and 420 percent. This incredibly large range is due to applicants' variations in income and other factors. As one would imagine, better income would equal a much better rate. Conversely, if the applicant has a low income, he or she will be restricted to have a very high interest rate.

Small Max Loan Amount

The maximum loan amounts through the financial group vary from borrower to borrower, though $1,000 appears the be its average maximum among borrowers. First Financial Bank advertises that this type of loan is designed for a customer who is trying to repair or establish his or her credit.

Missing Information

First Financial does not have a very transparent website with easy-to-find information. We had difficulty finding basic information, such as maximum and minimum loan amount, loan term length, loan payments, monthly fee, exact APR range, and state availability. You will have to contact a First Financial employee to learn more about its personal loan offerings. This may prove to be an inconvenience to many potential borrowers, especially if they are looking to quickly and easily compare First Financial to other lenders. 

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The Bottom Line

First Financial has a very different approach to personal lending compared to its competitors. Most lenders rely heavily on credit scores and a borrower's credit report to help them approve or deny loans, while First Financial relies on current income. This is helpful for those customers in the low credit score bracket, as First Financial has a minimum credit score of 600. With that being said, First Financial offers small loan amounts, with the max being $1,000. There is also a possibility that the interest rate for payback could be in the 400th percentile. The company's website did not list information regarding its minimum loan amounts. 

It is clear that First Financial has a specific target market that it is seeking to help. The lender is best for consumers with lower credit scores looking for lower personal loan amounts. The company's financial services also include online banking that gives you access to a checking and savings account.

First Financial reviews are limited, but not very positive. For those customers who have poor credit scores, First Financial is worth a look (keeping in mind the high annual percentage rates). But for those customers who are looking for larger loan sizes and better rates and terms, we suggest checking out another top-rated lender with a better loan offer.

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