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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Citizens Savings and Loan was founded in 1917 and currently has several offices in various cities in Tennessee and North Georgia. In the nearly century since its beginnings, Citizens Loans has stayed true to its roots of providing loans to customers at affordable rates. The lender caters its business to customers with poor credit and offers both secured and unsecured loans for a variety of uses. This lender sets itself apart from the competition by offering unique products such as extended car warranties and a car club membership in addition to personal loans. Improvements can be made in the area of communication and transparency as there is limited information on the company's website. Read Citizens Savings and Loan reviews below to see what customers have to say about the lender. 

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The Good

  • Quick Response
  • Well-Run Business
  • Ample Information and Education
  • Bankruptcy Customers Welcome

Quick Response

When you apply for a personal loan, you are likely in an urgent, possibly desperate, situation. People use these loans to help relieve heavy financial burdens and cover the costs of medical bills, weddings and other expensive obligations. Fortunately, at Citizens Loan, you can apply online in a simple fashion and then speak to customer service the very same day. With this quick application process, you can have your loan approved and have money in your account within days. Citizens Loan & Savings states on its website that customers often have the cash in their hands within hours of application approval.

Well-Run Business

It's clear that the sentiment among customers and among the public is high with this company. You can be confident that Citizens Loan is reputable, honest and trustworthy in all its dealings. Citizens Bank is clearly an excellent institution governed by experienced, skilled professionals who have your best interests at heart. Customer service is a strong point of this lender, and representatives do their best to make sure your loan is processed quickly. Customers laud Citizens Bank for their friendly, respectable staff and for their promptness. Not only that, but Citizens Bank is a champion for the common customer who struggles and has poor credit but still has the same needs as anyone else. Customers are grateful to have the opportunity to finance their dreams.

Ample Information and Education 

You may be considering a personal loan or another type of loan but have little knowledge of what you are about to undertake. Citizens Loan has a number of educational materials and resources online to help you make the best decisions.

Bankruptcy Customers Welcome

Most personal loan lenders shy away from offering loans to customers with past bankruptcies. Citizens Loan and Savings does not turn a consumer away because of past bankruptcy. However, the company does state that all bankruptcies have to be discharged or closed before you can qualify for a loan. 


The Bad

  • Thin Website Content
  • Low Maximum Loan Amount
  • No Home Loans Available
  • State Availability
  • Referral Program

Thin Website Content

The company does not share its rates or terms on its website. This includes missing information about fees (such as monthly payment cost, prepayment penalty prices, origination fee, late fee, etc.), credit score requirements, whether or not the company has a variable rate or fixed rate on its loans, etc.

The problem with the missing information is if a person is in the market for a loan, he or she is more likely to select a lender who provides more concrete information on its products. There are common complaints that the company's website doesn't give enough information about the loans. While the educational materials and history of the company are well presented, customers would love to see more details about the type of loans. Also, there have been complaints with the company's credit cards and that credit limits are changed without providing notice to customers.

Low Maximum Loan Amount

Citizens Loan will only grant up to $4,000 for its personal loans. While this might be helpful to some, customers can find lenders who offer far more than this. Some lenders cap their personal loan amounts off at $40,000 or even $50,000. If you have especially large expenses to take care of, Citizens Loan may not be much help. We're disappointed to see that Citizens Loan won't lend more than $4,000 for personal loans. Compared to numerous other lenders, this is amount seems paltry. Of course, not every customer will be looking for a larger amount, but many are, and Citizens Loans is missing out on a large customer base because of this restriction.

No Home Loans Available

Citizens bank specializes in personal loans and loans to establish or build credit. However, the company isn't the place to go for home loans. If this is what you're looking for, your search will continue elsewhere. One-stop-shop lenders do have their advantages.

State Availability

Citizens Savings & Loan only offers personal loans to two states: Tennessee and Georgia. This makes it difficult for any consumers outside of this service area to use this company's loan services. Many personal loan lenders offer their services in many states and their availability is much more accessible. If you are not located in Tennesse or North Georgia, we suggest looking into other personal loan lenders. 

Referral Program

Citizens Savings and Loan offers a referral program that gives customers $25 for every person they refer to the loan association. There are referral cards at each of the company's locations or you can print the form on Citizens Savings and Loan's website.

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The Bottom Line

When you have a company that is in business for as long as Citizens Savings & Loan has been, it's reasonable to say that the company must be doing some things well. The online lenders offers multiple loan types, including credit card and/or bill consolidation loans, auto loans, personal loans, etc. The lender does have limited loan offers with maximum loan amounts only reaching $4,000. If you're seeking a larger personal loan amount, Citizens Savings & Loan is likely not the lending platform for you. There is also a lot of missing information on the company's website, such as max length of its loans, APR range, credit score requirement, etc. With limited reviews and missing information, we suggest looking into other personal loan companies for your lending needs. If you're interested to see what consumers have to say about the loan service provider, read Citizens Savings and Loan reviews below. 

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Patricia Mullen Watertown, TN

I first was recommend to use them for a car loan. Payed off .Then I applied and received a personnel loan. They have been awesome. Customer service amazing. They repot to the credit bureaus has helped me rebuild my credit. Lebanon Tn store thank you! Your the best

5 years ago