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LAST UPDATED: November 3rd, 2020

Vantis Life is a trustworthy life insurer making term, whole, and final expense insurance easy to buy online. The insurer has earned high financial strength ratings, prioritizes customer service, creates educational resources, and offers good life policies. 

Vantis Life also demonstrates corporate social responsibility through its philanthropic efforts and increased commitment to diversity.

Vantis Life is owned by Penn Mutual. Penn Mutual was founded in 1847 and has also earned high financial strength ratings. Penn Mutual is a mutual company, so it is owned by policyholders, not shareholders.

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The Good

  • High Financial Strength Ratings
  • Online Application and Approval
  • Access to Real People
  • 30-Day Refund
  • Helpful Educational Resources
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Good Term Policies
  • Good Whole Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Coverage for Older Adults

High Financial Strength Ratings

You want to avoid a situation where your insurer is unable to meet its claims obligations. A.M. Best is a ratings agency that assesses insurers for their financial stability and reliability. Vantis Life has earned some of A.M. Best's highest ratings, which shows that Vantis Life is likely to meet its claims obligations.

Online Application and Approval

Vantis Life offers an easy way to buy life insurance online using insurance technology to complete the underwriting process. You complete an online application and buy an insurance policy in one sitting.

Traditionally, you would need to wait a few weeks for underwriting to be completed, including a medical exam. Vantis Life's streamlined process online makes getting the coverage you need fast and simple.

Access to Real People

Customer service has a large impact on your experience. Luckily, Vantis Life makes quality customer service a priority. Working with Vantis Life, you'll always have access to a real person to help you resolve a problem or answer a question.

As automated phone trees are becoming more and more common, it's nice to know that you'll be able to connect directly with someone who can help you.

30-Day Refund

Vantis Life offers a 30-day refund policy with its life insurance policies. If you cancel your policy within the first 30 days, you'll be refunded your premium.

Helpful Educational Resources

Life insurance can be confusing, and the details can make a big difference. Vantis Life offers helpful resources on its website so you can learn more about the different types of life insurance it offers, why life insurance is important, and how it works. You can also use its online calculator to figure out how much life insurance you need.

These resources help you understand what you're buying and make it easier for you to determine what kind of coverage and how much you need.

Corporate Responsibility

Vantis Life demonstrates corporate responsibility through its philanthropic efforts and commitment to diversity. Vantis Life sponsors guide dogs in training at Fidelco. It also works with UnitedWay in Connecticut. The University of Hartford's Actuarial Studies program and building modernization fund benefits from Vantis Life sponsorship.

The insurer also sponsors Vantis Life Baseball League for teens. It is one of the oldest independent leagues in the United States.

In response to increasing awareness of systemic racism, Vantis Life committed to doing better to increase its team's diversity and support meaningful change.

Good Term Policies

Vantis Life offers two term life insurance policies: Velocity Term Life Insurance and Velocity Term ROP Life Insurance. The two policies work the same and offer the same coverage options. The difference is that the Velocity Term ROP policy pays you a lump sum of all the premiums you've paid over the years when the term ends without a claim being made. This Return of Premium (ROP) feature is a nice benefit. It also makes the premiums higher than the Velocity Term Life Insurance policy.

You can select a term length of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Available coverage amounts are between $50,000 and $2,000,000. You'll have level premiums throughout the length of your policy and a guaranteed death benefit. 

Vantis Life's term policies include terminal illness and charitable giving riders. The terminal illness rider allows you to receive part of the death benefit early if the insured receives a terminal illness diagnosis. These funds can be used however you think is best. Remember that the death benefit payout will be reduced by what you receive in advance.

The charitable giving rider makes Vantis Life stand out from other insurers. This rider gives the policyholder an opportunity to allocate an additional one percent of the death benefit amount to a IRS 501(c) (3) nonprofit. This additional money will be donated by Vantis Life to the nonprofit directly when a claim is made. Your beneficiaries will still receive the full death benefit. Vantis Life offers an additional 1 percent of the death benefit to a charity in your honor. It's a nice way to leave behind a legacy for your family and community.

You can also add a disability waiver of premium rider. This rider enables you to keep your policy without paying premiums if you become disabled. This rider offers valuable peace of mind. The disability waiver of premium rider has no additional cost until age 55 and ends at age 60. Premiums are waived through the end of the policy, age 65, or when you've recovered from the disability.

Good Whole Life Insurance

Vantis Life offers Velocity Whole Life Flex Complete®. This permanent policy has a stable price and death benefit amount. You can purchase up to $1,000,000 in coverage. 

Whole life policies build cash value over time at a guaranteed rate. You can use the cash value as an asset or borrow from it before making a claim. Remember that whatever you borrow will need to be repaid to the policy.

Vantis Life's whole life policy includes terminal, chronic, and critical illness riders. Under the circumstances outlined in the policy, these riders allow you to receive part of the death benefit in advance. Keep in mind that the final death payout will be what's left after this advance.

Like the term policies, you can designate an IRS 501(c) (3) to receive 1 percent of the death benefit. This is an additional amount that Vantis Life will donate on your behalf. It's a nice way to leave a legacy for a cause you care about.

You can cover yourself and your family members with one whole life policy from Vantis Life. You can also add coverage by adding a 20-year regular term or ROP term life rider. Additionally, you can add a 20-year term life policy for your spouse without needing underwriting with Vantis Life's spouse rider. Vantis Life's children's rider offers up to $20,000 of term coverage for kids without needing to go through underwriting. 

Other riders you can add to your whole life policy include a guaranteed insurability rider and a disability waiver of premium rider. The guaranteed insurability rider allows you to purchase additional coverage without a medical exam when you experience a major life event. The disability waiver of premium allows you to keep your policy without making premium payments if you become disabled. The waiver lasts until age 65 or until you recover from your disability.

Life Insurance Coverage for Older Adults

If you're ages 50-80, Vantis Life offers a guaranteed acceptance final expense policy called Guaranteed Golden®. With this policy, you do not need to have a medical exam or answer health questions, which makes applying simple.

Vantis Life still completes an underwriting process, so you may be declined insurance coverage if you have dementia or if you are admitted to or living in a skilled nursing facility, hospital, or hospice. If the person being insured has someone with Power of Attorney or court-authorized guardianship, you also won't be able to purchase a policy from Vantis Life.

The Guaranteed Golden® policy offers level premiums and an unchanging coverage amount. You can buy coverage amounts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $20,000. Once you've had the policy for two years, the beneficiaries will receive the full death benefit. During the first two years, Vantis Life will return the premiums paid as the death benefit except for cases where the insured's death is accidental. This stipulation is common for final expense policies.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Insight
  • Must Provide Contact Information Before Seeing Rate Quotes
  • No Universal Life Insurance
  • Limited Policy Options

Insufficient Customer Insight

Best Company has not received many Vantis Life insurance reviews, so general conclusions about the customer experience with the insurance company are not currently available.

Must Provide Contact Information Before Seeing Rate Quotes

Before you can see custom rates from Vantis Life, you must provide your contact information. Providing this information can lead to sales calls, which you may not be ready for if you're still in the research stages. 

If you're still researching options, you may want to work with a reliable agency with an online quote software that allows you to compare policies and rates across insurers. 

However, Vantis Life does provide charts of sample rates based on age and gender. If you don't anticipate that the underwriting process will cause your rates to be much higher than the sample rates, it may be worth providing your contact information to go ahead with Vantis Life's online rate and application process.

No Universal Life Insurance

Vantis Life does not offer universal life insurance. Universal life is a kind of permanent life insurance. Like a whole life policy, it accrues cash value. However, you have more control over how your policy is invested to build that value. You also have more flexibility to adjust premiums to meet your goals. The death benefit amount can also change.

If you're interested in a universal life insurance product, you'll need to look at another life insurance company.

Limited Policy Options

While Vantis Life offers nice term and permanent policy options that can be customized with valuable riders, other insurers have multiple options per policy type. If you're interested in exploring additional types of whole life, final expense, or even term policies, you'll want to consider other insurers.


The Bottom Line

Vantis Life is an excellent insurer to work with because of its high financial strength ratings, policy offerings, online application and approval, and commitment to customer service. You can confidently buy a term, whole, or final expense insurance from Vantis Life, and the online process is simple and fast. 

While you do have to provide contact information before you can see customized rates and apply for a policy, Vantis Life's online software makes buying life insurance easy. Vantis Life stands out in the insurance industry for the ability to apply for and purchase permanent policies online. 

However, if you're looking for universal life insurance or additional policy options, you'll want to look at other insurers. However, Vantis Life is a good insurer to choose.

If you need assistance, Vantis Life ensures that you are able to connect with a real person for assistance instead of an automated phone tree. Life insurance is an important expense, so being able to work with someone to resolve any issues or questions that arise improves your experience.

Vantis Life stands out from other insurers for its corporate social responsibility. The company has demonstrated an increased commitment to diversity, while also donating to nonprofits and institutions that support the community. Vantis Life also extends its term and whole life policyholders the opportunity to direct money to a charity. When a claim is made, Vantis Life will make a separate donation of 1 percent of the death benefit to the chosen nonprofit. The ability to leave a legacy supporting nonprofit work is perhaps the best benefit of buying a policy from Vantis Life.

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