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LAST UPDATED: January 31st, 2023

Sproutt is an independent life insurance broker that uses proprietary technology to make personalized policy recommendations and support healthy living to improve its clients' quality of life.

Although more information about the customer experience is necessary for a full recommendation, Sproutt is worth considering further if you're looking for a simple online quote and application process for life insurance.


The Good

  • Online Quote and Application
  • Policy Matches from Multiple Insurers
  • Unique Matching Algorithm
  • Licensed Brokers

Online Quote and Application

Sproutt offers an online quote and application process. Some applicants may need a medical exam before final approval for a policy; however, the convenience of an online application makes Sproutt competitive with other online life insurance platforms.

If you apply online, you'll first complete a brief questionnaire and then view policy recommendations with coverage levels and monthly premium rate estimates. You can further customize your policy by adjusting the coverage level and term length (if applicable). 

Once you select the policy you want, you'll provide contact information to Sproutt and complete an online application. Sproutt only shares your information with the insurance company that carries the policy you're applying for. This sensitivity to your privacy is becoming more commonly offered by similar life insurance platforms.

Once underwriting is complete and you've been approved for a policy, you can make a purchase.

Policy Matches from Multiple Insurers

Sproutt sells policies from multiple life insurers, which means you'll receive a recommendation based on your answers to the questionnaire after Sproutt's technology considers policies across the industry.

Unique Matching Technology

Sproutt distinguishes itself from similar life insurance platforms with its GAIA (Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment) for its Quality of Life Index. The Quality of Life Index considers movement, sleep, balance, nutrition, and emotional health.

Sproutt uses this information to make recommendations for life insurance and make personalized recommendations to help you live a healthy lifestyle based on medical research. Life insurance policy recommendations are based on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

Licensed Brokers

If you prefer to work with a licensed broker, you can connect with one through Sproutt. Sproutt's agents will help you through the application process and evaluate your policy options.

Sproutt is an independent broker that generates revenue by earning commission from insurance companies.

While some insurers may have higher commission rates than others and commission rates vary by type of policy, Sproutt's employee pay structure is designed to maintain an unbiased approach toward insurance companies.

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The Bad

  • Unclear Which Insurer Offers the Policy
  • Limited Information on Policies Available
  • Insufficient Customer Insight

Unclear Which Insurer Offers the Policy

After you complete the questionnaire, you view policy recommendations. With these policy recommendations, it's unclear which insurer is underwriting your policy. Although you'll likely know before you buy a policy who your insurer is, it would be nice to know this information sooner or even have a list of insurers that Sproutt works with.

The most information Sproutt offers online about life insurers is that it rates them based on financial strength, policy offerings, pricing, application process, and customer reviews. Financial strength is key when considering life insurers because it indicates an insurer's financial stability and ability to meet claims obligations. 

Limited Information on Policies Available

While we were able to confirm that Sproutt offers term life insurance policies, its permanent life insurance offerings remain unclear. However, because Sproutt sells policies from many life insurers, you may be able to find a permanent policy through Sproutt.

Insufficient Customer Insight

Sproutt has not received many customer reviews on Best Company. Insights about the customer experience are not currently available.


The Bottom Line

While it would be nice to have more information on the insurers and policies Sproutt offers, the company is worth considering further if you're interested in purchasing life insurance through an insuretech company focused on improving your quality of life.

A full recommendation is not currently available due to a limited number of customer reviews. However, Sproutt's website speaks to its professionalism and allows you to consider options from multiple insurers.

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Kuo Liu

The entire process is very slow (4~6 weeks slower than going with a real local agent). The representative on Sproutt cannot really answer my questions. They don't provide me with the policy documents before my application.

2 years ago