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LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2021

Formerly called National Family Assurance Corporation, Assurance is an online insurance broker. Its process combines data science technology with human touch to deliver a quality purchase experience.

The company personalizes its policy recommendations to each applicant. You can apply for an insurance product fully online or work with a licensed professional to apply for and purchase life insurance coverage.

Whatever your preference, Assurance offers quick coverage turnarounds. Your coverage can start in as few as 24 hours. Life insurance policies require underwriting, which can take a few weeks in some cases. Having such a fast turnaround is a great benefit of working with Assurance.

While Assurance has several positive aspects, it also has some concerns including undisclosed insurance carriers, limited customer reviews, and requiring contact information for quotes.

The company's branding is also confusing since National Family Assurance Corporation still has an active landing page.

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The Good

  • Call or Request Quote Online
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Work with Licensed Professionals

Call or Request Quote Online

When you work with Assurance, you can choose to complete the quote and application process fully online or complete the process over the phone. The flexibility offered in working with them is a nice feature and lets you interact with Assurance the way you prefer.

Personalized Recommendations

Assurance makes personalized life insurance policy recommendations based on your responses to its questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for information like your occupation, age, gender, etc.

Assurance's focus on your needs helps you find the right policy.

Work with Licensed Professionals

If you purchase a life insurance policy through Assurance, you can benefit from working with a licensed professional. These professionals can answer your questions and help you navigate the life insurance shopping process successfully.


The Bad

  • Must Provide Contact Information for Insurance Quote
  • Undisclosed Insurance Carriers
  • Limited Customer Reviews
  • Confusing Branding

Must Provide Contact Information for Insurance Quote

Before you can see quotes on life insurance products from Assurance, you must provide your contact information. Some of Assurance's competitors do not require contact information to see a quote.

If you're concerned about sales calls or just want to get a sense of what your life insurance rate might be, you'll want to choose another company.

Undisclosed Insurance Carriers

Assurance does not disclose which insurance carriers its policies are from or the standards it has for choosing insurance carriers. 

Many life insurance agencies share which insurers they work with or their standards. Most only work with insurers with high financial strength ratings.

Before you buy a life insurance policy through Assurance, be sure to check which insurer is underwriting your policy and what their financial strength ratings are.

Financial strength ratings are an indicator of financial stability and how likely an insurance provider is to meet its claims obligations. 

High ratings mean that the life insurance company will likely be able to make death benefit payments. Since you're investing in a life insurance policy for your beneficiaries, you want to make sure that your policy is from a reliable and stable insurer.

Limited Customer Reviews

Assurance doesn't have many customer satisfaction ratings or reviews on, which makes it hard to understand the customer experience. It would be nice to have direct insight. However, Assurance is led by experienced professionals. Its website speaks to its quality and professionalism.

Confusing Branding

There is still a landing page for National Family life insurance that has the National Family Assurance Corporation logo. However, when you visit National Family Assurance's Facebook page and click the link to the company's site, it redirects to Assurance.

This dual activity makes how the company operates unclear.


The Bottom Line

Assurance has many positive factors, from its personalized recommendations and online quotes of insurance rates to the ability to work with a licensed insurance agent. However, we cannot give a recommendation for Assurance because of limited customer insight and undisclosed information about the insurance providers it works with.

We recommend exploring coverage options from other companies.

If you decide to work with Assurance, be sure to check the financial strength rating of the insurance carrier underwriting your policy before you make a purchase.

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