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LAST UPDATED: January 30th, 2022

Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston (Liberty Life) is a Liberty Mutual company. Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Liberty Life was established in 1964 as a life insurance company. Liberty Life provides customers with a comprehensive portfolio of annuity and life insurance products.

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The Good

  • Online Tools and Customer Service
  • Industry Experience
  • Policy Variety

The Liberty Mutual life insurance platform allows prospective clients to find the right policy that suits their needs and their budget. Its straightforward process, benefits, and terms are all appreciated by current customers. Other advantages to their life insurance policies include:

Online Tools and Customer Service

The company's site has plenty of helpful tools and information to help consumers out if they have any basic questions. Liberty Mutual has an informative side-by-side comparison of three of their main policies: Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, and Universal Life Insurance. This makes it easy for consumers to see the benefits and disadvantages of each policy, making their decision simpler.

Customers can also receive a quote through an online application process. Insurance quotes will vary depending on your circumstances. It is also common for customers to undergo a medical exam prior to being approved for a policy. The medical exam can affect premium costs. 

Liberty Mutual also has a variety of customer service tools on their website. They are easy to use and helpful in managing premium payments. Their website includes information on their claims process to help customers navigate that process successfully. 

Industry Experience

Liberty Mutual has been in business for over a century. With years of experience, they know the life insurance industry. Their agents are helpful people. Working with a Liberty Mutual agent can help you better understand your options and find the best coverage option for you.

Policy Variety

Liberty Mutual offers just about every major insurance policy that consumers may need. They offer term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Their permanent life insurance coverage options include universal life insurance, whole life insurance, and variable universal life insurance. These kinds of life insurance coverage can have a cash value accumulation over time, which can be an added benefit. The terms of each insurance policy are different, so be sure you understand the terms before purchasing a policy. 

Liberty Mutual also allows its customers to customize their life insurance policy by adding additional coverage options called life insurance riders. These are more benefits that a life insurance policy can provide in addition to the death benefit. 


The Bad

  • Average to High Pricing

Despite offering a variety of life insurance products, there are limitations. Those considering Liberty Mutual for their life insurance should consider the following items prior to enrollment:

Average to High Pricing

Their monthly insurance quotes for their term life policies came in slightly higher than some of their competitors. However, individuals should look at the whole policy when considering their life insurance coverage options. Higher premiums could mean greater coverage.


The Bottom Line

Liberty Life Assurance is a part of a successful insurance company, Liberty Mutual. Even though their insurance quotes may be slightly higher than other insurance companies, their customer satisfaction and quality customer service makes them an insurer worth seriously considering. makes us feel comfortable in recommending them for your life insurance needs. 

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BrooklynWriter Brooklyn, NY

I was nervous about Liberty Mutual as it absorbed my old life insurance company and sent paper bills every year with cryptic addresses. On the website, finding a person also seemed like a Herculean task at times. However, when a family member died, they paid out promptly.

3 years ago

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Richard St George Cottage Hills, IL

Please buyer beware. This company is not what they say they are. My company pays these people for long term disability insurance. I'm not talking about 10 or 20 employees I am talking about 1000 plus employees. 100's of thousands of dollars. After getting very ill I had to stop working (it was not my choice) It took them 5 months to pay me and when they did it was only for 1 month. After 5 months they called and sent letters saying I had to apply for SSD after 1 year. They call and harass you with this fact every week or so. I have been declared by 3 doctors and the federal government as being totally and permanently disabled. They refuse to accept this. After 5 months they cut my check by 84%. This company does not stand by you. They only want your money. Look elsewhere it will be well worth you while. I also see that they censor there facebook page so you cant tell people anything bad about them

5 years ago

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Joe Sussex, WI

I have had Liberty Mutual insurance for over a decade. I have never had any reason to contact them until I was recently rear ended by another driver. I tried to handle my claim thru them since they were my insurance carrier. I gave up after numerous calls spanning more than one month. Their automated calling system is worthless and they would transfer me from one department/person to another. I contacted the other person’s insurance and had everything resolved and my car repaired within 3 days. Needless to say I dumped Liberty mutual but have now been fighting with them for over 3 months to get my policy premium refunded. I would never recommend Liberty Mutual to anyone I know.

5 years ago

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Lance Strosser Salt Lake City, UT

I earned and paid for disability insurance from Liberty Mutual with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I was diagnosed with Heart Failure/cardiomyopathy 5 years ago. LM approved my long term disability for 4.5 years and then abruptly canceled it hiding behind erroneous and negligent "peer reviews" where as personal Board Certified cardiologist, Board Certified Internist and MEDICAL RECORDS supported my inability to work a full time job. I am also a survivor of colon-rectal cancer and have additional severe problems due to radiation and chemotherapy. (of course this is the Cliff Notes version of my medical issues) Liberty Mutual is hiding behind ERISA and its protections as they have no threat of civil action for lying, cherry picking, negligence and using erroneous information. Their "peer review" doctors are also protected and face no consequences for negligence and one sided reports, choosing often to not even CALL the actual doctors who treated you or simply saying "I disagree". Where they get these employees who have the nerve to ask you in a cringing voice"Okaaayyeee?" after ruining you financially is beyond me. The morgue maybe? I may have severe heart problems, but they have no heart at all. It takes a real morally bankrupt person to ask you "OK" when they decide to cut you off with no warning whatsoever and think you will actually be "ok" with it. ERISA gives protection to the giant insurers and not consumers who legitimately qualify for long term disability. My options? Hire a lawyer who understands the ridiculous complexity of ERISA and give them 40%. Can you get damages for negligence, lies and fraud from the insurer and their doctors? No, they are free to falsely deny claims with nothing to risk being protected by ERISA, joke legislation.

6 years ago


Review Source

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joannhendren Richmond, VA

Great insurance company so far for my home mortgage. Great online app. Have not had to use my policy yet so hopefully if the time arises they’ll live up to their good reputation :)

1 year ago

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Robert J Niehaus Independence, KY

I left Liberty for another agent due to price. Since my premium was paid from escrow, I didn't realize I needed to cancel my coverage from Liberty. When I realized my error, I contacted Liberty to cancel due to double coverage. They refused to refund my premium during the time of "double coverage". A reputable insurance company would have. They had zero liability during the double coverage time, but refused to refund, Legal? Yes. Bad business? YES. AVOID.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Janice Muzzi

Excellent service with fair prices. Claims processed quickly. There when I ned to call with a question or problem. Courteous service.

5 years ago


Review Source

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L Turner Avon, IN

I have been a customer for almost a decade. Rates have always been fair and repetitive has been knowledgeable

2 years ago

star star star star star

Doug Maranto

claims service outstanding. Best claims experience I've had.

5 years ago